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Let’s Take A Swim

The next activity that will propel us further into the gateway of the good vibes is swimming. Swimming does you a world of good and to be honest, for me and my little dude, swimming is where it’s at! So let’s take a swim, shall we?

The Health Benefits – Swim In It

Immersing the human body in water has been a healing modality in many cultures throughout the centuries.

The physiological impact of immersing oneself in water has exponential benefits.

Our circulatory, cardiovascular and pulmonary systems are all enhanced when subjected to immersion in water.

Our respiratory systems expand and our breathing capabilities alter making swimming a huge win for how we govern and regulate our systems.

Our muscular and skeletal systems are able to function and perform optimally and even just the immersion of your body in water increases the blood flow to your muscles and shifts the volume of your central blood system garnering better flow of blood to your major organs. This is even before you start engaging in the actual act of swimming – this is just from getting in the water!

I love the feeling the natural salt of the Pacific Ocean provides on my skin after spending a good portion of my morning surfing or boogie boarding and then drying off in the sun. It is such a connective and beautiful experience to be doused with salt water and have it dry upon you leaving you salty and cleansed freeing toxins from your skin and reaping the benefits of the natural minerals sea salt provides.

Water is one of the 4 elements of the earth.

Let’s take a swim!

We are intrinsically linked to our earth, so makes sense that any activity undertaken under water, such as swimming can prove a superior choice for our health and well-being and if that is not enough to convince you to try it out or add it to your list of family activities, then I would concede that going for a dip and playing in the ocean and/or a swimming pool is just down right fun and a super solid activity for the betterment of your health.

Are You a Swimmer? Let’s Take a Swim!

When I lived in Mexico I lived in an apartment complex with a mixed group of Canadian and American retiree expats, local Mexicans, some Italians and Germans. A great multicultural mix of people!

I learned that many Mexicans don’t swim and when the locals would watch our little two year old killing it in the ocean waves, they seemed fascinated and inspired to get in the water. I met several older women, retired, who would sit on the side of the pool and look in awe as my child dove in to the pool with no hesitation to swim swim swim!!

I learned that a large group of people from the Prairies never learned to swim and one brave soul decided she would give it a go in her late 50s.

To me, this is tremendously inspiring, as sometimes as people get older, they limit themselves with what they believe they are capable of accomplishing.

Within 3 months this woman had not only learned to swim but had heeded my suggestion of trying out paddle boarding and I would see her out on the ocean for hours at a time!

Pure awesomeness for elevated living!

When I had my child and we were living in Mexico I was keen to acclimate my little one to the ocean and the water, not merely for the enjoyment of it, but as a safety precaution. I had seen so many articles and videos about being able to teach babies how to swim and govern themselves in water. Sounded like something I should invest in given the pools and beaches are in vast existence in the South of Mexico so the little dude would be empowered in his environment rather than a victim of it.

I had him in the water after 8weeks and he was swimming just wonderfully by 7months of age. If anyone tells you that something like learning to swim cannot be accomplished because of age factor, then I would whole wholeheartedly dispute it. If you have physical mobility, you can swim. Even if you are hindered in some way with your physicality, you can still benefit from immersion in water. It boils down to you, your mind, what you tell yourself and your willingness to see what you are made of.

So…are you a swimmer? I would venture a guess to yes. If you were cultivated in the belly of a human, then you were made in fluid. It is a natural thing to be in water. My connection with the earth through engaging in sports and activities in the ocean have led to the most high vibrational and profoundly impactful experiences where I have danced with the Divine. From being swept out to sea by a rogue wave to having a great whale breach out of the water 15 feet from where I was paddle boarding, I would answer a very emphatic yes to this question. How about you?

Open Ocean Swimming, Pools, Lakes, Rivers – Swimming is Fun – Let’s Take a Swim!

Whether you are coastal or inland there is always an opportunity to go swimming.

I live in the Pacific North West which allows me to swim in the Pacific Ocean several months of the year.

I go down South to Mexico to enjoy the warmer climate and surf.

When I grew up I was fortunate enough to spend my summers in the South of England where I would water ski in the Atlantic…brr…but totally great and totally fun! Swimming off the coast of a beach has exponential mental and physical health benefits.

The exploration alone with a simple pair of goggles can broaden your mind in ways that you will otherwise miss out if you insist on staying out of the water.

Open ocean swimming is a good vibe and garners a sense of freedom and wonder that only lends itself to your expansion.

My best friend had a cottage in Ontario near a lake and we would play on the hills near a ravine with the clay like earth and get all muddy and then run into the lake and wash ourselves off.

We were young girls in the throws of pure unadulterated childhood fun.

These are the feels that we are meant to harness each and every day.

If you can wrap your head around the idea that life is meant to be lived in a fun state of silliness, laughter and carefree abandon, you can achieve this with swimming, no matter your environment be it lakes, oceans, rivers or pools.

When I was a kid and anyone said Let’s take a swim, it always impelled such excitement to go swimming.

Running hard and fast and jumping into the air to splash into a body of water and be received as a weightless entity once submerged is a very very good vibe. If this isn’t on your list of outdoor recreational activities, now it can be and I encourage you to go out and give it a try!

Near our house there are several recreation centres that have really great pools.

When the weather is too cold to go in the ocean then we tour to the lazy pool and the water slides and just engage in some serious swimming fun.

Let’s take a swim is a good motto to carry as a go to for recreation.

The rec centre is a good spot too for new parents as usually they have a child minding program so you can go get in some laps and some much-needed me time, or tot pools so you can take your baby with you. If you fall in the elderly category, the shallower pools offer the ability to swim and also allow you to feel super comfortable and get acclimated to the experience of swimming if you are new to it.

Underwater aerobics and exercise is pretty popular and quite common, so if the Michael Phelps vibe isn’t anywhere near your vicinity, then there are many alternatives that underwater immersion can provide for your health and well-being. I feel the most free under the ocean swimming in a vast space of which we as humans, have only really scratched the surface of our understanding of its immense magnitude.

Going For A Dip Is Where It’s At

If you are young or old, a land lover or a fish in the sea, going for a dip is where it’s at. For leisure, sport, recreation or just a relaxer, swimming is fun, great for your health and can provide some really profound experiences for you in your mind and body.

If you need a life jacket to go in the ocean, then use one. If you need a guide to take you just to get your feet wet, then find one. If you are able-bodied, the only limitations you will encounter are the ones you make for yourself through your mindset and attitude towards engaging in any physical activity. I’m a water woman and I love swimming. If you are already a swimmer, keep those good vibes flowing and if you are not, then just know, you always can be!

Enjoy yourself!