Kite Surfing is All Kinds of Fun

This activity in the Gateway to the Good Vibes brings us to the inquiry, can you kite surf?

What is Kite Surfing?

Simple. Kite Surfing is a Good Vibe.

Take snowboarding, surfing, paragliding, skateboarding, sailing, wake boarding and windsurfing and roll it into one organized chaos and here we have it.

Kite surfing is all kinds of fun and one need only witness or engage in it to determine that this is a truth. This is a sport done in the magic element of water and propelled by the other magical element of this Earth, air. Wind to be precise. So now close your eyes and imagine the wind raising you into the air as you glide across the surface of the ocean. Hello to a very good vibe.

kite surf wake

The Physical Benefits of Kite Surfing and How Kite Surfing Impacts your Body:

Engaging in the extreme sport of boarding on a kite provides a multitude of level ups in terms of the physical impact it has on your being. It definitely falls under the category of a cardiovascular activity so this is one heart healthy vibe. It is a combo of resistance training and aerobic exercise and really empowers the use of your arms and abdomen. Your legs get a great workout governing the board beneath you and your relationship to your centre of gravity and balance are leveled up considerably.

The boost of endorphins this high intensity sport provides causes a boost to your system of immunity. There is a fast moving energy and momentum that is apparent in this activity which really helps you dial in your skills of present moment awareness, quick decision-making, intuitive capacities and controlled reactivity.

It is invigorating, refreshing and instills you with a sense aliveness and presence that catapults you into a vibrant and empowered state. The harness you need to adorn takes the heavy off your back and shoulder girdle so it is strength training but not detrimental to your skeletal structure. This is a full on body workout and it connects you with the elements of this earth which is a very high vibe for your overall system.

kite surf in flight

The Mental Benefits of Kite Surfing:

The mental benefits of kite surfing are tremendous. This activity forces you to remaining present moment awareness – which translates into you being separated from any conditioned or habitual stress though patterns that may be evident in your life if you live a high paced rat race kind of existence. It really allows you to disconnect from your everyday life and connect with the Earth while putting your physical agility through its paces. It promotes mindfulness and mindfulness executed in its entirety almost always regulates the autonomic nervous system. What does that mean, reduced anxiety and a boost in mental health. Yay!

There is a sense of esteem and confidence that is developed in mastering a kite surfing session. It should be noted that there is difference between being a newbie to kitesurfing and being a failure at kitesurfing. Self talk and how you frame your capacities, in anything, but especially in extreme sports, will play a pivotal role in your yielding a desired and successful outcome.

Endorphins (peptides that activate the body’s opiate receptors, causing an analgesic effect)

come out to play when you are all up in a kitesurfing holidays kind of vibe and these amazing peptides create a good feels natural high up in your brain.

How to Start Kitesurfing:

I recommend a lesson by a trained and seasoned kite surfer. This is a one on one tutorial to the introduction to the sport by someone who knows what they are doing and can guide you with tips and tricks and provide feedback in real time. It takes the guess work out if you are entirely new to it and it provides an opportunity for support, learning and guidance that will prove empowering to your learning how to navigate this sport.

There are many variations in terms of the gear that is required to dial in a sweet kitesurfing sesh and having a lesson with a guide also allows you to learn about the benefits and differences in using different types of styles of gear. Essentially, knowledge is power, so if you are new to kite surfing, investing in a good and solid lesson with a reputable instructor in an environment with preferable conditions (weather, crowds, location etc) is a surefire way to have a solid and successful start to kitesurfing. If anything is confusing or you aren’t understanding anything, it is of supreme value to ask any and all questions that arise to further understand and encompass the activity in its entirety.

Once you try it and you can dig it and it is your jam – there are plenty of resources for you to gear up with your own kitesurfing outfit of gear.

Safety and Responsibility:

It is very a good idea to be aware of the environment, the conditions of the environment and to have a full encompassing knowledge about the sport/activity you are to engage in. I have a section on overall safety and responsibility, (still in development) that can be found here: Safety and Responsibility in Outdoor Sports and Recreation

It is a good vibe to ensure that you understand the activity you are doing and the safety and responsibility that you need to understand and practice ensuring it lends itself to a vibe of success and empowerment rather than that of accident and injury.

Undertaking this activity alone, with no spotter or person that has knowledge of what you are doing opens you up to risk just in terms of accountability, so when going about this activity my recommendation is if you go alone with the gear, take a buddy with you and if you are all by your lonesome, then taking a lesson and be guided by a trained professional allows someone to see and support you should any factors such as wind, currents and unpredictable conditions arise while you are doing it.

There needs to be an expectation of success and problem free execution which can confidently and successfully be implemented if you are knowledgeable about your role in the activity and the factors affecting your success in that role. Make good decisions and you will be rewarded with good outcomes.

I hope this post has inspired in you the idea that trying out something as dynamic as kite surfing is something you can open yourself up to experiencing. The payoffs are huge and the possibilities endless! Can you dig it??

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  1. What always amazes me about extreme sports like this one is how people just decide to do it.  That first go at kite surfing must be absolutely terrifying, even with a trainer in a controlled setting as you suggested.  

    Would you jump straight into this with no prior experience body boarding, water skiing or other water sports?  It seems like quite a challenging discipline controlling both the kite and the board.  

    • Hey Mike!  Great question.  My buddy, in her forties, has been a paddle boarder and she is going to Hawaii to give it a go, that being her only prior boarding experience.  Of course, it is an integration of many extreme sports, so any prior knowledge and experience would definitely be an advantage, but even those with no prior experience in board sports can give it a go.  No sense in speaking to our limitations – with the right mindset and a healthy body, no prior experience is needed – just the right training!  You are correct that it is challenging, but that can be a good vibe if you frame it right in your mind!

  2. Hi; When I read your article I realised that the human element was created for greatness. The images of the kite and Surfing Gares on the foming bellows tells that to be an expert or professional Kite Surfer one got to be brave. 

    Having much confidence in both Kite and Board along with the linking cables. It is a fact that professional teaching is necessary for a beginner.

    My openion is that anyone who indulge in such activity supposed to have a healthy heart, Strong arm and leg muscles. And a wealth of fun memories in his /her archives


    • Hey Dorcas!  You know it!  The best way to learn is from someone who knows what they are doing and I agree – it does take a level of physical acumen to be able to participate but as you stated so truthfully, humans are designed for greatness 🙂  Superior memories for sure!  Thank you for your comment 🙂

  3. Hey Rebecca! This article is just out of the world! When people enroll themselves into out door activities like Kite Surfing, I call that dare-dashing people. Sometimes you’ve just got to do this stuff to overcome your fears and challenge yourself to a whole new level. People should be trying this so that it can enhance their personality by giving it a confidence boost and make them brave.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this article with us. Really loved it. Well done!!!

    • Hey AV 2001 – I appreciate your optimistic and go get em kind of attitude!  It is exactly the vibe to encompass an extreme sport such as kite surfing!  I agree with you that there is no better way to overcome your fears than to work through them, and then gaining a massive sense of empowerment and accomplishment as a result. Thank you for your contribution!

  4. I remember when I was up in the Bay area in Northern California I had seen some people kite surfing near the Golden Gate Bridge and it was such an amazing sight to see. Since then I have been looking into trying to learn how to do it myself. Is there anything specific I should be looking for when looking for an experienced person to learn from? Are there a such thing as like someone certified to teach this kind of stuff?

    • Hey Huy!  Great question!  There is an internationally recognized kite surfing certification provided by IKO – here is a link to their site for you to gain further information : https://www.ikointl.com/about-…  I encourage you to check it out if you have a serious interest in expanding your experience with the activity! I wish you many good vibes and thank you for your question!

  5. I have never kite surfed but after reading your article I felt ready to give it a go. 🙂 

    I guess what I find most attractive about this as as with most extreme sports, is what you refer to as “present moment awareness”. Having participated in things like surfing and bungee jumping before,  I know that personally there is nothing to beat the feeling of being intensely alive in the moment. 

    For sure I’d look into getting some professional instruction and no doubt the cost of which will depend on a lot,  including one’s location,  but do you have an idea of a ballpark figure one could expect to pay?

    Thanks for the inspiring read!


    • Hey Mark!  To outfit yourself with full kite surfing gear will set you back between $1000-$3000 depending on the kind of gear you get.  For initial instruction, anywhere from $200- $500.  The sport is an investment, but pays in dividends!  Here is a site that fleshes out some resource to this high vibe sport even further: https://www.thekiteboarder.com…  I appreciate your words about the inspiring read and I hope you get to engage in some serious kite surfing fun!!  Thank you for your inquiry and comment!

  6. Hi Rebecca 

    i’ve been thinking about doing kite surfing for some time now but i’ve heard stories about how dangerous it is and at my age I have to think three times when it comes to sport injuries. Is there an age limit for this sport? is 40 to old for it?

    for a beginner, what would your number 1 tip be?


    • Hey Tarun,

      I have never subscribed to age hindering a persons experience to try out new things.  The work that is being done in terms of neuroscience and epigenetics shows us that are cells are rejuvenating everyday and at an amazing speed.  The power of our intention and our thinking about ourselves has a massive impact on our physical state of being.  My friend just turned 40 and she is giving it a go, my partner who is 53 ventured out last year to do so with absolutely no worries.  It is advantageous to have full knowledge about the risks involved in any sport, but my suggestion would be to focus on what can be gained from the endeavour rather than fearful about how it may prove to disempower you. The truth is, that you can get injuries doing anything – if you are in a good mental space, with a positive expectation and have good confidence in your body and mind, then there is no good reason why this wouldn’t be a great idea to try, even at 40. If you are a beginner, I would take a lesson from a seasoned kite surfer to empower you with knowledge and confidence to explore if it is indeed something you can successfully do!  Good luck to you and thank you for your question and comment!

  7. I wish wish wish I was not so afraid of water and knew how to swim. lol Your article made me wanna get a life jacket and go try it though.  Do I have to know how to swim in order to get started? I think I will look into this more for next summer. I feel like it will be a great adventure for me to do as I’m trying to explore new interests. Thanks for telling us about this amazing sport 🙂 

    • Hey Mutsumi!  Kite boarding is a pretty intense and involved activity.  If you have a genuine fear of the water, then I would probably dial that in before trying any activity in the water as you want it to be an experience of upliftment and joy, rather than you being thrown into a stress response and fearful of the environment. If it is any consolation, the two fears we as humans are naturally ingrained with are fear of falling and fear of noise – these are intrinsically wired into our systems for survival  – which means all other fears are ones that can be diminished and eliminated with the correct approach.  Wearing a life jacket in any ocean sport, when you are fearful of water will add to your feelings of safety and security for sure though! Good luck and I wish you the very best!!

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