Kids Snowboard Starter Kit – I Recommend Burton

Since I started snowboarding, I have always been a fan of the Burton brand. My fandom derives mostly from the fact that it is just a solid and quality brand, but it also garners some good feels in terms of style and panache.

In 1977 Jake Burton Carpenter, inspired by Sherman Poppen and his patent of the snurfer (a mono ski, ridden like a skate or surfboard with no binding), founded the Burton snowboard company. By 1982, the Suicide Six ski zone in Pomfret, Vermont was reportedly the first mountain to let in snowboarders with their Burton boards.

I am grateful for the creative thinking stylings and execution of good Jake and Sherman and that the activity of snowboarding has expanded as it has.

You can ride some serious powder and harness those optimal vibes of good feels and euphoria we all have the power to generate and that is inherent of our nature.

Check out this view from Mount Baker, Washington USA taken just yesterday. Fresh pow pow but foggy as poo. Still, a good vibe though, yes?

Rocking Burton gear while engaging in snowboarding has always been something I know I can rely upon. When I first tried snowboarding I was all over the place with gear. I tried “economical” brands that left me on the mountain wet and cold.

When you snowboard, you want to be warm and dry.

It enables you to dial in your experience on a solid level and keep you in a positive frame of mind. When you sport lower quality gear that leaves you wet, cold and uncomfortable then you do yourself a complete disservice to the capacity in which you can generate the good feels to your being. Get the right gear and do it up right.

Winter solstice has begun and tis the season to dial in some riding.

This post is dedicated for the little people of the world who are already engaging or eager to get engaged in snowboarding. Here I have put a list of products I believe to be of good quality and value and will ensure that your little ones are set up for success!! A snowboard starter kit, if you will.

One thing I learned pretty quickly when I bought snowboard pants and a snowboard jacket as separate entities that I looked stylin’ but I enjoy going into the trees in waist deep powder at times and I don’t jive with the snow down the back of the pants feels. Same as when I was a little girl in snow fights. Bib snow pants are a good choice for me – and for kids, Burton has a one piece that is not only solid for snowboarding but also any outdoor snow play that the winter months provide.

The Burton Minishred Striker One Piece is made with a room to grow system which means the product grows with your child. For me that is enough to say a solid yes to this sweet dealio investment. It is all warm cozy vibes with the Thermacore which keeps you warm but isn’t super heavy so there is no limitation in mobility. So far, all scores. A removable hood (my dude rips off his hoods – so I am appreciative of this feature as one time I scored him a styling jacket but the hood was fixed and he didn’t dig it at all) This one can be worn with or without a helmet. If you haven’t checked it out already I dialled in a review of some very stylin and good vibe helmets here.

The quality of this Burton Minishred Striker One Piece continues to demonstrate its solidity as it also features taped seams to keep insulation prime and ensure high stress areas of the piece are not easily compromised. Comes in some dynamic colours and designs too!

Longevity, thoughtful attention to design and functionality, stylin’ on the eyes and an economy of investment for return.

3 Reasons Kids Beginner Snowboards Give Off Good Vibrations

1. A young child feels empowerment when they get their own gear – if they are old enough to be decisive about self choices. My 7 year old has grown into himself very comfortably and understands and knows what he likes and dislikes.

He is at a stage where he understands that he has the power of choice. If your little ones are really little and not dialing in this neural network knowledge quite yet, then you get the feels for what suits their budding and developing individual personalities and can choose accordingly.

2. If you are a recreational or avid snowboarder, seeing your little creation of a human reach a milestone in their life where they can actually have and dial in their own snowboard is a pretty pivotal and exciting moment. At least, it was for us up in here.

3. It is an investment that can last a couple of years and a very cool piece of memorabilia or wall art when they completely outgrow its use. Miniature versions of anything are just very cool.

Amazon has some pretty sweet deals in terms of scores and shopping with rewards. I chose to be an amazon affiliate as I have benefited exponentially from books both hard copies and audible that have expanded my knowledge and changed the very fabric of my being.

Check out my post on the benefits of reading here. Amazon also offers rewards with your online shopping and is generating a good momentum of energy in this world and a good channel to tune into, if you yourself can find value in it. I do, so I am comfortable in my recommendation of it. The first one posted here is a great board and bindings to get your little one(s) started:

Dressing for Success leads to a Good Vibe for the Entire Day

Now that we are dressed for success and have the right board and bindings, we can dial in the gloves and headgear.

A balaclava style hat is a good choice as it keeps your ears and neck warm and can easily be used and still fit a helmet over top. This is especially great for kids with longer locks as it keeps the hair out of the face and tucked away nicely.

Add some gloves or mitts to the pack and we are good to go. I recommend mitts for the crew under the 5-year mark and a glove for over the 5-year mark – you know your little one best in terms of what they will roll with. My little dude did great with mitts as a toddler and now at 7yrs old rocks the gloves.

The Burton Minishred Gloves prove solid with the extra material around the wrist as with most little hands, even fitted gloves and mitts can slide a little and this feature compensates for this truth. The same quality as the jacket in terms of warmth and waterproof feature is key so the days fun can be had in comfort. Playing in the snow is a much much better vibe when kids can just be kids and not have to worry about being cold or wet. Burton really supports the consumer in terms of the execution of their products and their effectiveness.
I wrote a post here about protecting your brain so helmets are a very good idea! I hope your snowboarding adventures yield a very good vibe! Have fun and ride away!!


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  1. Someday, I would love for my kids to get into snowboarding as I know how much fun I have had doing it. Thanks for the great article on the ways to get them set up as it can sometimes be hard to remember everything needed, since for me, it’s just the basics. You offer some great suggestions that I would come back to when the time comes for them to try it out. Thanks again!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post, such an authentic style of writing! You’ve also taught me the origins of snowboarding gear with a little history lesson incorporated in said awesome style. With your experience, you definitely have an advantage for recommending what works in such freezing conditions so if someone were still to choose economical over your recommendation they would be crazy lol! I personally don’t want to be having snow go down the back of my pants, or get wet from a day out on the snow so when buying gear for the kiddies us parents have to be sensible and think about their needs too. Great article, thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Kat! 

       Thanks to you girl, for your super good vibe and conversational comment. Snow down the back of the pants is all kinds of cold and I agree that supporting our own and our children’s needs in a healthy and respectful manner, is imperative for a great experience – in anything, really.   I wish for you and your loved ones a very Happy and Good Vibe New Year!

  3. I am a great fan of snowboarding, however i was never born in a cold country. So i never really had the chance to actually learn how to snowboard. This article is great. You have the chance to learn how to snowboard and at the same time you learn a lot of tips. Good job on the article, it is a great review.

    • Hey Jamiro!  I appreciate your enthusiasm even though you have not had the pleasure to experience snowboarding.  In a previous post I wrote about board sports you can read about the option of sand boarding which can generate the same good feels.  Hopefully where you are can offer the right conditions to give it a go!  I appreciate your supportive comment and wish you a very Happy New Year!

  4. My seven year old grandson has been bugging me like crazy the last few months that he wants to start snow boarding.  As a grandfather of course you want to spoil your grand kids.

    I just showed him this article and he practically lost his mind.  He loved everything on this page.  So once we get through the holidays I think grandpa is going to be making some purchases.

    Thank you for a great article


    • Haha!  Right on Dale!  I am stoked to hear of the positive response and your willingness to spoil your grandson!  Some of my fondest memories are of my Grandmother and her kindness towards me when she was with us, so there is great value in your efforts.  I hope you and your family have a lovely New Year and thank you for your comment!

  5. Hello Rebecca and thank you for this informative article. I really had an amazing time reading it. My son is going to have his first ski lessons this winter. We are going on vacation this winter around middle of January and we are ready to buy his skiing equipment.

    We already bought hat, scarf and gloves but he showed interest in trying snowboard as well. I can see that you think quite high about Burton and the products this company offers. It has the tradition and I guess if it managed to last untill now, it must be good.

    I will definitely be checking what else they have to offer.

    Thank you.


    • Hi Strahinja, 

      I am super pleased to hear that you are engaging in some good and connected time with your son and I hope you have a really fun time on your vacation.  I stand by Burton as it has always proved very solid for me, and my son, my partner and my friends.  After Christmas especially, you can usually dial in some great deals with sales and such, so can get some really quality gear at very economical prices.  I wish you and your little guy the best of good vibes on your upcoming adventure!  Have fun and thank you for your comment!

  6. I love this positive vibe website:)  It is so inspiring and uplifting!  

    Snowboarding and all the gear needed…I have learned over the years to stick with good stuff, don’t try to skimp out to save a buck. You will regret it:( I learned the hard way! 

    Very good info and product advice.



    • Hey Chris!  Thanks for spreading the good vibes with your positive and kind remarks.  Life experience definitely teaches and I hope you are outfitted with some solid gear!  Thanks to you girl, for your comment!

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