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COVID FREE – Simple & Easy Strategies to Keep Healthy, Vibrant & Free From Virus Energy

We Are Living in a Time Where Being Free From Virus Energy is a Palpable Concern.

There Is An Unhealthy Mental Magnification On a Virus That Threatens the Survival of Our Species.  Being Free From Virus Energy is Your Power.

It is a Weird & UnNatural Space to Live When We As Humans Are Made to Expand & Grow & Learn. Our Lives Were Meant to Be Lived Free From Virus Energy Impeding Our Survival.

Change is inevitable

Having Our Little Ones Return to School in a Time Where the Health and Wellness of Them is Somewhat Magnified to Ensure Their Survival & Well Being It Is A Sweet Feel, As A Parent. Having Our Kids Remain Free From Virus Energy Is Where We Want to Be.


To Equip Yourself With Simple Tools and Higher Consciousness Empowerment Knowledge So That You Can Rest Assured Your Child Will Remain Optimal & Vibrant in Their Biology. Completely Free From Virus Energy.

Happy happy joy joy


An Easy Attitude to Adapt is That of Health & Well Being.  It’s way more solid & Less Dense Vibe Than That of Virus & Death, No?

It is of value to be vigilant about your health and well being in balance and peace as opposed to in fear and trepidation about your abillity to survive.  The two energies within yield very different outcomes in your life experience.  Being free from virus energy is where you want your focus to fall. 

Choose love rather than fear


The reason this attitude is easy for us as humans, is because it is the natural order of things – for us humans to be healthy, expanding, growing, developing, learning, inventing and creating.  Being free from virus energy is natural to our optimal life force  

Living in fear and being hyper reactive and fearful towards the management of your Lifeforce and be a prime breeding ground for virus to take root.

 It would be to your benefit as a human existing with a natural bio weapon that seems to be testing the survival of the fittest.  Being free from virus energy means that you understand your inherent right and choice to do so.

You Will Be One of The Fittest – If You Fully Acknowledge Your Right to Be So. Can you Encompass An Energetic State Completely Free From Virus Energy?

The survival of the fittest

Our Human Biologies Are Fraught With An Immense and Dynamic Intelligence.  An Intelligence That Remains Free From Virus Energy.

No human need a masters degree or a lifetime of study in the human biology to recognize this.

  If you are trying to grasp this idea further for your own understanding, then merely being an OBSERVER of your experience will DEMONSTRATE THE TRUTH IN EXPERIENCE for you.

Being free from virus energy is the natural order of your biology which is why it is a serious mental health concern for the powers that be who are permeating our societies with fear and limitation.

Sleep consciousness

 The two easiest examples to convey to anyone the power of the human body’s intelligence is to have their logical MIND acknoweldge are sleeping and the healing of human bones.

When a person sleeps, they are in fact out of their own consciousness and yet their body breathes and functions for them all night long.

Your natural intelligence is just that.  Intelligent.  It knows how to remain free from virus energy, we need only have the faith and acumen to recognize this.

The lung space is vibrant

 This is an aspect of ourselves that everyone is subject to and experiences yet very few acknowledge the marvel that is the human biological system and its magnificent intelligence. 


How Epically Cool & Uplifting is That?

We carry an intelligence that is connected to everything in the Universe. This Intelligence that is free from virus energy.

The self in the universe

  If this sounds too new age or outlandish, you literally need to just look logically at the functions of the human body’s intelligence.

When you break a bone, chances are you will need a trained professional to go to, such as a doctor or an expert in bones to repair the broken bone.

Bone growth in paper

 When in actual fact, the logical fact and the proven evidence of your experience demonstrates that it is not your doctor nor the cast that actually repairs your bone and brings it back to wholeness.

It Is Your Body.

If your body can repair a bone on its own, then your body can remain in an elevated vibratory state that is free from virus energy.  It really is that simple. It is a mindset.

The MIND controls the BODY.

The BREATH controls the MIND.

Use these tools, and you are golden.

Your body temple

The body’s intelligence is providing that healing to you and is the actual force that fuses and repairs your bone back to its new state.

The transmutation of energy in the world as well as in the body are two aspects of life and our living we would do well to educate and arm our brains and ultimately, ourselves with.

Let’s be human together

Especially when we live in a time where nuclear arms and world impact are left to the devices of former reality tv stars and the energy that the political governance and climate overall has landed our humanity into a deadly viral pandemic.

I say, how about we focus on the thrive and leave the world to be as it is without being impacted by it to your deficit. Acknowledging the virus is one thing. Living in illogical fear of it is quite another.  To remain free from virus energy one must delineate their focus appropriately.

  How can someone really do that when it appears that the world is in such a volatile and uncertain state?  As if your rights and freedoms need to be hindered to remain free from virus energy?  It just does not add up to the natural order of things.

This is not conspiracy. It is just common human sense.

That’s Just It Beautiful Humans!!

Life is cool and so are you

When we as humans become less volatile and uncertain in ourselves and how we influence the world in which we live, by quantum law the world will mirror this investment into ourselves and the upliftment of our humanity.

So, given most adults have been conditioned in the old world model of Newtonian physics it can sometimes be a conundrum to figure out how to dial in empowerment in its entirety to oneself, let alone the little people we are guiding.

Being free from virus energy means understanding your inherent right to do so.

The beautiful Max

Covid expressed a good amount of misalignments that many domiciles are facing in terms of the health and esteem of themselves and their interpersonal relational dynamics too which has shifted the energy of the way we are dialing in our vibes with each other overall.

Prickly times

It’s a stress vibe to work full time and manage a family and then on top of the create luxurious time spent on the self.

For some it can seem like a pipe dream or the stress of the daily grind has become so ingrained in normalization that you can cope just fine – even though your body’s intelligence and health is slowly burning out.

Dr Bruce Lipton has demonstrated to us through his studies of cellular biology that ninety-five percent of all disease is stress related.

  Ninety five is almost one hundred

What Does That Mean For Us Humans?

  That Means Wonderful & Empowering News!

That may, again, feel like a strange vibe as we are so ingrained and conditioned in stress.

Most of the news that we absorb is generating a psychological and emotional energy of depletion, although well intentioned and the way that people have always behaved.

It is a rare that one questions the content or quality of that which they are absorbing, digesting it as the Truth of their capabilities in the world when in fact it is putting energetic attention on that which has already been created. What is past is well to remain there.

Forward motion road ahead

Where we humans expand naturally is to look forward.

  To look to what we can create from where we find ourselves standing in the present moment. 

To empower yourself, and the growing and expanding physiologies that is/are your beautiful child(ren) then you not empower your famjam, but your community and the world impact.

Thrive, Expansion & Growth.

We keep this kind of mindset in practice then we need not live in fear and trepidation in our daily experience.

To Live Optimally Is To Return To A Natural Wholeness Within.

This needs to be executed in MIND & BODY & of which your SPIRIT within will fully support and help you which means that you encompass a simpler and more affectionate way of treating yourself and the way you are in the world.

Support for your life

Many men and women feel immense pressure and many men and women are exhausted in their roles as humans.

Although we can all put on a facade of being optimally happy by way of always being busy and maintaining a schedule that is imbued with an energy of stress, it really isn’t the vibe that a human system was built to thrive within.



Here Are 5 Habits & Tools You Can Develop With Consistency In Your Home & Space To Activate & Maintain An Optimal Vibration In Your Biology.

1. Reduce Stress & Invest in Your Being vs. Doing More Actions – Enable a Vibration of Peace in Your Own Being

The top notch tip on this life hack to infuse peace and tranquility into your state of being is to get good at saying NO to things you don’t want to do and to people who drain your lifeforce energy.

  Who you surround yourself with and the company you keep in any relationship is a direct reflection of you and your state of being.

State of ocean peace

Taking it easy on the extracurricular school commitments -school is a stress feel for a kid who is also navigating their way through an unusual world and a growing and hormonal body.

 Letting things flow and being connected by way of invested TIME, SPACE and ATTENTION into one another is a HEALTH WIN because it is a HEART CENTRED approach to living.

Release The Pressure You Carry By The Expression of Your Experience.

Communication by way of people, journaling, singing, dancing, going out with buddies to blow off steam, taking a retreat to peaceful spot around you to find some peace for a time,high intensity exercise, craft making and endeavours –  are many creative and expressive ways that you can elevate out of the heavy and compounding feels of carrying to much stress on your plate.

Love in your hands

Creating, demonstrating and  implementing well established boundaries about yourself and your investment of your own lifeforce  It can make you a bitter person if you cultivate a stress vibe with frequency and consistency.

  It is the mark of a balanced individual who can remain optimistic and in a state of ease and joy day in and day out in their lives.

Choose joy

To do this, take a good look at what the stress level is in your famjam and work situation and trim your hedges accordingly.

A Simple Tool To Decompress Stress In Any Given Moment is The Beautiful Intelligence That is Your BREATHFORCE.

 Developing a Conscious Practice With Your Breathforce Is Your First Free & Most Effective Tool To Tell Your Body To Calm The Funk Down and You Are Made in The Shade.

Chest breather or Belly Breather?

Which on are you?  

Take a moment to be in your body and take note.

Flower your breath and live free


Here are some vids and a link to the first module fo the kids self esteem and body regulation program. 

Video One

Video Two

Self Esteem and Body Regulation For Kids – Week 01/06

A Second Tool That Enables Optimal Health and Diminished Stress is Sufficient Sleep.

This is particularly a good feel for those who have any history of abuse or trauma in their experience as such normalized or muted energies within the system make the system hyper sensitive to stimuli and can yield aggressive and conflictual reactivity.

Trauma reactivity lights up

 Sufficient sleep for children is imperative to their growth, development and functioning, so reducing the screen time and replacing it with tangible avtviities that engage the MIND and BODY is ACTION AND EXPERIENCE is a sweet feel to keep the human biology in an elevated vibe to function.

8 Hours of Sleep For a Human System is a Beautiful Feel for Peace, Productivity, Alignment and Well Being.

 If You Are Skimming On The Sleep You are Skimming Out On Your Peace.

Sleep little puppy dog

It is easy and most welcome I imagine, so cultivating solid sleep habits is a biology win for stress reduction.

It is that intelligence at work repairing all that you put it through during the day.

To reward and honour your own being and that of your children with sufficient and restful sleep is a deep devotional respectful practice and win!

How Will You Reduce The Stress You Face Today?

By avoiding our stress we become more stressed. In order to transmute the energy of stress we have to cultivate the energy of peace and ease and freedom and joy into our states of being.

Peaceful easy feeling

This Will Be Individual To All As, All Are Individual. 

What I enjoy to decompress my stress may prove to cause another person a good deal of stress.

This is why harnessing a solid esteem of oneself and knowing oneself fully and honouring that to the nth degree is a sweet sweet feel to the entirety of your lifeforce and trajectory forth.

Development and Expansion of the Self

Balance and peace

Another person cannot be the barometer for how  you tackle and manage your own stress although they can certainly be the cause of it – it is you and you alone that has to manage your state of being.

Being Chill is a Thrive.

They certainly can support you and you too, being a support can prove to lower stres in some instances. It really is the survival of your most fittest self.

Check yourself

 How do you frame yourself and your responsibilities an duties?

 How do you frame your perceptions of the world around you?

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself and if You Are Already Wrecked, Know That Law of  Impermanence is On Your Side and With a Good and Solid Strength of Your Own Individual WILL, You Elevate Out of The Wreckage. 

2. Drink Good Amounts of Filtered Water

  Add Organic Lemon Juice to Keep the Liver Optimal

When you give your body its primary substance of which it is made, you optimize the natural intelligence of which was spoken of above in terms of your epic human body then it serves you like a beautiful companion who has your best performance interests at heart and in hand.

Lemon splash water

The human body is comprised primarily of water.

It can again, be a weird feel to encompass this knowledge with whole hearted ness when very clearly the body is a big mass in our plain sight, however if water consumption is not flowing abundantly and systematically into your system, then it’s optimal governance is escaping you and the dial in of you.

The human brains function is decreased by 30 percent if not hydrated to its capacity to hold water.

The floral brain

All our major organs and functions are dependent upon water.

The globe and earth we live upon cannot survive without water, nor can a human.

Earth water

This is super informational to our health and well-being to not only understand this, but to support our health and experience with this knowledge in its use.

 The water we consume and have at our disposal to keep us all healthy and functioning is a pure source from the Earth.

We bottle it, filter it, carbonate it, flavour it and mix it with other drinks and in cooking.  Water is omnipresent and one of the most epic elements of this earth.

In the role of your human system here are just a few bullet points for you to be aware so that your motivation to consume it is propelled into one of enthusiasm.

Underwater oasis


A protective agent to your spinal chord, tissues and joints

Aids in the elimination of your body’s waste

Aids in increased production of saliva that is the bases for digestion and absorption of minerals and nutrients

It keeps your body’s entire system hydrated and performing optimally

It increases and enables optimal cerebral functioning.

It enables lifeforce.

Water is LifeForce

Such a Simple and Clear Element With Such Profound and Expansive Impact.

The Water We Drink, The Water Our Earth Contains Is Life Giving And Worthy of Honouring.

Honour of peace

3. Engage in Physical Activity and A Consistent Investemnt to Movement & Motion in The Body

Tips and Suggestions From Chill 2 High Energy

The energy that is the lifeforce of the body system is omnipresent in all living systems.

In some cases, artificial foods can be consumed to such a degree that natural foods no longer hold their appeal to a system which has been inundated with such consumables.

Heart of sugars

 It wreaks havoc on the naturalness of the human system which is made to thrive in balance and harmony with the Earth upon which provides life and nourishment to our existence.

It Really is Very Simple to Live an Elevated Existence.

The key is to manage your body and not have your body manage you. When your body is taken over by malnutrition then your habits will be indicated in that factoid.

Empowerment in health means understanding how your consumables and habits impact your energy and that your energy is in fact optimal rather than being guided by addiction and cravings based on bad eating habits.

The donuts of life are vibrant donuts

Many people use food as a method to cope with stress or heavy emotional energy that is uncomfortable to deal with. It can prove a comfort to some rather than just a method of fuel for survival.

Decreased Stress & Clean Living Yields A Sweet Feel For Your Biology & That of Your Children.



In congruence with all your energy expenditures  (thoughts, words, actions, emotions)  are aligned with thine own HEART dictates and the support of your well nourished and controlled MIND.

A Method to Maximize Your Mental Strength and Be The Commander of Your Own Body is Physical Motion.

Consistent and perpetual motion throughout your day is a sweet feel too. It is natural to our physiological capacities as it mirrors the movement of energy to enhance and optimize the body’s functioning.

In this day and age and all the discoveries that us magnificent humans have made and created in this world, there is no limit to what we can do in terms of moving our bodies and harnessing optimal energy in our physiologies.

Light energy alight

The most chill and effective way to elevate and circulate your energy is simple energy exercises. 

 If you are super obese bears and riddled with depression, then the 5 Minute Energy Routine found above is something you could start with to start getting your natural biological energy to start flowing again.

Life force rainbow colours

If you are pretty good about how you treat your body and you have the capacity to engage your body in self directed exercise then QI GONG is a trip, TABATA is high intensity and super efficient on your schedule if time is a thing you race with.

You need not compare yourself to anyone nor steep yourself in competition and just be self-directed or you can join team sports and do your thang.

Again, the idea is for it to be recreational, natural and geared towards your good feels of your individual tastes and physiology.














 For a Full List of Physical activity Opportunities Click Here.

The MIND can be cleared and managed with more effective efficiency when the BODY is CONNECTED TO and MANAGED OPTIMALLY.

Consumables and physical motion go hand in hand with elevated human biology.

Jump for fun

The human biology is such a dynamic intetlligent system that we can only really scratch the surface in understanding how formidable our human systems really are.

 The Potentiality for Transmutation and Elevation for Any Human is Always Possible at Any Moment in Time.

The time is right now

The Directives of Your MIND and the CHOICES You Make Will Determine How You Govern Your Own physiology.  

What you say goes in terms of your own body, and when you own that and you gear your OWN PURSUITS of physical recreation to what you enjoy, then exercise and joyful living go hand in hand.

Rise up in exercise

If you can’t stand playing golf but a member of your family loves to play golf, then let them be them and go play golf and you be you and do something you like to do.

It is that simple.  Just pick out what you like, what you are drawn to and cultivate an invested and systematic habit to engage it.

 In doing so, you open yourself up to expansion.

Open up for openness

The other day I was thinking about how I hadn’t played tennis in a while and how much I used to enjoy it as a young girl and also a few games I played when I lived in Toronto.

The next day I was running in the forest near my home and there are public shared tennis courts at the entrance of the area.

 I saw a man sitting on the sidelines with a two tennis rackets watching as his buddies were playing a game.

 I saw this and intuitively remarked I would be happy to play.  They were senior fellas and were playing a chill game and I spent a lovely hour revisiting and renewing my relationship to tennis.

New tennis vibe

Rather than lump ourselves into limited thinking about how we exercise and move our bodies, we can recognize that there is opportunity about us everyday and in every which way to harness and optimize our physiologies.

 What You Aren’t Using, You Are Losing 

 Your brain and body are no exception, so investing in an aligned MIND/BODY/SPIRIT practice bred consistently and habitually into your life experience will prove to expand and elevate your lifeforce promptly.

How Do You Implement Physical Motion Into Your Experience?

Questions and answers

4. Reduce Refined Sugar & Artificial Processed Consumables –

 Do Not Deprive Yourself – Aim For Balance.

I have had a loving relationship to refined sugar since I can remember.

When I was little I used to save up all my pound coins that my beautiful and kind grandmother would gift all us children upon arrival to England.

We would all go to Salcombe for a lovely summer respite in the most gorgeous of places which housed the epic Salcombe attributes that make it such a unique and magical place to be.

Beautiful salcombe

 Cranch’s sweetshop was my go to in England and the Variety Store up the street in K-W also housed some of the best sweets a young lady could dive into.

Going to a sweetshop as a kid is a fun memory to keep even if the after effects of it may have yielded meltdowns or aggravated emotional uprisings.

This is the effects of sugar on a growin little person so keeping the sugars natural is a supreme thrive for development and peace.

Balanced rocks

What was lacking from my awareness was that I had become a sugar addict and I had no idea that it was correlated in any way to my adrenal system and body and brain regulation.

 I spent the good portion of my life suppressing my LifeForce with drugs and alcohol.  I started drinking booze at the age of 8 to cope with the scene I was living and as it happens, booze has a good amount of sugar too.

I Would Eat Bags & Bags of M&M’s and Then Still Be Up For More.  

Chocolate covered candies

I was a sugar candy addict and absolutely okay with it because I was governing myself quite unconsciously to my own experience.

When my neural stress made itself known and I had to heal to wholeness 16 years of toxic stress infused in my biology it was actually astoundingly crazy how much better and rational I was able to deal with the fallout of the emotional and psychological deficits of trauma by eliminating refined sugar from my diet entirely.

Chocolate covered candies

I Learned That The BRAIN Uses Glucose to Initiate Many Processes In The Body.  This Can Be Felt & Experienced When You Have Complete Connectivity to Your Own Biology.

Presently I have such a connected relationship with mine own lifeforce energy that I can track feel and experience the process itself when I consume refined sugar. 

When our bodies are riddled with artificial and refined glucose, it  wreaks havoc on the brain body connectivity and processing becomes misaligned and you are left with a state of being less than your optimal.

 I learned that the cognition of my own self control and my ability to rationally govern myself and regulation was elevated exponentially by making  my only sugars natural ones from fruit and honey.

Natures sweets

I have fielded addictions in my life and sugar has a very similar biochemical effect to the reward centres in the brain as that of drugs and alcohol.

Foods that are high in glucose activate regions of the brain sending reward signals to brain and initiating, enabling and provoking sensations of hunger, cravings and need.

 Natural foods that are naturally low in glucose and suited to the naturalness of the human system are optimal for the systems thrive.

Vegetable love

Asking a person to eliminate sugars in this day and age of convenient living and an obesity epidemic apparent in parts of the globe  is a futile endeavour so taking an ownership of empowerment and responsibility over your OWN BIOLOGY is a huge investment of deep self respect and honour for the self.

Maintain Balance Is The Sweet Feel to Optimal Living.

You can eat a whole chocolate bar and scarf it down or you can break off one square and savour it for many minutes and really be there immersed in the delectable flavours.

Our pace at which we consume our food inherently plays a role in our balance and our function ability.

Sending kids to school  with natural and high vibrational foods from the Earth free of harmful chemicals  and non GMO is a sweet feel for the brain.

To optimize learning and productivity as well as keep emotional and psychological energy balanced while guiding them.

Children are much easier to guide and diminish your stress feels abundantly when their states of being are regulated and optimal.


5. Maintain a MINDSET of Advantage & A Chill Outlook ON EVERYTHING

Systematic & Habitual Practice of Tracking Your Attention & Keeping Aware

The 5th thrive you can implement into your life is that of your own conscious awareness of where you put the predominant focus of your attention.

The polarity at which you keep your attention to your own health and how you frame it to your kids has a HUGE IMPACT on how you govern your success in health and life, overall.

The light of your perceptions

Many people recycle internalized ways of being based on the conditioning that they have and the downloaded programs they carry.

This Can Recycle in Relational Dynamics and Can Prove to Be a Less Than Thrive Vibe to Expansion & Growth.

Understanding your own relationship to your own attention is paramount to how you enable your life to move forward, the way that you either are responsive or reactive to the events and people you entertain in your experience has a direct cause and effect upon your outcomes.

The wrong way is informational

When you field severe neural disassociated stress due to violence & normalized toxic stress conditioning and then you are presented with the task of realigning that, you come into awareness of many many aspects of how the human brain and perceptions and words and language and stimuli have upon the health of our systems and our abilities to thrive.

The power of positivity is not something to scoff at.  It is an an energetic actuality that works to your tremendous favour.

When you can find the silver lining in any point of your experience rather than complaint, misery and dissatisfaction – and you do this CONSISTENTLY, like a super good habit, then life will mirror that energy you are emanating from your won state of being.

 It Actually Is a Very Simple Concept Yet It Can Seem Perplexing to Some to Practice Because We Are Indoctrinated Into An Energy of Struggle & Survival.

Taking stock of where you put your mental and emotional energetic focus throughout the day is prime intel for who you are in the world.

  Are you docile and non expressive?

Are you exuberant and confidant?

Are you nervous and non assertive?

Are you chillan with ease and grace in all that you do?

Are you overbearing and controlling?

Are you scattered and forgetful?

 Are you on top of your game and completely focused every moment?

 Do you worry about lots of things in your mind?

Do you think back to times you were young?

There are infinite questions that one can enable inquiry within to guide themselves to optimal.

Rooting Yourself in Pessimism and Negative Reactivity is a By- Product of Too Much Stress To Your System.

The Natural Order of Things for Humans and Earth are to Thrive and Expand.  

Simply look at this and do a check it out on yourself to see whether or not you thwart towards a tendency of “poor me” victimization reactivity or “it’s all good, i got this” assured in your accountability and responsiveness to CHOOSE your attitude.

How you respond to any situation is how it will be played out for you.

If you express your dissatisfaction then your feels will be reverberated back to you in that vain.

The mirror effect of life

When you seek the advantage in any and all you encounter then advantages will be bestowed upon you. This is a quantum law at work aligned with support for your optimal balance and well being.

Your STATE OF BEING Is Boss in Terms of What You Produce in Your Results You Generate About You.

Did you know that ruminating on certain types of thoughts can induce a traumatic stress reaction?

The subtle energies that exist within you and the formidability of our brains and their connectivity to our behaviour demonstrates that a productive use of our THOUGHT ENERGY to our benefit is a SKILL THAT MUST BE CULTIVATED FOR OPTIMAL LIVING.

Connection is everpresent

Adopting  a conscious practice to that which you can recognize and express GRATITUDE is a sweet energetic feel to you and the people with whom you are surrounded.

 That which you look to be grateful for will expand in your experience, as what you focus on expands.

Make your focus a sweet sweet feel and chock full imagineering rather than steeped in the mud of complaints and dissatisfaction.

Your attitude and the emotional energy you radiate are intrinsincally linked,so if you find yourself rooted in a state of discontent then your duty to yourself and well being is to engage that which pleases you.

I have tried to wax optimism in the muddiest of places and it can feel inauthentic when you are lumped in the heavy feels of low energy and vibes that feel life draining.

The one thing that is imperative to yielding that energy within you to an optimal and more advantageous outlook and then subsequent feel, is to accept the permeation of those lower feels to be there within you.  Advance to love

Without judgement, condemnation or resistance. If we carry around our wounds of lower vibrational energy within us then we trap it and it recycles and then becomes the character in which we encompass in our everyday.

Everything is allowed and that is included in that Truth, but it will prove to keep you depleted.

When we try to negate the felt experiences we are fielding just being human – then the range of emotions (both polarities of positive and negative) that come to us for our information and safety have the tendency to get trapped and recycled in our states of being.

 Does Anyone Really & Truly Want To Be That Kind of Human?

Anyone wtih a solid relationship to their own HEARTS, I would say probably not a thrive for oneself nor the impact they are generating in the world.

Having a solid relationship and connection to your own emotional intelligence is an advantage to you and your ability to be authentic in your experience.  EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE is a superior feel to determine your attitudes and the energy you are generating in your life experience.

Bridge over the world to life

Vadim Zeland has amazing books to read about our abilities to empower ourselves and take complete control over the realities we live.

In his list of principles there is the ADVANTAGE method and it is a powerful energetic space to acknowledge and build up in your repertoire of human tools.