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Kidpreneurs – The Solid Feels of Creative Living Bestowed Upon Your Little One.

This post has been inspired by the beautiful child that I am in good fortune to be mother and ambassador to. The feels of creative living that are expressed by him are infused with inspiration.

Do the great stuff

He comes with a great Spirit and the expression thereof.  His Poppa Bear & I do the best we can to invest our time, space and attention into his development and well-being. The results of which have him in the good feels of creative living.

This past summer little man made a good fortune and all of his own making and really harness the solid feels of creative living.

Supporting the entrepreneurial pursuit is a feel that is natural to our famjam.

He impressed us with so much of his own creativity and exuberance for life that even if I wasn’t his Mama Bear, I would be celebrating this little guy and his tenacious spirit.

Lemonade Stand to Tea & Coffee Stand

Summer to Fall Segway Simplicity – Pure Genius

Super fun and easy pursuit for a child to engage is lemonade they can concoct themselves and then have the sense of accomplishment when they sell it successfully at their own lemonade stand.

If you are really into connectivity of product to table, then organizing a good amount of fresh organic lemons and juicing them is a good vibe for the hand eye coordination and also arm muscle exercise.

Here is a Sweet Feel For a Homemade Lemonade Recipe.

Refill kindness lemonade feels

A little less mess and a still connected to their own creating their lemonade are the frozen packs that you can find in most grocery stores. These cans are easy to open and need only add (filtered) water.

These lemonades come in pink too and probably a bunch of other variations nowadays, so even choosing the flavour and the style of beverage they will concoct is a personal choice feel.

This enables them to read instructions and follow them appropriately and taking ownership of their product

. Alternatively, a large container of pre made lemonade can work too and may make passerbyers who fear the Covid to be more at ease in it consumption.

The Whole Key to Success is To Do It Naturally to Your Child’s Own Inclination To Do So.

Lemons make juice

Kidpreneurship is a self-sufficiency win and kids who have gusto and self independence will find it quite engaging and those who are not self starters will gain from the pursuit of the experience.

Not to mention, this keeps your child occupied for a good afternoon and completely screen free. Wins for the famjam, the child and the community.

That is a Sweet Feel and The Natural Order of Things When It Is For The Good of All.

Standing in lemonade

If The Part of The World in Which You Live moves its seasons from hot to cool summer to fall, then the handy lemonade stand can be repurposed into a hot beverage stand,

Just ensure parental supervision to avoid any burn concern.

Boiling some water and putting in a safe container, lining up baby paper cups and a selection of teas can be a sweet feel for any cool day.

A pot of home-brewed coffee (a concentrated decaf is usually the best feel) can inspire a hearty energy in the cooler temperatures too.

Spot of tea

My little man did this, which inspired this post, all of his own intuitive action further demonstrating his creativity and exuberance for life.

An inspiration for sure!

Toy Resales

A good practice to maintain balance and equilibrium in the consumer world in which we live is to ensure that if your kids have space for new items or toys they acquire by letting go, recycling, repurposing or…resales!

My little guy has had the good fortune of being adorned with the vibe of kindness within and it has shown itself demonstrably through the abundance of goods he has in his possession.

Toys Are Something That Are A Good Feel To Teach Respect About & Maintaining Their Longevity.

Fisher price style vinyl

I gifted my son a Fischer price item that my older siblings and I had as children and it was still in solid shape after a good 4 decades.

Fisher Price makes quality toys, that has been my experience as a child and as a mother to a ginger haired spirit that knows how to destruct down to the molecule, unintentionally and impulsively, so having a quality and durable product to withstand such a force is a win for sure.

It is a good feel to buy well-made toys and an even better feel to get great use out of them and then see your kid making a profit off of them in his own entrepreneurial venture.

Toy resale

Golf Balls Collection and Redistribution

We live near a pitch and putt and one way this vibrant child is out, connecting to nature and being industrious is to collect the lost and discarded golf balls that people lose in off the green.

Golf balls resale action

The park in which the pitch and putt is situated is amidst a naturally heavily wooded land mass so it is an adventure of all kinds to go golf ball retrieving.

It Is A Wonderful Way To Spend An Afternoon Connecting to Nature.

It also is a great endeavour for sharpening the attention and awareness skills of focus. Such an empowering way to engage a child’s entire physiology to a benefit.

Once Retrieved They Stack Up Well & Are Good To Go For Resale.

I am actually pretty sure my little man sold a man back his own golf balls and it was worth the retrieval fee, for sure!

The pyramid of ball

Door Dash Assistant

One way that many self-sufficient adults engage is the delivery of food via the apps such as Door Dash, Uber Eats or Skip the Dishes.

A Great Way For a Duo To Connect in Terms of Parent and Child and Conveying the Value of Investing Energy Into a Pursuit to Yield a Result of Reward for Your Benefit is To, As The Adult, Download One of The Door Delivery Apps and Dial in a Door Delivery on Bicycles or Scooters.

Love mama love

It teaches customer service, self-sufficiency, self propulsion and execution and entrepreneurial responsibility as well as the ins and outs of customer service.

The Dash Feel Need Not Be a Stress Feel. Feels of Creative Living Have No Resonance With Stress.

The smile factory vibe

In fact, it can be treated like a fun race to inspire your young ones enthusiasm. Stress is the number one cause of disease in a human system. The vibe here is one of self propulsion and self empowerment, of which stress has no space to exist.

Sharing the profits is a good motivator too!

Scooter/Skateboard Small Repairs Pit Stop

There is no better way to take care of your own vehicles than understanding how they work and how to make repairs upon them should they need it after the wear and tear of cruising and touring around the land in which you live.

A Simple Set of Screwdrivers and Tool Kit Is A Sweet Feel for Tightening Bolts, Replacing Wheels and Adjusting Seats, Wheels and Handlebars.

Getting some elbow grease into the maintenance of your vehicles is also a preemptive conditioning to taking ownership and respect for the vehicles in which they will own as adults and the more you teach self responsibility, the more this yields esteem within.

The tool shed

For those who stick their thinking in the mud about what is available to them in today’s world, then one need only look at the inspiration a beautiful child provides.

There are no limits to what a human can create and cultivate for themselves when the combination of their own heart and mind are in symbiotic resonance and yielded with a natural and heeded intention to do so.

The results of success were immediate and the self-satisfaction and esteem gained from invested pursuits of an entrepreneurial nature is a thrive vibe for your child and for the overall vibe you dial in leading and being an ambassador to potentials and creativity.

The door dash beauty

Let us not lump ourselves in limitation of health and well-being and chain ourselves to ruminations of worldly death and destruction and instead, see what can be yielded in the energy of creation and imagination.

That Is, After all, The Natural Order of Things.

Keep the Vibe Authentic – The Real Deal of Intentional Creative Living is a Sweet and Solid Vibe.

The solid feels of creative living bestowed upon your little one is an epic way to express creativity and exuberance for life.

Beautiful Max