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Good Vibe Monthly Feature – Investing in Educators – Investing in Children – a GoodVibe for the World

Engaging in learning and gaining knowledge is a very very empowering tool a human being can continually develop and expand upon.

It is an extremely good vibe that our neuroplasticity allows for us to be so malleable and dynamic in our abilities to absorb and utilize knowledge for our enjoyment, our expansion and the enhancement of our overall well-being and life experience.

Investing in educators and investing in children yields a good vibe.

During my youth, the message I received that was deemed the most important was that education was boss.

It was with an education, you can gain independence, stability and opportunity- that was the framework upon which one could build a successful life.

education was boss

To be Educated is to be Empowered.

To be knowledgeable gives you advantage in life. I was taught this belief conceptually, and have to come learn this to be one of life’s Truths.

education is power

My little guy is currently dialing in the Grade 2 vibe at a public school. I am an invested Mama Bear and as a freelancer, I have the luxury of spending quality time with my little guy after school.

As the year progressed, I came to notice a good portion of children are left to their own devices at early ages with no supervision.

It also came to my attention that the dynamics and moving parts that the teachers have to orchestrate and maintain takes a good deal of energy and focus.

This profession goes far beyond the reach and impact of merely showing up to work and receiving a paycheck. The investment and energy a good educator makes in order to have a positive impact on the healthy and empowering development of the children whom they are responsible is exponential.

Social responsibility is something that can only be implemented by those who take accountability of themselves. Having a child and raising a child is an endeavour that requires a solid investment of ones physiological energy physically, mentally and emotionally.

It can seem like a nice respite to send our little ones off to school for the day, but our investment as parents really ought not to stop there.

educators and their impact

A solid interest in the dynamics of how your child learns and a vested interest in their scholastic development not only allows you to be more connected to who your child is, but also provides upliftment and support to the educators that are playing a pivotal role in the development and well-being of your child as they expand and interpret the world around them.

As a child, the adults in your governance play an influential role in the framing of certain very memorable and ingrained experiences that can remain with you for a lifetime – whether their polarity be deemed of advantage or disadvantage. An investment in your child, their education, the people whom you trust to care for their health and development is an empowering investment.

kids school planner

We are all on a path of expansion. In every moment of every day. A child’s expansion is so beautiful and has the fertile groundwork to accomplish amazing results, but if the educators are the only ones making the investment, it does a disservice to the child and the endorsement of learning.

One simple yet broad intention you will find that we keep here at the GVL is to support and level up the connectivity of our experience and to demonstrate the inherent connectedness of us all as an expanding and ever growing species. The foundations in which we choose to guide our little ones has an impact on who they become as adults.I'm awesome are you

As adults in the world, we would hope to yield a crew of humans that are connected both to their hearts and their minds and understand the value in investing value in themselves, yes?

 Support the Endeavours of the Solid Educators of this World

In doing so it is good to get a barometer for how a self responsible and invested, consciously aware educator views the whole endeavour of being gifted and privileged to distill wisdom and be an influential architect upon a growing and developing mind.

Can you compare modalities of education?

There are differences in everybody and everything. To compare apples to oranges is futile because in their own right they are both vibrant, healthy and advantageous sources of nourishment that standalone in their own individuality and magnificence. Quantum physicist Vadim Zeland denotes that comparison should only be made individually and not the comparison of other entities. This enables the flow and balance of energy to remain in a state of homeostasis and is aligned with the more elevated energetic dynamics living in a vibrational world provides.

There are many modalities of education that exist in the Americas, which is where the predominance of my life experience has been in terms of experiencing institutions of learning.

For the purpose of this feature, inquiries were made to 4 different educators from 4 different locations in North America and 4 different institutions of learning for younger children that include the public school sector, the Montessori Program, a private school of a certain denomination and a home school educator.

Here at the GVL we promote the good feels – Under that umbrella exists the good vibes of KNOWLEDGE.

Knowledge yields personal empowerment. When you are aware and have knowledge, you are equipped with power. Real power. A power that can be cultivated and expanded upon.


How cool is that?

When you are unaware and ignorant…well…you don’t know what you don’t know and that is something that can always be remedied. Reading is a solid way to begin to dial in an antidote to this state of being. Remaning mindful of the sources from which you are absorbing your knowledge will also determine your success in this undertaking.

Education, knowledge, learning….Goodvibes all around!

One aspect that all 4 of these heart invested educators share, ironically, is that none of them have children.

The heartscape of a human being who is willing to put in their emotional and physical energy as a career choice for the fruitful rewards that distilling and inspiring knowledge yields, is a human being with a heartscape of good standing.

To impact humans on a daily basis and make it your daily work to show up and put forth your knowledge and expertise to enhance and enrich the lives of other humans.

One concept my partner and I demonstrate to our little guy is that everyone is different but everyone is equal. Despite our differences, we cultivate a space of acceptance and peace with all other sentient beings with whom we come into contact.

What we do for ourselves, we provide for others. Respect, acceptance, empowerment, boundaries and LOVE.

We all bleed the same colour blood despite how different we may look from one another or the variety in geography and cultures from which we are born and bred.

We all have our own unique gifts and talents that only we can express as individuals on our own journeys through this life.

Basically, acceptance. Living in acceptance yields a vibe of openness and connectivity. All the educators whom I interviewed for this monthly feature are humans who are super accepting and just all around super beautiful people.

Here are 10 (5×2) out of the 23 questions that yielded informational results in terms of coherence amongst the variety:

teacher questions

1. Name the Top 3 Reasons You Became a Teacher:

Naming the top 3 reasons a teacher becomes a teacher seems to yield very similar results amongst all 4 teachers from all different modalities.

The Montessori vibe encompasses peace and empowerment for children which is a very good vibe. Stability was a factor, however that was the one that seemed to be somewhat of an afterthought to instilling empowerment, education and help to a large group of students in order to support and enhance their development.

One teacher had the good fortune being an exchange student abroad and saw an opportunity for expanded and enhanced learning. As a result, he remained there and put himself into the work of illuminating the abilities of a group of foreign students to discern and speak his native tongue of the English language. english in japan

The inspiration that arises in an individual to support and expand another person’s aptitude for learning in an effort to enhance their life experience is rooted in selflessness and supports a Life aligned with the fundamental and first Universal Truth of our connectivity and oneness.

Goodfeels 🙂

2. Do You Ever Have to Adjust Your Plans Based on the Results You See from Your Students?

I enjoyed seeing the results of this question as all answers were succinct and identical. Three words that all 4 educators denoted in their answer sheets:

“All the time.”

This is informational – it demonstrates that fitting children into a “one size fits all” kind of modality is an unrealistic pursuit and the creative skills and flexibility that is inherently needed when guiding a group of dynamic and unique individuals.

The Montessori Program has understood this Truth since its inception and overall there seems to be an awakening of consciousness in the collective that is encompassing a more expanded mindset on learning modalities and structures.

In this game I would say it is a strong mind and a spirit of stamina that is able to take what should be seemingly fixed and make it malleable in order to accommodate the needs and variety of the children in their care.

Wizardry in a way, really.teachers are wizards

3. What is the Biggest Lesson you Have Learned this far in Your Career as a Teacher?

Seeking out the biggest lessons that an educator has learned was a good burst up into the heart chakra of good vibes. Montessori and Private educators both state that they have to put boundaries on the amount of time they spend at the school after class has been dismissed as they have to also cultivate and nurture their own well-being.

Although they would love to invest all their free time enhancing and supporting the environment in which they work, balance is key.

The Public and Home School both came in succinctly with communication being a huge factor and the ability to be open to be open. The one statement that really impacted me from my dear friend in the Montessori jam was the following statement:

“Children will continually surprise you. Expect wonderful things from every single one of them. Expecting anything less than that will affect your interactions.”

Lots of LOVE up in here at the GVL for this verbiage as this is an energy of ALLOWING & EXPANSION versus RESISTANCE & DIMINISHMENT and a fundamental principle in how we strive to live.

Speak not to your limitations, but to your magnificent and infinite capabilities. How inspiring to send a child full of wonder and possibility into the tutelage of an educator who puts absolutely no limitations on the capacity of learning that your child encompasses.

This approach proves to yield a mindset rooted in Truth to who we really are and are capable of as Human Beings.

When you set the expectation to unlimited possibility, what then, is to become of a child who is to explore that kind of space in learning? My bet? A very empowered and successful one.

4. If You Could Change One Thing About the System in Which you Work, What Would that Change Look Like to You?

Across the board with being posed with the inquiry as to what could be altered in the current education system of varying modalities – support in budget and more support for children in terms of the class sizes. A class size of 18 pupils versus 24 pupils makes a significant difference in an educators ability to govern, connect and support these little humans.

One answer that stood out to me and stands alone in its acknowledgment is earlier recognition of mental health issues. I deem this response to be one of conscious awareness and great intelligence.

The world today is in part, being governed by people with some seriously misaligned mental health. Having an awareness of the health of child’s mental and emotional well-being can only prove to level up the society in which we live.

We have the tools, knowledge and resources to circumvent any disempowering mental health issues that could be addressed and realigned prior to their magnification in manifestation into adulthood. Prioritizing and implementing this modality of thinking in the school systems is  hugely advantageous.

All my mental health issues arose as a result of being raised in an environment that lent itself to being wired in a hyper vigilant and consistent stress responsive state. We were made to be loved and nurtured, and science shows us that the disconnectivity we maintain within ourselves and our connection to our Hearts is the fundamental reason why any misalignment in this world arises.

John Lennon wasn’t just a hippie who “Imagined” a better world for everyone. He understood fully the connection that a human has to their Heart and Soul and endeavoured to raise awareness of this through his music – only to have someone with misaligned mental health take him out.

kids mental health initiative

A child who is in a disempowering state of being and out of a state of regulation, cannot absorb, nor retain information.

A child who is not governed with an admonishment of their Heartscape – the quality and support and nurturing of their heart will yield lasting and coherent results in their fundamental approach and beliefs about themselves and about learning.

The Heart gives off an electromagnetic pulse 7000x more powerful than that of the Brain.

This is why, an investment of a parent, guardian and educator be approached first and foremost with the child’s relationship to FEELING (connection of their Heart), in concert with their Minds. This has a profound impact on themselves and how they deem their own relationship to themselves and to learning.

The Mind is Rational, the Heart is Intuitive.

Educating the Mind without a nurturing of the Heart proves a disservice to the whole endeavour of learning and the 4 educators that I interviewed all seem to have the heartscape dialled in to a degree that will yield everlasting and coherent results on the lives of these many individuals. With gratitude, one of those children is my little guy. This is a result of being humans that they themselves have nurtured their own balance between Heart and Mind.

happy heart means better learning

Jim Kwik is a vibrant pioneer in the field of how our brains process and absorb knowledge. He demonstrates very clearly the power and malleability of the human brain and the importance of STATE of BEING in order to be able to effectively absorb knowledge. Your state of being in a state of coherence is a very good place to be. In a state of stress, you cannot really rationally absorb and retain information. That means that even though many children come from environments where a good portion of this information is not known or practiced, it still means that they get to spend the predominant portion of their day in an environment in which they feel accepted, valued, heard and respected.

As someone who has had to manage and heal neural pathway trauma, dissassociative identities and behaviours, I too, will attest to the brain’s efficacy in sculpting its pathways, harnessing its growth, capabilities, perceptions and varying wave states to a more optimal state of comprehension and functioning.

Meditation is a valuable and cost free tool in which one can transform and heal the state of their brain and infuse a more manageable and peaceful vibrational energy in the bodies energetic meridians.

One need only be open and receptive to LEARNING and OPENING their MINDS to NEW IDEAS and questioning ingrained modalities of BELIEF &THOUGHT; as well as demonstrably governing themselves by an example of continued EXPANSION and GROWTH.optimal regulation in mind and body

Having a group of educators who are aware of the importance of nurturing a child in all areas of their being lends itself to a child who develops a healthy and grounded neural network associations that are indicative of health and empowerment in their overall mental, emotional and physical well-being. These aspects of our humanity are all intrinsically linked and therefore it would be of an uplifting and advantageous result to nurture them and harness a mindset indicative of knowing this.

Empowering and supportive in terms of the collective and a very very good vibe indeed!

Furthermore, cultivating a space of peace and respect for all children and their inherent rights to live a life free of mental or psychological damaging traumas, and offering appropriate repair for any dis harmonic experiences a child may encounter to support and nurture their mental well-being.

I cannot stress enough the exponential impact offering repair to a child who has endured one or several traumas in order for that child to have a successful, integrated, and healthy adult life.

love for kids

5. What are 2 things parents can do consistently to make your job easier?

Parental investment can be leveled up and I will tell you why I think this to be a truth. When your kids leave you for the day, you trust that the school in which you place them will take care of their needs.

The role of an educator is to teach your child and your role as a parent is to support the teachings your child absorbs and then there is a dance in between these two endeavours that determines the efficacy in which your child receives the education and intended learning.

Not all teachers are receptive to parental interest and involvement, but the effective and good ones most certainly welcome and encourage it!

become what you wish to teach

There are ways in which you can delineate even a full-time work schedule and add value to the classroom that your child spends a good portion of their week within – a parent need only make inquiries to determine where and when assistance can be implemented and determine a scope in which your participation is prioritized in favour of supporting your child’s experience by having an involvement in it.

Any decent teacher would welcome such inquiries and participation.

engaging parental investment

One theme that was consistent in all the educators responses was ENGAGEMENT.

Under engagement can follow a variety of sub topics. Quality time READING with your child, parent and child engagement vs screen and child engagement, and the quality of language and feedback a parent bestows upon their child.

Engagement is key.

Our jobs as ambassadors to children, whether it be as a teacher or a guardian, is to lead by example. My son loves to read because he was introduced to it as a daily habit. He does not whine or complain or fight with me over an iPad because I have demonstrated to him that technology is useful and progressive for society, but right now for his fertile neural networks, not so much.

kids engaged reading

Steve Jobs didn’t let his kids use his own creations because of the detrimental effects on mental health that electromagnetic activity has on a developing brain.

This information alone should be enough motivation to stop babysitting any child with a screen.

If, however, a person is unable to develop strength of their own will to break such a detrimental habit in their household, then it most certainly demonstrates how ingrained habits will prove to have a good deal of control over the outcomes in their life experience and that of their offspring. steve jobs thought differently

Further evidenciary proof of the impact and weight the beliefs we shape our little ones with will have a lasting impact. Show me a child in the first 8 years of their life, and I will show you the kind of adult they will become.

You are not once young and then become old. You are you in all ages and all parts of your life. Let the experiences that shape you and remain with you be those of empowerment.

The cost of disempowerment upon a child is too great a burden to bear for the child, the adult that once was the child and the fallout that comes from having to repair circumstances that could be otherwise prevented with knowledge, education, support and communication.

My child’s habits are to go to crafts or books or playing outside because that is the example from which he has been led.

It really is that simple.

We have the knowledge that 95% of all disease in the body is stress related. (1998 Cell Biologist Bruce Lipton – Stanford Medical Research)

Stress on the brain and in the body leads to deregulation of the Autonomic Nervous System.

The state of being and physiology of a child can be correlated with the variety of content absorbed in their environment or what they watch on screens. A child can have symptoms and reactivity congruent with post-traumatic stress from watching content online or onscreen of a violent nature. This is KNOWLEDGE that is useful to have in your arsenal as a parent and an educator. educate the heart

It is a super good vibe to demonstrate connectivity and engagement to a growing child. When I go out with my little man, my phone only comes out to snap pix of the little handsome fella or I need to dial in a 411 to his Papa Bear.

Otherwise it is screen free, absorbing the world around us and engaging in connectivity through play, freestyle outdoor time and a genuine curiosity and willingness to explore the world around you.

Keeping this awareness at the forefront of our daily intentions, is  worthwhile and supportive and as a result of my investment with my beautiful child,  him and I are pretty solid in the relationship department. He confides in me what is going on in his world.

That, to me, as his Mama Bear is a huge gift and a huge win and lays the foundation for the kind of relationship models he will be accustomed to and seek in his interpersonal dealings with other humans. Children deem the love they receive from their parents as “perfect love” and their relationship models and capabilities are rooted to a good degree in the beliefs and impressions that are downloaded in the first 8 years of their life.

I would trust all of these people to be co-ambassadors to the development of my child.

I am with great fortune to know these participants, one of whom resonates and inspires in me the feels of what I deem to have come to experience as unconditional love.

Love without attachment. Love without judgement. Love without expectation.

Just pure unadulterated good feels of peace, acceptance, joy, vitality, inspiration and kindness due to the LIGHT they emanate from their being and the resonant aspect of that LIGHT that resides within me in which I find coherence.

The kind of feels you get when you are lost in the melody of your favourite and empowering groovy tune.

It is a vibration that is indicative of when I witnessed James Brown throw down some melodies and fancy foot work before he left the physical realm. There is a man with some serious connectivity to his creative expression.

He also demonstrated that he was with some mental health issues that were resonant with those of abuse and volatility. His daughter wrote a book to that effect. I cannot speak to his personal dealings as my knowledge of him derives only from media sources and the one encounter at his performance.

I do not condone or endorse any kind of abuse. Any reasonable and rational person would not. Abuse is a result of a person in misalignment and acting within that state of being. The more it is practiced, the more it is ingrained and the cycle abounds.

The truth of life is that it exists in many forms and the work of us as a collective is to offer compassion to those who are in a state of disempowerment and pain. Anyone who causes suffering are they themselves in a state of suffering. One vital tool I learned is that you have to name it to tame it. Some discussions can prove uncomfortable for people, but in order to heal these aspects of humanity, they need to be addressed and spoken about openly and with an energy of compassion and forgiveness.

Keeping the trajectory of these darker feels to a more vibrant space, despite his misalignment, the same inner feels that the Godfather of Soul proved to impact a good portion of the world’s population is a value that will remain and thanks to technology, we can still enjoy.

His expression of full connectivity to his Heart and Mind and the dynamic expression of the two in complete energetic harmony through his music lives on in many lives  (ironically, his daughter was not one of them.)

lose your troubles

A performance and memory that will last a lifetime is synonymous with the impact an educator can have on his/her staged performance in the classroom and the impact she/he permeates into the consciousness of a growing being. Just as volatility and violence in a domesticity can do the same. It would stand to reason then , that as a collective, we engage in the empowerment and support of all beings and their mental health.

 Education and knowledge are pathways in which this can be accomplished.

As a woman who was once a child in which school proved a nice respite and offered a sense of secure structure and security from a volatile and violent home environment, in hindsight, I am left with a deep sense of gratitude in the acknowledgment of Monsieur Poinot, my French immersion Principle (K-Gr8) who tried his best to intervene within the boundaries his role allowed .

Mrs. Strong, my Grade 2 teacher who instilled in me a sense of self-worth and esteem with the words she spoke and the actions she demonstrated in the care and cultivation of my expansion. Her investment in me was a springboard in which I first developed belief in myself, my brain and my capabilities.

Yay for Mrs Strong!

good teachers are gold

In addition to being an emotional and psychological support for kids that may not be getting the same nurturing in the home environment, being and maintaining being the most interesting thing in the room to a large group of kids is a feat that should be acknowledged and celebrated.

As a Mama Bear to a very vibrant and energetic little boy, I know only too well the challenges and resistance that can arise trying to keep him engaged in focus – to be able to maintain and engage the focus of 21 varieties of him on a daily basis takes a good investment of energy and skill.

If you can’t engage the children, however will they learn from you?

These educators dial in the Soul feels that inspire and engage these children, and that, my GVL readers, is a Vibe that thrives.

Have you ever really basked in the presence of a child and tried to empathize with the way they see the world?

They are guided by their hearts desires in almost every moment of every day. It is so fantastic to try to engage and connect with the wonder that are the lenses of a child’s experience. We all have within us our inner child. Being a Mum has healed and expanded my inner child. The gift I get from presence with my little guy is something that cannot be described in words – felt profoundly in the Heart to remain there infinitely.

connected kid time

Sweetness. Pure Sweetness:-)

The remaining 5 out of the 10 questions:

more teacher questions

6. What is your philosophy as a teacher?

Answers about the philosophies that teachers keep were pretty broad and half of the participants denoted that a teachers philosophy could perhaps not be ascribed to one school of thought. The delicious linguistic of pragmatism was thrown down, as well as certainty in intention about improving the world and making as much impact with all the tools and resources available to the most amount of kids.

“Press as many buttons on as many kids as possible.”

The commonality of humanity that is shared amidst the educators and their pupils as well as parents and their children is inherent in all that we do.

A spirit of openness and acceptance, communication and peace are principles that yield the same energy encompassed within this group. It is evident their own philosophies of life are representative in their approach to the level of engagement and investment they make on a daily basis to infuse knowledge, support and expansion to the kids in their care.

7. What is your most memorable moment to date in the role of being a teacher?

This is an answer group with serious heart math dialled in for the most memorable moments their careers in teaching have bestowed upon them.

Across the board, all educators from all modalities acknowledged the impact watching that pivotal moment when the child grasps the concepts and is able to implement them and make sense of them.

An “aha” moment that yields immense feels of satisfaction of which you can see as the pride beaming from their faces.

I cannot speak for anyone but myself, but as a connected human being, those kinds of memories that you get to make and retain I would deem a true gift and chock-full of value for the generating the good feels in this world.

I know only too well, being a creator and ambassador to a growing male human the rewards and priceless value one receives in taking part in the empowerment and enhancement of a little being.

For myself, it rewards me with a sense of purpose and it also reflects aspects of myself that are the brightest parts of me.

How wonderfully beautiful the life experience is to have a child and how wonderfully empowering to be able to make a career of guiding a good lot of them.

8. How does the age of technology we live in today affect you as an educator?

I was keen to hear the answers for this inquiry as I have had an antagonistic relationship to parents on cellphones for a good portion of my experience as a parent.

I have circumvented and refereed far too many instances in which the undesirable behaviour of a child has disempowered one or more other children in a group and even had several instances where I had to save a child from harm as a result of the caregiver being too occupied on their technological device than engaged in modeling appropriate social manners, behaviours and connectivity.

I cannot, however, change nor govern the likes of others, nor do I have the desire to do so. I figure polarities exist in this world and an invested playground parent is a polarity to a divested one.

My aim is to ride a good vibe and try to distill some good energy and knowledge where I can should I sense an energy of receptivity to do so.

It seemed logical to me and I was without surprise to learn that the children of which 3 out of 4 educators teach note that children who have unlimited or extensive amounts of screen time have significant challenges with impulse control and emotional regulation.

I too, have witnessed this as a connected and actively engaged Mama Bear in the parks and playgrounds around the city. Kids are meant to be outdoors, not on screens. No matter the “age we live in” we have free choice to how we govern our lives and a screen free kid is a brain healthy kid.

I have witnessed parents stand in a state of disempowerment of their own creation as if the technology and the day of today have the governance over their child’s addiction to screen time when the power resides within each and every one of us to be mindful and conscious about what we are feeding into the consciousness of the children who are to grow and inherit the governance of this world in which we live.

I see children who are diagnosed with disorders in attention and anxiety who are still provided with electromagnetic screens – even outside in the fresh air of the school playground. It’s like giving an alcoholic a bottle of Bourbon to convey that you support their sobriety.

An entirely or predominantly screen free kid is a happier & healthier kid mentally, emotionally and physically.

A screen free kid who is offered the opportunity to develop their neural networks connected to the networks of the Natural Earth around them – not just in conceptual theory, but with actual experiential engagement, will be a small human who can regulate, feel empowered, satisfy and engage their inherent curiosity and wonder within.

Connect, engage, experience, laugh, hug, learn, grow, expand and enjoy your children…..offline 🙂

This is not to diminish or fail at giving technology its due respect in terms of the connectivity and innovation it lends itself to. Technology used in a conscious, mindful and empowering manner can enhance many aspects of learning. The key is to be aware and informed about the implementation of it within the constructs of your child’s development.

Keeping activities for kids that are of a more organic nature has a more symbiotic resonance with the brain and body for optimal growth and development.

The advantages of seeking out information and global connectivity were noted as advantageous in terms of what technology adds.

9. Do you set boundaries on how much emotional energy you invest in your work?

Some are still trying and some think it impossible to set emotional boundaries in terms of working with children.

The kids come to school with stuff, the teachers come to school with stuff. A modicum of control over ones governance of oneself in terms of emotional energy is an axiom but it is evident to me, through all these responses that the investment of each and every one of these individuals far exceeds that of a regular day job.

Invested educators are woven into the development of your children.

An investment and support of them, is only really an exponential aspect of your duty as an ambassador to your child.

invest with love


10. What is the biggest lesson you have learned that the kids you teach, have taught you?

Life is a series of lessons and a good variety have been learned according to this crew of educators. Self awareness and humility are present and the expressions of what they have gained or learned from being immersed in a life of daily investment into the healthy development of children are oozing with the good vibes.

“Never rush to judge what a child is doing without first asking them what they are doing.”

“Be open. Be in the moment.”

“Remember that you may have taught something for the umpteenth time, but for the kids, it’s the first.”

“Kids remind you what it’s like to really be engaged in living. Their sense of wonder and curiosity is something to always cultivate.”

Wisdom may only be bestowed upon a child if the child is receptive to the wisdom, but also, that the content and method of what is being bestowed, is indeed, of a wise nature.

It has been my observation throughout my 39 years of witnessing many academic institutions and their policies and structure that really good teachers have not the time to sit back and think about the philosophical nature of their work, but merely just get down into the business of accomplishing their work.

Implementing their skills and knowledge into the orchestration of ensuring that the work gets done and is of lasting impact. The inspirational feels are palpable and the weaved fabric of their endeavours are intrinsically linked with the feels of integrity, unification, decency, morality and virtue.

Take a moment to bask in the sensation of those feels and the impact they generate.

Why would you not then, immerse yourself in this space?

You learn about your child and how they interpret the world and you help a co ambassador to your child’s development.

Engage, Invest and Support your Children and their Educators.

A gateway to a very good vibe!

A sincere shout of gratitude to the participants of this feature (3 out of 4 have requested anonymity) who will continue to impact and enhance the world around them!