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Intuitive Gifts & Harnessing Your Human Intelligence


Let your intuition guide you

What if you were told from the get go of your school experience that you didn’t need to learn anything and that everything you need to know is already within you, to be accessed and expressed? That intuitive gifts and guidance from a Universal Source is all you need in terms of your own directives in how to live your life.

That would leave a whole lot of room for creativity in education if that was the normalized attitudinal principle by which humans were conditioned to govern themselves.

But, alas, they are not. The intuitive gift becomes something not common place.

However, it very naturally IS.

Intuitive gifts

The world model of Jurassic mindset feels still suggests that in order for one to succeed they must fight, compete, compare, strive and work like an Ox to achieve a level of hierarchy in the world. It never occurs to anyone to build an entirely different model of living in the world.

One that is kinder and more attuned to the natural order of the planet on which we live in an infinite space called the Universe and attuned to the natural intelligence that is our human lives.

It’s not you breathing your body when you sleep. Reminding yourself of that keeps the natural order a fresh ideal to harness to unencumber you out of dualistic conditioning.

Quantum physics has shown us humans that what a human focuses upon expands.

Let’s keep it that simple. What you focus on expands.

You will be okay

Most people focus on what they don’t want in an unconscious state of how they are unintentionally holding themselves back.

There is a really easy way to live and it involves fundamentally taking ownership of the self and deconstructing the belief system by which you govern yourself.

Determining if the ideals and customs and mandates that you buy into, are indeed aligned with your highest feels of worth, dignity and value.

Having the courage and the confidence to live by your own credo is an investment in training your MIND and in many cases, undergoing a great reprogramming.

Intuitive gifts blooming



As a human being you have a conscious mind and analytically mind. There is also the gravitational mind that is a universal entity to human systems.

The stress vibe you see in the humans these days is a result of being led and directed by an unregulated nervous system and too much activity in the workings of the analytical mind.

The conscious mind where there is peace and where you can access your inner programming is tapped through the energy of the heart.

The world model of living is cutthroat and a ruthless game.

Play games with intuitive gifts

Having an invested relationship to your own peace and level of presence is where you are able to deliberately create from. When you are in burnout and governing yourself from a stress state then you are in a program and you and your conscious awareness are no longer conscious nor aware.

So no need to freak out or get crazy about your thought focus. You have present awareness focus at your disposal, but most times your brain is occupied with what is happening outside of you in your environment or you are ruminating on one of the 70 000 thoughts that perk up in your head when you are lost in your own inner dialogue and conditioning of your own self talk and thinking patterns.

Coming into the presence of the now moment requires a connectivity to condition of relaxed concentration and not autopilot behaviours. It is the contrast between doing and being.

Be here now enough times throughout your day and you are in highly creative position.

Be here now

Gaining mastery over the analytical mind and investing in connecting to your conscious mind is a supreme feel for your trajectory forth. It is in this cultivated practice of self dignity and investment in which one can unbind their locks to achieve their highest purpose in this particular life they are living.


Your analytical mind loves to be right. Expanding your conscious mind awareness is where accepting knowledge that seems uncommon or not in the model of your reality conditioning.

The new Earth consciousness that is rising upon us is demonstrating that humans are much more naturally superhuman than the system has conditioned humans to believe.

Superhuman powers and magical gifts are not so uncommon.

There is a metaphysical aspect to our physical existence.

The handy science vibe has demonstrated this and so the developed natural gifts a human has at their disposal due to the natural intelligence that is omnipresent to the human experience.

The brain train of intuitive gifts

One need only broaden the scope of their minds outside of indoctrinated conditioning to encompass this truth. There is the unconsciousness of humans in that they live by the dictates of their programs.

When those programs are conditioned in a normalized victimization then people naturally lead themselves with this mind of consciousness. Busting out of your subconscious programming means that you are present and consciously aware of yourself in your entirety.

The duality of unconsciousness is released and you live in authenticity of truth.

One need only look at the system and see that truth is elusive to the dignity and governance of humanity. One of the biggest flexes people can give themselves is the mastery of themselves and the use of the multiple facets of their own neuroplastic capabilities.

The points of focus a person engages are three pointed. You have an internal focus, your external focus and presence.

The more presence a person is able to provide themselves in their moments as they move through time and space is highly creative.

The norm however, demonstrates that the majority of people are living their lives from indoctrinated conditioning and programs. The level of authenticity a human governs themselves at is directly correlated to their own self mastery and actualization.

It is in this investment of self actualization that the intuitive gifts, natural to human life, are harnessed.

Your intuitive gifts


As a human you have many natural attributes available to you for the investment and expansion of your own empowerment.

This can come in the form of energy centres, energy meridians, physiological energy and the energy of the cosmos. Not to mention the capacity to direct your powers accordingly through the training and management of your mind. The term “All is Mind” is a term worth investing within.

It is a strange feel to be a human and not be aware of these inherent gifts available to you and then have the essence of them demonstrate themselves to you. Gaining in your own energetic power and awareness is a thing.

How you related to it is entirely up to your own investment. The 4 Clairs of human consciousness are a sweet feel to have knowledge in your toolbox of higher consciousness awareness and living.

The four intuitive gifts


CLAIRSENTIENCE deals with the feels. It is an intuitive gift that arrives in the form of empathic states of feeling of others and the environment in which the human adapts themselves. Clairsentience encompasses a good deal of emotional awareness and intelligence in order remain grounded and empowered within this intuitive bestowment. Gut instincts, being able to understand and read the emotions of others as well as sensing the collective energy of a room all fall under this umbrella.


CLAIRCOGNIZANCE Is a vibe that has come through to mine own acumen through the arduous and persistent neuroplastic investment work to unencumber toxic stress conditioning. Of all the abuse and misalignments to my developing brain in which my mentalizing processes were unable to develop in a safe and nurturing environment. Upon the recovery of my violent disassociation descended an acumen of CLAIRCOGNIZANCE as well as the felt experience of kundalini movement through mine own energy centres. How I have experienced Claircognizance is an intuitive knowing of truth while in the company of others. i have an acute ability to see the authentic truth of people and their own energetic management. It’s when our brains get an immediate download from our intuition, just like when you download a large amount of information into your computer’s hard drive. Although when it happens to a human brain, the download occurs within a few seconds. I attribute this acumen to neuro regenesis investments that yield a great thrive in the energetic healing of others.


As a human intelligence we are made of sound. The very structure of our cellular intelligence is fraught with sound. In terms of intuitive gifts and the expression of them, CLAIRAUDIENCE comes in the form of sound. Intuitive messages or sound vibrations, even static can all be perceived by the ear in intuitive guidance. I have had experience of this when tickling and being silly with my young son. In moments sounds of harmonic emanations perceived through hearing arrive and as a message of celebration and support. Clairaudience often offers short messages, very succinct. Sometimes the message will be only one word or number. The sounds that are gifted to us are there for the hearing, we need only be receptive to their existence and truth.


Having clear sight is a sweet feel in terms of enabling the gift of clairvoyance. Seeing images that come to you in the arsenal of where your visualization powers emanate is an aligned feel. Flashes of sight and images that arise in your mind may very well be indicative of your aptitude with clairvoyance. This ability may develop and it may not, but having sight is a thing. Pay attention to your mind and the imaginings and visualizations that are naturally cultivated in your own experience of perception in this life.

The wisdom of intuitive living


The conditioning of most would say that these gifts are for only a certain kind of human, when in fact, humans are a natural intelligence. Being a natural intelligence is a natural fact to being human.

When you engage your own human body with inquiry and connection vs treating it as separate mechanism from you, then you become acutely aware that the mind is in the master of the body and you have the freedom and choice available to you.

Get into the knowledge yourself and heal and repair any misalignments within you and just watch what may come to the surface.

Domo origato intuitive gifts mister

May we all be bestowed with the knowledge and development of our natural human intuitive gifts.