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Human Superpower of Breathing – The Power of Your Breath

Hello and welcome to another post that harnesses the good feels and propels us even further down into the gateway to the goodvibes!! The power of your breath is a super power indeed!

The Intrinsic Human Superpower of BREATHING!! The Power of Your Breath.

breathe for release

The power of your breath is a power that remains an empowering and magical technique that connects you to peace, clarity and an autonomic state of relaxation.

The physiology of your system is reliant on this aspect of your being, so how about we dial in some knowledge to keep us moving in a trajectory of self actualization and deep self-respect and honouring yourself??



What is Breathing?

The long of the short of it? The Power of your breath is a life force optimal. 

Your Breath is your Life Force.

It is considered one of four vital signs of LIFE FORCE in a human body. The power of your breath is a formidable power.

It is the gateway to your empowerment and when you become consciously aware that you are, in fact a breathing and moment to moment expanding being, then you can use this to your optimal advantage.

If we KNOW this and actually take it upon ourselves to engage and be fully present to the EXPERIENCE OF BREATHING, then we, as humans are accessing our superpowers that are CONNECTed with ALL that CREATES LIFE.

inhale exhale repeat

The energy that is Pure Life Force, is a good energy to be in alignment with the vibration of.

We are All in the Rhythm of Life Force, whether we Acknowledge or Access this Knowledge Consciously, or Not.

No matter our variances, differences, energetic dissonances the one, of very many things that we share as a collective is that we…..

Types of Breathing

1. Clavicular Breathing: This is the chest breath in which if you place your hands gently on your chest, beneath your clavicle (front of your shoulder girdle) you will see and feel this area rise and descend with the application and focus of a conscious breath.

This is where the majority of the mainstream consciousness are breathing from – the chest. A level up in your conscious awareness of your breath is free, easy and super simple. One need only be aware of this physiological superpower to do so and level up their life experience now, in this present moment.

2. Thoracic Breathing: This is the volume of your organ protector, the very useful and beautifully crafted, rib cage. Inhaling a thoracic breath expands your rib cage with the intercostal muscles stretching out upon the entrance of air into the lungs.

This is an expansion and contraction mechanism yielding immense power to your cellular chemistry.

balanced breathing

3. Diaphragmatic Breathing: The belly breath. The air fills up the lower parts of the lungs and the abdomen, due to the push of the diaphragm, inflates your tummy. The ribs remain neutral and upon exhale, the out breath proves a polarity movement of the belly drawing the navel to the spine.

Practicing the kinesiology of this type of breathing so it becomes natural and fluid for you to be with as a familiar way to breathe is massively advantageous to the cells in your body that thrive upon oxygen.

Implementation of this triad of breathing capabilities will result in your body having a serious advantage in terms of its functionality.

Pay attention to your breathing.

It’s a Goodvibe.


feel that good vibe

How Many Kinds of Breathing Techniques are There?

In all honesty, I am not really sure that this question can be answered with a definitive and accurate number.

The very malleability that is the nature of the breath is so expansive that delineating how many types of breath would probably lend itself to delineating an inaccurate number and credibility would be lost.

It arises a curiosity within me about how many variations of anything ultimately deriving from the source that is infinity and that of which we are all impacted – is that something that can actually really be calculated…

In terms of experience with the breath, however, there is a very insightful and useful book called “Power Breathing – Prana Practices for Health and Vitality.” by Spiritual teacher Master Stephen Co.

There is a video here you can see that denotes the effectiveness of what is referred to as the “Nine Energizing Breaths”

His book is a good vibe because it allows you to understand and take advantage of this superpower we all use daily to enhance, optimize and flourish the Life Force within.

Uh, yes please!

An immensely useful and relaxation enveloper is called the 4-7-8 breathing technique. How it works is that it brings regulation to your autonomic nervous system which is a state of relaxation and peace.

It regulates the stress response of the fight/flight state of being which is just an overall low vibe for your overall life force and physiological health if you are entertaining that state of being on a consistent trajectory forward.

We were made to be chill and do and engage in activities that make our Heart happy and cause our Spirits to sing. If you are without this belief, then…

Get with it…..

Stress is good for the body to a degree for enhancement and survival, but defo not a modality of being that would be advantageous to keep in a vibe of consistency that will ultimately lead to your demise.

the language of stress

We keep the vibe of good feels, so just invest in yourself and your methods of breathing and you are back in the gold zone!

Remember about balance.

Your whole gig as a human is to maintain an optimal state of homeostasis in your Body, Mind and ultimately, Spirit.

love yourself and breathe

To apply the 4-7-8 technique in breathing you breathe in through the nostrils for a count of 4 seconds, hold the breath for 7 seconds and then exhale for a count of 8 seconds. It was developed, apparently, by a dude who goes by the name Dr. Andrew Weil and it proves effective to a remarkable degree.

This technique brings you back into the right relationship with your physiology as it not only provides peace to your nervous system it also dials in an oxygen boost to your tissues and organs which are the mechanisms that allow you go about your day.

Give them some or actually, a TON of LOVE – they keep you in function mode!

A book I recently absorbed this week and has proven a delightful addition to my library is “The Power of Breath and Hand Yoga – pranayama and mudras for health and well-being.” by Christine Burke.

It connects the breath with kinesetic movements and pressure points that exist in our hands and it is all kinds of good feels.

Drinking sufficient clean water and investing in mindful breathing, in truth, are two practices that can magically transform your world and the simplicity of that, should you grasp its profundity, is liberating and so worthwhile a pursuit.

simple tricks great life

There too exists a form of respiration called anaerobic respiration which excludes oxygen.

The mechanism that is our human body is incredibly wise, intricate and oozing with all kinds of magical dynamics.

It would be a super goodvibe to learn all about it and the most natural and free flowing way to optimize its functions and capabilities.

Get Nosy About Breathing

Nasal breathing is the way to be breathing??

Did you know…

our noses are designed to do more than just smell?

In fact, the noses do much more for us and our physiologies than many of us may realize.

They are a physiological design that enables us to oxygenate our bodies with a good vibe.

The lower lungs are accessed through deep diaphragmatic breathing where our parasympathetic receptor cells are chillin’. Oxygenating these cells yield a calm goodvibe in your body’s energy system.

It communicates to your cells that all is in a superior and peaceful flow.

The nose has airways that comparatively, to the mouth, are smaller. This enables us to expel air at a slower rate which allows for our formidable and beautiful lungs to extract the oxygen from that air we have inhaled.

Upon inhalation, the nose is a moisture rich environment that allows cooling to the air as it passes into our lungs as well as somewhat of filtration system given the nose hairs we keep inside our nostrils.

As an avid yogi and exercise engager, there is a huge level up in terms of energy, stamina and endurance when it comes to implementing exercise and marrying it with deep inhalations and exhalations through the nose.

be honest about breathing

It provides more oxygen to your connective and active tissues.

Get acquainted with your nose like Pinocchio, but keep that vibe authentic and honest.

Upper chest breathing, the shallower vibe of breathing is in the vicinity of the sympathetic nerve receptor triggers. We are designed with this system to keep us alive.

The shallower breathing, the increased heart rate and the surge of adrenaline equips you with the ability and propulsion to escape a fierce and hungry tiger.

beautiful tiger creature

In everyday life, you need not be in a state that enables you to be running from a tiger.

The impact that kind of stress has on your system will deteriorate your well-being exponentially and chances are if you are continually in this state then the inevitable day you reach that tiger, you will just resign yourself to being eaten because your system will be so misaligned, being eaten will totally seem life the path of the least resistance and a good vibe.

Do You Want to Be Living with this Kind of Energy?

Trust me.

Been there, come back from it and it is way way better to be healthy, breathing and living in a conscious and creative vibration. Not of one where you wish you could die. That’s a low ball vibe and indicative of serious misalignment in Heart and Mind.

Even if your boss, your family members or social relationships inspire this kind of vibe within you, it is your will, your attention and your own governance of regulation of Self that is at the forefront of successes in your life experience.

A free, easy and super advantageous manner in which to govern yourself optimally is through the easy, effective, simplified superpower technique of deep, conscious, life force enhancing breathing.

You Dig?

The act of inhaling air and expelling toxins is an automatic pilot called your subconscious.

Having a conscious relationship to this aspect of your being is an act of self responsibility and as super good feel to add to your daily experience.

inhale exhale repeat

Remember the Whole Simplicity Vibe?

This is key to understanding the good feels in life.

We were designed with such complexities that the only reasonable and logical manner in which to govern ourselves would be to do so simply.

That is not to be confused with a “simple person” in which you govern yourself with absolutely no awareness of your creative powers of your experience and are on auto pilot and the old modality of living where you think the world happens to you and not for you.

Education is not just found in schools.

Educating the Self in Mind, Body and Spirit every day is an elevated and expanded way to show up in today’s world. If you are at a loss as to how to dial that in, then please refer to the handy articles on meditation, self-analysis, the chakras and authenticity to get you started on the path to the right relationship within yourself.

learning never exhausts the mind

What the Breath Can Teach You.

A Funny (peculiar, not ha ha!) Tale

Before I discovered the modality of self healing, I underwent a surgery for an umbilical hernia. When I moved to Mexico and then came back to Canada to have my baby, my own country billed me $30 000 to give birth to my child as I had been out of the country and was considered an expat which is inaccurate as I am Canadian and always will be no matter where I land in this world and how long I make my home there within.

Despite my addictions and predilections for self-destruction that were evident pre healing my inner child, I was never a huge heavy on the Canadian “healthcare” system throughout my life.

canadian health care

I was taught how to keep my body healthy by two physicians so I it seemed very easy and natural to me to encompass good physical health.

Upon my arrival back to Canada, I decided that I would take advantage of the healthcare system that I had invested in for the entirety of my life yet never really used.

I went to see about fixing up an umbilical hernia that was increasing in size and proving to irritate my yoga practice.

The woman at the walk in clinic suggested I wait until it becomes an emergency, strangulated hernia, and then she said they will rush me to the hospital and fix it then.

She is a Russian immigrant doctor lady whom I will not go see ever again.

strong like bull


That is not a judgement, just a statement of fact.

Prior to surgery, the gentleman who was giving me, what they call a nerve block, so as to not be able to sense their manipulation of my body, was unable to pierce the connective tissues in my abdomen. During this period I watched him and the screen and my deep breathing is what enabled me to remain super chill and all good in observing another person stabbing me with a sharp object.

During this exchange of energy between him and I, he stated his own conclusion in my presence that I must be a very active and fit person so, unfortunately, it was actually working against me for this procedure.

quantum truths

This was informational and remained with me. That the nature of honouring my physical health was at a dissonance to being invaded by surgical devices.

This memory now completely aligns with what I now know to be Truth about our health and well-being as electromagnetic beings of light and energy.

He couldn’t apply too much pressure to the needle-like device he had inserted into my abdomen as he risked puncturing my organs, but the thickness of the connective tissues required that pressure be applied.

breathing chills the heart

I had a lovely chat with this gentleman. He was Chinese, raised in a British boarding school as a boy and had the most delightful bedside manner and accent. We had a few laughs which were quickly extinguished at his request so as to not have him indeed, puncture my organs.

I remember this moment specifically because the sensations that were present within me and the thoughts arising that perhaps I was not meant to have someone be doing this to my body.

I felt intuitively, like another solution was available to me.

Once I became awakened and learned of the power of the body to heal itself in conjunction with our thoughts and words and beliefs, it sat at a dissonance with me, that upon speaking with the surgeon pre-surgery her focus was on the procedure, however a good portion of the negative repercussions were denoted and repeated.

choose gratitude

I leveled out that vibe with gratitude for her and the lady boss crew who were rocking out to Michael Jackson upon my arrival onto the surgical table.

They were supportive and empowering and I had left a card for them thanking them for fixing my belly. The last memory I have of me and my father is him laughing about me stating that I would just like my insides to be on the inside and not protruding on the outside, as everyone around me in the medical community was normalizing having part of your bowel protruding from your abdomen. Never mind my opinions or thoughts on the walk in clinic doctor’s suggestion.

The whole experience, however, was very well-to-do in terms of execution for time efficiency and comfort.

I was fascinated that the nurse volunteered to put the anal suppository I was required to have in me. Uh…. no thanks sister…think I can field that one myself and maybe a little less smiling and eagerness with that offer would lend itself to a more aligned and boundaries vibe.

The blankets were warm and the surgery was efficient.

It felt like the spa for surgery.

I met a Pro football player in the block completed area who was having the entirety of his hip replaced. The surgeon who was to work on him came in and delineated a recap of his intentions and in that moment, I was super grateful that I didn’t vomit upon digesting his words and that my biggest issue was a weak abdominal muscle sheath.

I wished that dude peace, healing and a whole lot of good vibes!

breathing through surgery

Throughout this whole very informational and expanding experience, my breath and the conscious attention upon my breath kept me super calm.

The last time I had surgery was the emergency C section I had, in which I was commended again, for the quality of my muscle fibres which make it easier to cut.

That was a compliment that remained with me too in terms of how we normalize and accept slicing open the human body for relief.

I wanted a natural child birth so much, that the importance I projected on that resulted in my little guy offering all kinds of resistance. I worked out every day while pregnant and my guy did a few turns in my belly. He was happy and warm but his umbilical chord was twice wrapped around his neck.

When I pushed, it was strangling him.

They cut him out and he was alive and healthy so the cost of $30 000 Canadian dollars is irrelevant, but the experience, again, informational.

look out come out

The system is set up for profit, not heart nurturing or inspired. I learned this when I was hit by an unconscious driver with a large truck and then was fined for being on the sidewalk with my bicycle as a result – then when I went to the walk in clinic to be checked out at the request of my partner’s peace of mind, I was accused by the doctor of seeking a letter for time off work before he even assessed my arm.

His preliminary assumption and accusation was extinguished quickly with resulting in a sheepish grin when I told him I work for myself and I was just hit by a van. Weird vibes all around and an indication of my misaligned energy that I am attracting such experiences.

All in good growth and very informative as to how the world is really rolling in terms of how we perceive and take care of ourselves and one another.

The entirety of the 14 hours I navigated and endured naturally, I did so with a good amount of ease due to BREATHING. My lower lumbar disc breaks were more challenging to navigate, but those too were healed through the application of the work offered by Dr Joe Dispenza and the deep breathing techniques.

The Yoga Journal has a sweet selection of varying breathing techniques too. In this day and age there are resources every which way. For this reason, it is important to have the right relationship with yourself to know intuitively what path you are meant to be taking. In anything.

be who you are

Following your own feels as to your discovery and/or further cultivation of these aspects of yourself is a profoundly beautiful and expansive act of self-love .

The world is here and ready to support you and your intentions. To harness an empowered state of being, be mindful of your breathing.

Simple. Effective. Divine.

It is our human super power and it is with you always, serving you and providing you life force.

Do an honourary reciprocation to this physiological gift within and create a connected, invested & loving relationship with it.

Please leave a comment below and let me know your experience and relationship with breathing.

Do you have one?

follow your feels

Your breath is LIFE FORCE:

Breathing is a Gateway to the Good Feels!