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How To Stop Being a Victim & Empower Your Life


It can be a challenging feat in learning how to stop being a victim and empower your life if you are entrenched in a victim mentality and have been perpetuating it over time with momentum.

In many conditioned social norms, victimization mentality is ingrained into the societal conditioning. You receive compensation for disability and unemployment which is basically like saying, “hey! If you stay sick and unemployed, you will make some money for it to survive.”

Imagine the creativity and strength a person would have to learn to engage if they were not given any leeway to be victimized by their own life experiences.

As we can see from such higher consciousness modalities of world models such as Reality Transurfing, a person has a good deal of power to create for themselves what they choose in this world.

Including empowerment of victimized consciousness.

I understand that people are human and that things happen in life that impact the human physiology.

Of course we need to acknowledge the truth of our human experience and honour it.

It is a sweet feel, however to be equipped with the conditioning of empowerment instead of victimization.

How to stop being a victim knowing your worth

When I busted my lower lumbar spine due to severe neural stress and disassociation, the medical community conveyed to me that a crack lumbar disc and an additional one that was slipped would have to just be accepted.

The options were to leave it and continue on in my life without the ability to walk or to go in and have a surgery which statistics demonstrated the percentage of lower back surgeries can yield an inability to walk again and not very effective.

As a Mum to a very vibrant beautiful child, these options seems quite limiting and left me in a mental state of victimization.

The same kind of vibe happened with the onset of a complex neural violent disassociation disorder that showed itself at 39 years of age to exemplify to me all the disassociated trauma I needed to unencumber my biology from.

The psychologists and psychotherapists exacerbated the condition and convey to me that pharmaceutical dependency was a solution and being admitted to mental health facilities for the remaining of my life’s time.

Again, I have a young child to care for.

These are my only options?

In the mainstream way of conditioned beliefs, yes. So to each their own and gratefully the good vibe of FREE WILL and the sweet feels of curiosity is where I found Joe Dispenza. I absorbed all his literature and engaged his meditations called “BREAKING THE HABIT OF BEING YOURSELF.”

How to stop being a victim you read






Enter the education of Reality Transurfing, bio energy and higher consciousness and holistic healing techniques and I am rocking a coherent brain state, a formidably strong and healthy body and a connection to mine own energy of which connects to the energy of creation.

The results of my taking my own victimized state into mine own hands and transmuting it to empowerment was the life education and implementation that has convinced me that the conditioned model of living the system projects to humans is indeed, rooted in victimization.

How to stop being a victim with courage

Within 6 weeks of his meditations, I was up and walking and beginning an investment into yoga for whole body therapy.

Once able to walk once again, then the likes of reality transurfing and bio energy healing, as well as breathwork then enabled me, over time and consistent and repetitious investment to return to a superior level of health and empowerment.

The journey through all my victimized states to mine own creation of mine own empowerment was supremely informational.

Especially seeing as it was done outside of the mainstream conditioned manner of thinking and governance.

It is a good vibe to question the beliefs and world models one buys into. If limited thinking and potentials are commonplace, it is a wise idea to seek knowledge outside of the mainstream.

When you take a confidant stance in being who you are in your entirety and doing the work to unencumber yourself from your misalignments you expand.

Expansion is the natural order.

This symbiotic understanding to your own governance is a huge tool to use to your advantage in your life’s game. What you are not using, you are losing.

Many people buy into a model of being that as you age, you decline, When in reality, no matter your age you can expand and create anew anytime you so choose. The exercise of ones own free will is a sweet energy to harness.

It is no easy task to unencumber yourself from 15 years of toxic stress conditioning, but it is an achievable task and yields a great wealth of knowledge and expansion. Having a fundamental understanding of your own belief systems and how you identify yourself is a great place to check yourself.

Love yourself

Are You a Master of Your Life Experience or a Victim To It?

Here Are Some Examples One Can Look At To See Where They May Be Landing In Terms of Their Own State of Empowerment/Victimization.


Feelings of Being Victimized by Others vs Feeling Empowered and Influencing Those Around You.

This kind of vibe is where a person sees the darkest clouds around them and gets offended or defensive with the expressions and behaviours of others.

Demanding or expecting others to change their behaviours to feel happy or accepting of themselves.

This is highly detrimental state to encompass as it gives away all your power to other people, this of whom you HAVE NO CONTROL.

It is an empowered vibe to remember that no ones is responsible for you but you and if you do not like the behaviours of others, then it is not for them to change, but for you to change YOUR OWN RELATIONSHIP to them.

Having the courage to be yourself fully and giving others to the freedom to be exactly who they are is an empowered and esteemed state in which to adopt to navigate your relational dynamics.

As an individual you always have the choice of thought and action for your own empowerment.

There is no need to put the feels of worth, value, acceptance and identity into anyone’s behaviours or opinions but your own. When you are in complete command of your own energy in its entirety, then you command the spaces in which you occupy.

To develop your own empowerment and take a quantum leap shift in an essay and systematic manner in just 7weeks check out the DEEP framework here.

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How to stop being a victim

Encompassing a State of Powerlessness in Regards to Perceptions of Changing Circumstances vs Empowered With Ideas, Opportunities and Creativity About Change Being a Confidant Creative in Your Life.

When a person encompasses a victimized state they feel powerless and hopeless to anything and everything in their life. They feel stuck, stagnated and dense.

This is an experience that was all too common to mine own biology as the healing and release of toxic stress conditioning was making its way out of my experience.

This kind of nervous system Disregulation wreaks havoc on the brain’s capacity to delineate rational thought and feel connected to solutions and creativity in expansion.

Trauma is paralysis for ones own trajectory forth. Investing in your own development will ALWAYS yield you success.

The investments into self-esteem work, bio energy work, BreathWork and self education were all catalysts to propel me from one state of being to a more natural and empowered state of being in the world.

It is difficult to pull yourself out of a mentally dense space, especially if that has been your MO for a good amount of time. With the systematic and repetitious investment of your own daily devotional then you can begin to shift that energy to more uplifting and positive influence to your biology.

The truth of the matter is with victimization, you expect people or circumstances to save you, when the truth of the matter is, you are the only one who has the real capacity to make you who you are.

Own it and work at it and you will see just how creative you can be in that invested pursuit of self development. Your autonomous actualization is fully supported by the forces of nature of which you are in symbiotic resonance.

Your life force

Fighting and Angry At The World and People Around You vs Being Positive, Upbeat, Easy Going and Emanating a State of Sweet Harmony.

Those who are fighting their worlds and waging wars with other people is a low vibe feel.

Us humans are made to be happy and when we resist that which is, we tend to make ourselves very unhappy.

Due to the normalized stress vibe of our present humanity many people can be unregulated in their nervous systems and as a result be very reactive and have a delineated focus of victimization.

How you react and respond to situations, events, people and environments has very much to do with your own self management of your biology.

The fighting attitude is where you need to defend your worth at every turn, you are indignant to the behaviour of others and you are just not a good vibe to be around.

If you need others to be a certain way for you to remain pleased in the world, then you are literally speeding down victimization highway.

You want your empowerment to be solely your own and not left to the devices of other people. Whom you have no control over. The only person you can control is yourself. So do that.

Taking an invested daily devotional and invested esteemed practice for your own well-being is thrive that will always serve you well.

Create out of victimization

Feeling Isolated, Misunderstood and Alienated From The People and The World Around You vs Feeling Connected, Secure, Integrated and Belonging In and About The World You Create For Yourself.

Relational dynamics can be tricky even when you are feeling well within.

Everyone has their own perceptions and everyone is really just creating their own layers of realty with the delineation of their thought quality and focus.

Many beliefs and internalizations can remain within a human being based on their experiences. This can create a kind of blueprint for how one perceives themselves and their values of belief in relationship.

If you have had a good amount of trauma or you have developed a habit of negativism in your mental outlook, then this will permeate your cells as an expression to your deficit.

This can come in many forms such as illness, disease, depression, anxiety.

Lower emotional states of being perpetuate the feels of isolation and not feeling connected or understood.

Many people internalize that which goes in acknowledged or ill repaired in their experience and can manifest as a misaligned biology.

Engaging in your own investment of self care, the daily devotional and DOING THE WORK to unencumber yourself from persuaded states of negative and pessimistic thinking is the most empowering thing you can do for the ENTIRETY of your life.

Getting out and engaging activities that are recreational and connected to the natural world, OFFLINE is a superior, simple and impactful way to align a biology to a more natural condition mentally, physically and energetically.

How to not be a victim and Empower with pink nature

Inability To Take Responsibility For Ones Own Situation In Their Life vs Self & Social Awareness & Responsibility.

Are you playing the blame game with anyone and everyone around you for why your life isn’t the way it is meant to be? The blame vibe is on par with the indignant and fighting vibe.

No matter the people or circumstances that surround you, you are your own entity and being and have full management over it.

This means your actions, your responses, your reactions are ALL YOURS.

Now, you can be in a very disempowered space and in an abusive relationship and it can be brutal. Life is brutal. You have to understand that no one is going to save you but yourself and the mental trap can make you believe someone has power over you. One can exert physical force over another, but no one can manage your own mind and the thoughts you generate about your experience, but you.

Therein lies your freedom.

That is why you have to not be brutal and be strong and take OWNERSHIP of where you are, what you allow, what you subject yourself to and what you feel you are worthy of having, how you perceive yourself and what you tolerate as reflection of your own value and worth.

It took years for me to find the clarity within myself to be able to stand confidently and wholly in mine own skin and the unencumber in of toxic stress conditioning is no cake walk.

If you are willing to do the work, however, the rewards of what you uncover through the mud of that which serves you not are unlike your former self could ever imagine.

Taking awareness and stock of yourself.

Your habits too, as these make up your life.

Not just eating and physical habits, but especially your mental habits. Whatever you are not using, you are losing.

There is development or degradation.

The natural order of life is expansion and evolution.

Be Always evolving yourself and you fall in line with the natural order.

Tree in the ocean empowers


“Don’t take anything personally. Nothing others do or say is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions of others you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz

Take ownership of your own emotional intelligence and your own state of being and mental focus. No one but you is responsible for the entirety of who you are.

“How would your life be different if…You stopped validating your victim mentality? Let today be the day…You shake off yourself defeating drama and embrace your innate ability to recover and achieve.” – Steve Maraboli

Speak to your strengths, your capabilities and look to potentials. The only constant in life is change. Embrace a new mindset, train your brain with a systematic and purposeful mind. Seek not to defend your worth at every turn but to be assured within it.

“When you complain you make yourself the victim. Leave the situation, change the situation, or accept it, all else is madness.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Understand that you are the owner and operator your life. If you are continually victimized in complaint, you are choosing the quality of your life’s hues. It is a metaphysical law that if you choose to encompass a state of being of positivism this has a direct correlation on the quality of your life’s outcomes.

How to stop being a victim