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How to Return to Good Health by being Active in Nature

fall pathWhen the summer ends and the fall crisp air starts to settle in, the change in seasons can sometimes bring about changes in our bodies. Being active in nature is natural to optimal health.  There are so many solutions trickle of leavesoffered today on how to return to good health it can be overwhelming just in itself to find the best avenue to do so.

Being active in nature is a natural axiom to vibrant well being.

It may seem counter-intuitive to get outside and get your body moving, but the truth is, taking advantage of the intrinsic power that nature provides coupled with the most dynamic technology this world has ever seen (your human body) is one of the most economical and easiest pathways in which you can harness your optimal health.

Frequency and Vibration

After some experiences in my life, I came to learn of energetic vibrations in the Universe and in our bodies.

Everything is made up of particles of energy.

Everything lends itself to being active in nature as a part of our well being.

It is the one entity that makes up all that we see and have here in this world.

Energy is contained and vibrating at particular frequencies in our bodies,

cliff lookout expandsthe food we eat and especially the Earth in which we inhabit.

I am one of those people who is only comfortable to speak knowledgeably about what I encounter in my own experience. I enjoy learning and can absorb and retain information to regurgitate it, but in order for me to truly understand or really feel like I know something, I have to have the experience of it.

Subsequently, I seek out information based on my experiences to find further knowledge that may resonate or educate me further about those particular happenings.

Being active in nature is a natural by product of being human. 

the vibration of life

I know the realness and existence of electromagnetic energy and the power of frequencies and energy alignment in our bodies because of work I accomplished in my own body through the teachings found in a book I read called “Becoming SuperNatural” by Dr. Joe Dispenza and a disciplined implementation of those teachings to heal a severely herniated disc that left me immobile for weeks and is now presently fully healed and truly a thing of the past.

I accomplished so without having ingested any pharmaceutical drugs nor undergone a suggested surgery. One medicine that proved really helpful too was being active in nature.

Even though I took on the likes of a commando warrior in order to get outside, I accomplished so to do a portion of the meditations in the open air in an effort to connect to the earth and nature around me. Even disabled, you can be active in nature.  Just the act of breathing is hugely therapeutic for the body’s intelligence.

There is power in the energy of this Earth and you can tap into that resonance anytime and I have lived and witnessed for myself through experience and an inquisitive search educating myself on the works of Einstein, Richter and Tesla that this is a supremely powerful and effective way for how to return to good health. Being active in nature will start to align you to wholeness. 

The Earth generates an electromagnetic frequency known as the Schumann Resonance.  Being active in nature harmonizes us with this resonance. We as humans can’t live without the Earth in which we inhabit, so it would kind of make sense that we invest time connecting to that which we are intrinsically linked. When our energy and frequencies are aligned, then our health is pristine. When they are misaligned, this is where we run into trouble. If everything is made up of energy, then the idea of our connectedness can be easily understood. Our beings were made to be loved and treated respectfully in all areas of our lives. Where there is vibrational disharmony, you will find it evidenced in your daily life. Vibratory patterns exist everywhere – in music, in our bodies, in animals, in nature…even our thoughts have an energetic vibration. The most fibonacci snail on leafpowerful and immaculately executed frequencies are found outside, in nature and I don’t need fancy scientific facts to convince me of this, as experiencing several earthquakes and living to tell about them is all the evidence I need. Being active in nature is natural to being human.

Connect with nature outside to enhance, align and absorb the natural and high vibrational frequencies that resonate in your body with the intention of knowing its power and you are well on your way to balance and maintain an existence free from illness. Being active in nature everyday is a thrive to your health and well being.

skylight in the clouds

Fresh Air

When I was a kid, and I was sick, I usually had to still go to school and tough it out. Both my folks were general practitioners and I do not have knowledge of all physicians who are parents, but mine were pretty hard to convince that my sickness was life threatening enough to miss a day of school. At the time I thought it was lacking nurturing to force me to deal with my day while I felt so under the weather. I was allowed to sleep as much as I wanted when I was down-and-out, but the expectation was that I was getting out of the house. Looking back and now being a Mum myself, I do see the value in that approach. If my kid is sick, I keep him home from school – I didn’t get the matter of fact physician style approach. I am creative and emotional and if my baby is sick, then he needs cuddles from his Mama Bear as love vibes are the highest and most healing there are in my humble opinion, but I always ensure we get out of the house for a good portion of the day. This approach has always yielded success in my quest for how to return to good health and demonstrates to my child that even if you feel down-and-out, you do not have to succumb to dwelling there. Some fresh air and a respite from cabin fever always lends itself to more restful sleep so your body can rest and rejuvenate during its natural rhythms to do so. This is one way being active in nature, even when low energy, can improve your overall state.

If it’s a “we need to be by a toilet” kind of sickness, then I set up camp on our

balcony which has plants and small trees on it, accompanied with healing frequency bin aural music I find on YouTube. We lie under the large Canadian pine trees that hover over our home and I try to get him to breathe as deeply as possible to fill his lungs with rejuvenating fresh air. If it is a “we can venture far enough from the toilet and be solid but you might need a ride on my shoulders if you are on your feet too long” kind of sickness, we go for a walk in the park near our house but take it super easy and drink a ton of water. These approaches I have always taken with my little guy and he bounces back within 24 hours. I can understand that monkey on my shouldersit can seem like a good idea to just lie in bed all day and heal, but then you are inside, feeling gross and circulating the air, you are breathing from your sick body in a small space. Getting out in nature, being active in nature, to breathe fresh air allows for your white blood cells to become more oxygenated. Cells in your body maximize their function with increased oxygen supply so providing them with the gift of natures air supports these cells in becoming a powerhouse for combating bacteria, microbes, pathogens and organisms that can cause our bodies energies to misalign. This misalignment is demonstrated as sickness.

When you burn something in the oven and your house fills with smoke, you open a window for relief. It is the same with your body. If it is filled with sick germs, getting outside in a vast space of nature will do wonders for the healing of it. I am not suggesting you exert yourself if your energy is depleted and needs rejuvenating, but I know that rejuvenation will come much faster if you can get your body in a space where it is benefiting from the oxygen of trees and fresh air which has shown to improve brain function, regulate your heart rate and equalize your blood pressure. You know in the movies when someone encounters something they find overwhelming and can’t handle they say “I need to get some air” and make a move for the door or when two big tough dudes are about to duke it and someone suggests that they “take it outside”? That is no accident. There is relief and power for our fundamental systems and their governance by going outside.

lotus flower divine design

The Essence of  the Earth’s Plants and Flowers

After doing some therapy recently, I learned of essential oils. Upon entering a wellness centre to check them out, completely ignorant of what they are, the lady suggested I come in for a consultation. She looked at me very seriously and said that it is important they are used correctly to enhance my well-being and if applied incorrectly, could prove very detrimental to me. When she said that she had a super serious concerned furrowed brow so I took a business card, said thank you and left the centre feeling like she could kind of work on her marketing approach, but also that this must be some pretty serious stuff. I went home and decided to do some further research and what I can gather is that essential oils are derived from the earth’s plants. They are essentially the extractment of the essence of a plant and the use of this essence has proven to yield very positive and effective results for managing the wellness of one’s system. Apparently this is not news and this practice has been in play since the 11th century across the entire world. 

From the limited investigation I have done and the massive amounts of information available on the topic of essential oils, the consensus seems to be that essential oils can be one massive asset to your health and well-being. Stress relief, improved memory function, boosting your energetic vibration, helping you with a more restful sleep, immunity boosting capabilities, aids with digestion and can also be a great source of pain relief. So it seems, even if you are not a person to get out into nature and reap the benefits of its power directly, you can now go buy some of that power and apply it in your daily routine to empower your health in a natural, simple and effective manner. There are tons of testimonials that using the essence of this earth’s plants is a supportive, successful and natural way to heal and enhance the way our bodies function and a surefire avenue for how to return to good health and be in an optimal state in mind and body.

Forest Bathing is a Thing?

After learning of essential oils, I then heard the term forest bathing. I love to take baths, but in the privacy of my own home. Forest bathing had me imagining naked peeps chilling in the forest…uh…no thank you, but knowledge is power, so instead of relying on my conditioned imaginative responses based on my life experience, I decided to do a little further inquiry and discovered that forest bathing derives from the Japanese. Shinrin is a Japanese word for forest and yoku means bathing so basically the term “shinrin-yoku” is forest bathing and is perceived not as any kind of exercise or exerted physical activity but merely acts as a bridge for you to connect with your well-being by absorbing and immersing yourself in the atmospheric conditions a forest provides.

I am an advocate for healthy living and body positive activities for myself and for my son but I am not a hardcore advocate for a fixed and prescribed way of being in the world. I support exercise and activities outside, I enjoy yoga and healthy eating, and I am well into a consistent daily meditation practice. I indulge in these these practices, not because it is trending and not because some celebrity is doing it, but because through my own experience, it has proven to show me I can function more optimally in my life and has proven to re balance my well-being in the aftermath of certain physical injuries and emotional traumas. Like I said, I only feel comfortable speaking knowledgeably and putting forth endorsements if I myself, have had the firsthand experience with it. I can read about forest bathing and reasonably believe that it is a good and supportive activity for how to return to good health as every time I am in the forest with my son, he is at his most elevated in terms of his expression of energy, his essence and attitude. Come to think of it, me too!

Everyone is different. Everyone has had different lives, conditioning, genetics and I don’t believe there is a one size fits all formula for healthy living just given how diverse we all are. The one thing I do know we have in common though, regardless of race, sex, country of origin and past history, is this earth and our humanity. My body will be different from any other body because I am an individual, and yours will be too, but the commonality we have being members of the human race is the manner in which a human body operates and is able to benefit from the empowering aspects of the environment. Our functionality and the environment and the methods in which we apply to harness and enhance that functioning can prove universal through our connection with our earth. So if the Japanese are out bathing in the forest and finding value in it, I can get into it, as I have witnessed and experienced the powerful effects bathing in nature can provide to my mind and body’s health. Also, my experience of the Japanese lends itself to observe that overall health wise they seem pretty dialled in.

healthy boy is a happy boy

Fit Families are Happier Families

My son was gifted with a ginger haired mane of beautiful curly locks. Ginger haired people make up 4% of the world’s population and are a force to be reckoned with. I know this because my Mum has ginger hair, my partner has it in his beard and now my son does too. His energy is insane. We feed him healthy foods and the only time that he is allowed refined sugar usually just involves birthday parties and the indulgence of some cake and the super kind ladies at the gas station who hook him up with KinderEggs. Kids are so amazing and their brains are like sponges so what you impart to them as they are growing has a huge impact on what kind of people they will grow up to become and how they will choose to take care of themselves. I have tried to convey to him that natures sweet fruits like super vibrant strawberries or blueberries are a magnificently sweet treat (because in truth, they are).

And he totally digs it.

When there is a local farmers market on display he excitedly gets to choose cherries, strawberries and blueberries and perceives it as a great treat. When we are at dollar store and there are candies everywhere, I have taught him that refined sugar in large amounts is just a bad vibe for his flourishing and developing brain.

Our bodies are designed to make sugar. Stuffing our bodies with an

inordinate amount of sugar will lead to imbalance as it goes against what our bodies are designed to do. Now don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate and I love candy, but they are addictive! You teach your body how to respond to the products you subject it to. My son has learned the importance of water and gained the knowledge that the good portion of our bodies are made up of water. No surprise that one of the four elements of the earth is what we require to sustain our lives. Teaching our children the value of simple and healthy principles in the governance of our bodies is an investment worth making. Because of my son’s daily physical activity, his consumption of water (sometimes with fresh lemon and lime juice-HUGE IMMUNITY BOOSTERS) and a well-balanced healthy diet ensures that when he does pick up germs or bacteria that may challenge his developing immune system and make him sick, his capacity to return to optimal health is much more profound. A child who is inactive and fed on unhealthy fatty and sugary foods will likely be impacted by that sickness for a longer period and have a more challenging time returning to balance and finding easy ways for how to return to good health.

Getting my little dude outside on a regular basis also allows me to guide him with more ease, as what he consumes and his physical activity directly correlates with his mood and ability to regulate his developing awareness of emotions and expressions of those emotions. It is an investment that makes parenting a lot easier to manage and I am all for that as raising humans is a pretty big undertaking. Even my partner at 52 started riding a bike again and investing in a daily physical activity regimen. He knows, as an invested and connected parent of a very spirited and energetic little boy, that it is of great value to make vitality and energy the forefront of his daily life. Getting outdoors and moving your body is one surefire way to accomplish this and the two of them on their bicycles is one of the cutest things I have witnessed and adds huge value to our sons childhood memory tank. Wins all around!

What do you think?  Can you dig this vibe?

Get outside and see for yourself!