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How To Get What You Need In Relationship – Simple Hacks for a Complex World

How To Get What You Need In Relationship Is Something Humans Have Been Dealing With Since the Begining Of Human Interaction

Having Your Own Toolkit of Empowerment Means Understanding How To Take Responsibility for The Way YOU Show Up In Relationship.

The People Whom We Encounter In Our Lives are Our Greatest Teachers in Relationship to Ourselves. 

These are Handy Tips to Gain An Understanding of How To Get What You Need In Relationship.


5 Human Behaviours to Adopt to Elevaet to A Vibrant Relational Dynamic – Simple Hacks for a Complex World


Ownership of Self Worth

Self Responsibility vs Neediness

Giving To Get Back

Acceptance and Non-Judgement

These handy tips can help people understand how to get what you need in relationship.

Hopefully the understanding will set in that we are in need of nothing from each other but understanding, acceptance and an unlimited amount of love.  For the self and for the other.

There is no magic potion to winning in relationships and it depends largely on your own self concept and the alignment you generate in how you manage your own energy.

Many relationships are born of dependent circumstances.

 To be free in feelings of need in relationship is to be fulfilled within and able to hold steady in providing a good foundation for healthy relating.

Understanding how to win in relationship



Authenticity plays a pivotal role in the success of ones’ relationships too.

 The truth eventually almost always comes out so it is a cleaner vibe just to operate from an open and authentic space to save yourself any unnecessary stress or energy waste.

Many people hesitate to speak out their truths for fear of many things.

Fear of being judged, fear of hurting someone’s feelings or just an inherent fear that seems to be synonymous with normalized stress state living.

The first and most pivotal success strategy to get what you need is to be authentic in your asking.

The needy vibe is a low vibe.

 Essentially all human beings are gifted a human system fraught with a dynamic, electromagnetic intelligence that is capable of much more than the mind may have been led to believe.

Owning the authentic self is to be in full acceptance of all of who you are.

It is not foolish to be real and true in your deepest feels and immediate perceptions.

This is what makes up your experience and the truer you are to you, the more authentic your life and its circumstances unravel.

To be in full expression of the truth of who you are and what you need, want and desire and have the full freedom of that expression is the power of authentic relating.

How to win in relationship with peace



Understanding your inherent worth and value is the second pivotal aspect to being able to get what you need in relationship.

  If a person feels inadequate or lacks the necessary esteem to be in a natural state of worthiness, then of course this affects their relationships huge.

Everyone at their core need to, on some level, feel like they are worthwhile.

A good amount of people are born and bred with directives that are rooted in victimization.

 We see then, the work that needs to get done is not the building up of esteem, but instead undoing the untruths of which you have been bred.

There is no struggle and there is no competition and whether you are single or not, you have value.

It is in the recognition of this value, without inflated attributes of importance that enables a person to remain in humble balance of their own lifeforce.

When you accept yourself as one of a billion of a species that exists but also acknowledge your unique individuality and autonomous light that you have to gift this world, then you can aim for balance between these two truths.

You are no more important than anyone else, nor are you more important or of greater value than anyone else.  In the acceptance of this truth you can gain humility.

Many people who lack a real sense of self and worth within will unconsciously jump down the rabbit hole of an overgrandized ego to compensate.

Those who feel completely worthless usually end up in situations or with people who mirror that level of self worth the person is vibrating at.

Regardless of where you have been or what has been conditioned within you, know your inherent worth and value.

 You need not fight for it and you need not parade it around.

Treat it like gravity. Something that is always there but you don’t spend a good deal thinking about it because you know it to be a fact of your life experience.

How to win in relationship to the world



Being giving in a relationship is one of the perks of being in relationship but it is not something that should be confused with taking responsiblity for another.

You can give love, affection, time, space and attention to any and all you encounter in your experience but chances are if you lack self responsibility then you are not in a solid space to give these out.

Emanating a needy vibration is usually an effect of the cause of someone not filling up their own cups and being in need of someone doing it for them.

This is a low vibe space to be relating from and neediness is a low feel.

The purpose of relationship is to co create and expand.  If one or even both parties are not taking responsibility for their own states of wellness and esteem then that can make for pretty toxic relating.

 One becomes needy and dependent on the other to feel whole.

Both parties find fulfillment in one another but not within themselves and as a result it makes for dependent relating.

A recommendation that may not be in the popular sphere but will prove to be your best ally in relationship to become whole in who you are before you venture out and commit to a long term relationship.

If you are already steeped in a relationship where you have your parameters and methods of relating already in play and it is not proving a thrive, then self development within that dynamic is your greatest tool.

We as humans contain neurons that mirror one another in our relating.

When you level up your game, those whom you interact with will either level up to keep up momentum with you or eventually dissolve out of your experience.

 Do not allow your own responsiblity of self to diminish in any way, shape or form while in relationship.

It is the key factor in maintaining empowerment in all relational dynamics you choose to attract and entertain in your experience.

How to win in the relationship mirror





If you are steeped in the neediness vibe then this tip will seem like a stretch.

 Also, if you are feeling like you are not in a thrive presently while in a relationship the last thing you may feel like doing is give out anymore of yourself to a person whom you are feeling resistance towards.

  This is a key relationship hack because it is a happy balance of give and take which is at the fundamental aspects of relationship.

 The self responsibility hack puts you in a space to understand that you will not gain respect by begging for it, not get affection or nurturing by focusing on its absence and you will not get love by complaining about it not being present.

You are an anomaly.

You have a unique blueprint that only you can infuse into this world and when you make the most of yourself, then you make the most of the relationships you entertain.

 In order to gain what you hope to receive, you have to be in a resonant vibration of that receivership.

The most optimal way to be a generous receiver is to be a generous giver.

If you feel like all you do is give and never get anything in return then the most optimal approach for that relationship dynamic is to shelve the giving vibe and return to the authentic expression of your feels, the ownership of your worth and the responsiblity of yourself to stop giving to that which depletes your energy rather than supports it.

You may find, however, that if you can vibrate up to the unconditional state of givingness then it actually comes as a natural by product of ensuring you are gifting yourself your own self love and nourishment to be in such a state.

There is energy at play in relational dynamics.

When you gain mastery over your own energy  then you have that energy in reserves to adorn to your lucky mate.

 If you are not in command of your own energy, then it shows and the effects of that cause show themselves in imbalances and disharmony.

Giving what other people need in relationship is a precursor to having your needs met, you need only ensure that the exchanges remain optimal, expanding and colloaboratively creative.

Anything else eventually yields madness to one degree or another.

  Instead of being in the vibration of needing, you are in the vibration of giving.

You can be in that vibration only if you are fulfilling your own authentic needs at the onset of relating.

When you give out what it is you expect to receive back, you become quite interested in ensuring your self love quotient is optimal.

Your kindness is contagious




This is a beast for most to master because comparison and struggle are indoctrinations that people inherently buy into and rule themselves by unconsciously.

It is nothing to be judged but many people fail to be authentic in fear of judgement or not fitting in.

Finding mutuality is a human beings natural impulse for connection and understanding.

 To be in autonomous expression of your natural gifts is what the energy of success feels like.

 To be in resistance of peoples behaviours or modes of operandi in the world is a dense space to exist.

In Don Miguel Ruiz’s the 4 agreements, the second one is wise advice and states Not To Take Anything Personally.

 If someone throws shade your way unprovoked then it demonstrates their state of being and you can just affirm your worth and move on. If you allow other people, who have their own vibes and perceptions to govern to have all the power over your reactions, then you will always feel very depleted.

Giving your emotional and psychological energy away to the careless behaviours of others is exhausting and no place to thrive. Seeking understanding through the acceptance that everyone has their own journey to travel. No one is in a space to be dictating to others how to live. Be you. Let others be themselves. Be respectful of your autonomy.

Your paths may be intertwined but ultimately you are your own people.

Some people are well suited for one another because of the nature of the vibration that they carry.

When you own your own self, your sense of self and worth, then not taking anything personally is really easy.

It is only those who are directing a surface approach to their lives existence that tend to come up against the energy pull that is inauthenticity and incongruent living.

 It may be difficult, it may make you uncomfortable to relax in full acceptance of those who you relate.

If you allow others to be exactly who they are, then the magic of that energy is palpable.

You may find too, that any issue you are perceiving in  another is a mirror reflection of that which you have the capacity to contain within.

Go easy and stay in your own lane.

Lemon squeezy

You can learn how to get what you need in relationship by relying on the old methods of manipulation and game playing, and you may yield successful results in that kind of energy vacuum.

The above critieria is fit for the human who wishes to level up out of their own insecure concept of the world and dive into a more empowering and truthful way to operate in this wacky world.

All of the concepts above, if implemented in experience, can prove to shift your relationship dynamics and understand with more ease how to get what you need in relationship. Don’t take my word for it, just cultivate them and see.

Happy Life Force ?

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