High Vibes of Surfing

I am excited to get into this post as the high vibes of surfing are the kind of vibes that have delivered to me some of my most memorable and epic experiences in my 39 years thus far.

When you try surfing and then consequently yield success in this dynamic and extreme sports activity, there is a sense of being and accomplishment that I have yet to seen paralleled in any activity I have undertaken. Skydiving on my 39th birthday came close but getting out into the magnificent ocean and getting yourself into a momentum and resonance with the motion of a wave’s energy is an experience that should, at the very least, be attempted in order to engage and harness a supremely high, natural vibe.

Surfing lifestyle culture has had a few conditioned beliefs and expectations in the social scheme of things. It encompasses the people, the clothing, the language and the lifestyle of all things surf. It was originated by the ancient Polynesians, peaking in the 50s and 60s ( I used to love watching those vintage Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon Surf movies) and is now a worldwide professional and recreational sport that continues to grow in popularity.














Surfing life has sometimes been associated with a beach bum kinda vibe. That has always seemed funny to me, funny, like peculiar because actually becoming successful at surfing requires a level of mental and physical acuity that is far from the lazy feels that describe a beach bum attitude way of being.

The Physical Benefits of Surfing

The upper body and core strength one gains from surfing is intense. Paddling out into the ocean takes a good amount of effort and your muscles in the back, the arms, the core all benefit and expand from this awesome activity. Paddling against the momentum of a current creates a natural resistance for strength training. You also learn very quickly how to manage, maintain and operate the energy in your body to its maximum capabilities as you will learn that there are efficient and not so efficient ways to work within the magic of the ocean and its movement. The responsible exposure to Vitamin D by surfing in the sun contributes to your bone strength as it proves to regulate the amount of phosphorus and calcium in your blood. Through experience, knowledge and understanding, you will elevate the way your body and mind understand and move in this activity. This is a cardiovascular win in terms of your heart health and expansion and a superior kind of activity to introduce to your kids as soon as they are confidant swimmers and can encompass an understanding of the power of the surrounding elements.

One of my first surfing lessons I took in Hawaii was from a dude who was also a Papa Bear. After our lesson was up, he was touring the waves with his little baby guy son who was probably more than 6months old. Some peoples reactions were ones of appallment and disbelief, but I deemed it a very good vibe as it was evident surfing and understanding the ocean was ingrained in him being a native and life long surfer. You work within the parameters of what you deem appropriate – I am not a pro surfer, so for me, I would not have the confidence to do as he did, but I am an able-bodied woman and pretty fit, so taking my little dude out in the smaller waves is a good jam for me. A life jacket adds some security for you if you are not one hundred percent assured about your child’s ability to swim in the open ocean. I will tell you though, that we as humans are very capable and have unlimited possibilities available to us in terms of what we can achieve in anything – a large part of that accomplishment depends on our beliefs, our attitudes and how we frame the reality in which we live.

The Mental Benefits of Surfing and The Emotional Benefits of Surfing

These two benefits are inextricably linked. If your mind is right, your feelings usually are too. If your mind is focused in a bad vibe it translates to how you feel. I learned the power of the mind and the power of emotions by absorbing material by Esther and Jerry Hicks and the work that MindValley and HeartMath Institute share with the world. Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton do work in terms of the coherent states of the brain and body and the nature of disease when these states are in a state of continual stress. Surfing offers a coherence of very good and high mental and emotional states and puts you in a spot that is resonant with your true nature of empowerment and regulation.

Surfing is a major stress reliever. You have no time to worry or stress about your on land worries when you are in the ocean surfing a wave. The experience is sublime and it is the antithesis to the vibe of stress. Although physically, in a way your body will endure stress, this kind is what is designed for and will yield an avenue for a more restful sleep which in turn will amplify your mental acuity and focus as a result


It has been a prescription by health practitioners for people who have mental disorders and/or psychological problems. I can attest to the effectiveness of this prescribed sport as I healed a neurological stress disorder over the period of a year and the act of surfing played a pivotal role in my recovery.

Being in the ocean, in the open water, enhances your connection to your inner essence and does not allow you to obsess over your problems or bring space to the inconsequential and anxious thought patterns that are sometimes evident in mental health issues- the very environment and the present moment to moment focus and participation that is required really does not allow for such resistant and low energies to come to the surface for you to mull over.

Being in the rhythm of the unpredictable and ever-changing ocean on a floating board summons you to respond in a state of clear mindedness and results in your emotional stability. It has a peaceful and soothing effect on your mind to the degree that I would put forth that engaging in the act of surfing is a superior way to heal any neurological or mental health challenges that require healing.

The accomplishment one feels after riding even their first wave is all kinds of sweet high vibrations. The confidence, the sense of accomplishment, the sense of self and esteem in oneself that is enraptured adds great value to the mental well-being of any individual. Even being thrashed around in the waves and being defeated by a big swell, still instills and inspires an energy of vigour and fortitude within that invites you to introduce yourself to your power within and your ability to tolerate the roughness of life.



The Spiritual Benefits of Surfing

Go out, paddle out to the ocean and wait in silence and watch the rhythmic patterns of the waves in the distance as far as the horizon. Feel the rhythm of the ocean and become one with it. When the vibe feels right, you turn yourself towards the shore and begin to paddle with vigour intending to match the momentum and speed of the surface of the blanket of moving water upon which you are moving. Once your momentum gains energy and you know this is it, this is the wave, you are going to do it, you get in that sweet spot that encourages you to intuitively pop up and drop in – I tell you that feeling has an energy and power of orgasmic proportions and puts you right into the same resonance as the Source of Creation. Look around you – there is magic everywhere and we have the good fortune to be able to play in it.

Regardless of your relationship with religion or spirituality, If you are a self-respecting person who is physically able-bodied to endeavour upon trying out surfing, it’s my encouragement that you would want to experience that kind of vibe.

More to come down the pipe (you see what I did there?) but for now, surfing is where it’s at! Be Knowledgeable. Have Fun.


20 thoughts on “High Vibes of Surfing

  1. My son is a competitive surfer and so I am really wanting to try. I did try on the simulated wave on the Royal Caribbean and found it quite fun. It was painful when I fell. My son said I fell like a ton of bricks LOL. But, it is definitely great exercise, fun, and good for the soul! So I know, surfing is where it’s at!

    1. Hey Matts Mom! Sounds like you are a lady up for a good vibe and some adventure! The simulated wave sounds like a fun time – in the ocean you fall into the depths of the water so may not prove as painful. I am pleased that you found joy in the experience and I couldn’t agree more with you that it is very very good for the Soul! Thank you for your comment!

  2. You just made me want to get out there and surf! Loved the laid back feel you gave me while at the same time putting me at ease. I tried surfing just once with my son.  the surfing itself wasnt bad I think though as I tried in out in San Diego Ca I would have enjoyed it more if it wasnt soooo cold. Which is why only the one time LOL Where is the best place you have surfed?

    1. Hey Cathy!  Thank you for the good feels of your kind comment.  For me, I have surfed in Canada, Hawaii, Mexico and California.  Hawaii is a good vibe to take a lesson and get started as the environment is ideal and the culture is vast, so a very welcoming and connected experience to be had.  Once you dial it in and are a confidant solo surfer, I am sure South Africa and Australia boast some pretty sweet waves – I have yet to try them but it is on my list!  Mexico lends itself to some very very sweet spots….it is also good to know some locals and develop some friendships to open up opportunities to see and ride the places off the beaten track 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing with us this great post on High Vibes of Surfing.I have never tried it because i live in a country which is landlocked so it is impossible to me to practise surfing.I always watch this sport on my country channel called super sport and i take my time to see how enjoyable people who are surfing are as if they are in other world.

    It is obvious that surfing develop self confidence in person and develop something important in a person and i can call it Trust in Sea.They are friends of the sea and that what i like the most.

    1. Hey Julienne!  Having friends of the sea is a very very good vibration.  There are many surfers and surf initiatives that promote and implement solutions to enhancing and nurturing the beauty of our oceans. I hope one day you visit an area of the world in which you can give it a go. It is truly a remarkable and very interconnected experience. Thank you for your comment and I wish you a very solid day ahead!!

  4. I knew very little about the sport of surfing until I watched the movie, Soul Surfer the story based on the real-life surfer Bethany Hamilton. When I saw that movie and how she overcame what could have ended her surfer career, I was like, “Yeah, surfing sounds like a great sport to try out!” I love the great vibe of being out in the water! I love how the salt water air infiltrates all of my senses and gives me a sort of “high” vibe that can not be matched by anything I’ve experienced to date. I’m not a great surfer by any means. But I love the feeling I get when I do go. I’m planning a trip to California to visit my son and am looking forward to getting out on the water again. Maybe I’ll get lucky and catch a wave or two! Since I live in Minnesota most of the year, I don’t get a lot of time on the ocean, but I so look forward to the month I will spend with my son and the ocean!

    1. Hey Karin!  I saw that flick too and it was all kinds of inspiring! Bethany Hamilton has a strength of will of magnificent proportions!  I am so pleased to hear of your willingness and eagerness to delve into the magic of surfing, and you exemplify very beautifully that you need not be a professional surfer in order to fully gain and encompass the high vibe benefits it provides.  You give off an energy that I am confidant will indeed catch more than just one or two waves. Have a solid and vibrant time in California and thank you so much for your comment!

      1. I want to thank you again for this great article. Surfing really does bring out a vibe of confidence and even electrifying gratitude for the ocean!

        Best wishes,
        Karin 🙂

  5. I have always considered surfing to be an activity done mainly for fun and I have not for ones even thought about the health benefits of surfing. What you say really makes sense as surfing can be a form of exercise due to what you have to do during the process.

    Receiving vitamin d from the sun during surfing is an added bonus that is of great importance to our bodies. The idea of using surfing as a form of stress release is a really good one because surfing is a fun activity and it’s something a lot of people enjoy.

    1. Hey Jay!  Absolutely, the fun and the physical, emotional and mental benefits are an all around great vibe that provides wins all around. A total release from any stress!  Thank you for your comment 🙂

  6. I have always fancied starting surfing lessons. Unfortunately I live deep inland and my proximity to the ocean is limited. But now with vacation approaching, I intend to get training and jump right in. I am amazed by the physical benefits of surfing that you’ve highlighted above, makes me want to delve in even the more. Even so, I would associate physical benefits to surfing as is a physical sport. However I never had a clue that surfing has got both spiritual and mental benefits, pretty awesome. Thanks for enlightening me.

    Now I have more reason to do this!

    Best regards

    1. Hey Victor!  I appreciate the vibrance and zest of your comment and I hope you have a most fantastic time engaging in a holiday surf session! Enjoy the waves and the all around benefits of getting your surf on!! Safe travels and all smiles to you good Sir!

  7. Hey Bex!

    Stunning photos as always girl! I am a mountain girl born and raised, and the ocean brings a whole level of unknown to me. The way you talk about it makes me want to try! The thrill and being able to not think about anything else going on. Do you like surfing or SUPBoarding better? I just love reading your articles and always enjoy when you bring a new extreme sport to the table!



    1. Hey Vibrant Lady! You give off a very good energy – the mountains are a good place to be! It will be a great thrill for you to dive into the ocean and have some fun!! It would be a hard choice to pick a fave in terms of those two activities as they provide different experiences and payoffs for me – it depends really on what kind of day I am having to choose the best pick. In truth, both are epic for me!! I appreciate your kind comment and am pleased you gain some benefit from reading the posts! Have a very solid week ahead sister friend!

  8. I’ve always wanted to try surfing for as long as I can remember but sadly haven’t gotten the chance yet. The closest I have gotten is snowboarding LOL. You make it sound like such an awesome experience though and make me want to do it that much more. I have heard a lot of surfers compare their mental and emotional state while surfing to a meditative state. From what you describe, it definitely sounds like that’s true. Of all the extreme/outdoor sports, surfing seems to be by far the one most talked about for the spiritual and mental benefits. Thanks for writing this really cool article.

    1. Hey Dan! I am pleased you have indulged in the good vibe of snowboarding and hopefully it won’t be too long before you can discover the sensation of balancing on the board with the surface below in motion. It is certainly another extreme sport that garners some very very sweet vibes and I would have to deem your observations accurate that it provides a good deal of mental and spiritual benefits. I appreciate your energy of gratitude and hope you have a most solid week ahead!

  9. My favorite sport! And you nailed describing the feeling I get surfing. I’m lucky enough to surf with my youngest son; we surfed this morning. He’s 16, and now a better surfer than me, and it’s fun watching him connect with the wave. But surfing is more than just a wave; it’s the entire experience that makes surfing so amazing. It’s humbling, physical, beautiful, and emotionally balancing. Even when there are grumpy surfers, it’s another challenge to find the calm that the ocean provides. Mother ocean makes us feel connected to the universe and reminds us life is fragile by throwing a wave over our heads with force enough to break us. Thanks for the wonderful post!

    1. Hey JB! I love the vibrance and truth of your comment and I am super stoked to hear that you and your youngest are able to enjoy this activity together. You are very accurate in your assessment of the entirety of the experience and Mama Earth certainly can humble you with the throwing of an epic and forceful wave. Enjoy the ride my friend and thank you for your comment!

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