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GoodVibe Monthly Featuring the Formidable – Blue Zones of this Planet –

For this good feel monthly feature we are bypassing the humans and directing our good intentions and gratitude to the beautiful planet upon which we all exist. The Blue Zones of this Planet are a beautiful experience to harness in this lifetime.

I am of the good fortune to be presently immersed in one Blue Zone this beautiful Earth of ours generates and that is that of Costa Rica In the high vibing zone of Nosara.

Costa Rica gives off a peaceful vibe and it is one that is elevated and oozing with the good vibrations.

Nosara good zones

With no army for upwards of half a century, this area of abundant flora and fauna emanates a magic that literally alters your body’s biology.

Again, we like to gain knowledge through tangible experiential engagements.

It’s a bit of weird vibe to our crew to make decisions and conclusions based upon hearsay because its not your own experience.

Here at the GVL we like to empower the collective with Truth.

Can you really know what the truth is of a place unless you have had experience of it?

Go vibe high in travel

You can say you do, but words cannot substitute tangible experience.

Imagination is a wonderful creative tool, and experience can be derived through this wonderful mechanism of which we have all been gifted to cultivate to the degree we choose.

Experience firsthand is a tool to elevation, experience and firsthand knowledge.

What are the Blue Zones of the World?

Places on this wonderful planet of ours where longevity and good living are the name of the game.

The 5 zones in the blue are known as the following locations on this wonderfully vibrant and rotating globe we all inhabit.

The Italian Island of Sardinia

Okinawa, Japan

Loma Linda California

The Isolated Greek Island of Ikaria

Costa Rica’s Isolated Nicola Peninsula

My life experience has been exponentially elevated by being immersed in the beautifully abundant and high vibrational frequency of this Blue Zone located on the isolated Nicola Peninsula, Costa Rica.

I am presently training for a practitioners course in the field of bio-energy with the kind and vibrant Michael D’Alton, whom will be featured in the upcoming months.

We are resting in the beautifully peaceful and light footprint of The Blue Spirit Retreat Centre.

Zone of blue beauty

As the world awakens from a mechanism based belief modality of existence to a more expansive and energetic and elevated consciousness, more and more humans have understood the value of being good to oneself in order to live a long, healthy and prosperous life.

Nosara, Costa Rica is an area of this world in which you can most definitely cultivate and keep a good harness on the vibes that thrive.

There is a tangible shift that can be felt when you enter this area of the globe.

My famjam and I toured in from Vancouver, Canada, to Toronto, Ontario first.

Traveling with the getting to be not so little guy with us and we teach nurturing so get a good nights sleep and break up the leg of the journey as well as visit with some rad peeps in Toronto for connectivity is a super good vibe dinner.

The next morning we flew from Tdot into Liberia Airport.

It was a super smooth, connected, clean and respectful scene landing and getting through to our rental car was super easy breezy, the collection of our bags and within a very easy flow, we scored our vehicle and were well on your way.

As a person who has healed a good amount of trauma in my experience, the autonomic nervous system is something that I have a beautifully connected and respectful relationship to now.

I am sensitive to the energy of others and that which permeates all of existence.

The energy here in the Blue Zone of Costa Rica, my body and ANS went into upwards of 20 stress responses – at first perceived as car or travel sickness, but by the 2nd hour I was confidently with the knowledge within that my intended solidified healing journey had begun and I was well into a detox.

What You Resist Will Persist.

This Is A Life Elevating Factoid.

Meditation and understanding dissolving resistance and shifting your attention can be very SIMPLE yet POWERFUL tools THAT ARE ENTIRELY YOUR RESPONSIBLITY to cultivate and practice with consistency in your life to harness a thrive vibe.

Through healing a complex post traumatic neural stress disorder I have come to learn and out necessity practice that resistance is futile.

I allowed myself to be with what my body’s natural intelligence was bringing to the surface and I immediately understood the value one can gain by entereking into first, ones own acceptance and cknowledgeemnt of a persons own unique emotional body footprint.

Then, exponentially the formidable shift and power the energy of our beautiful Earth here contains.

When I was ignorant of this aspect that is Universal to us all it’s presence in my life was proving a detriment to mine own regulation.

Now that I have empowerment of this aspect of my nurturing writhin.

As we state with some frequency here at the GVL –

Knowledge is Power (Knowledge based on Truths) and self knowledge is self empowerment.

The whole Self Love movement is not just a fad and not for the hippies and mystics of the world – this is fundamental to the humanity that we all share within regardless of our stations in life or the hi-stories we circulate in our experience.

There is an indoctrination of belief in the mainstream consciousness that teaches a mechanistic view of the world.

We feed and manipulate our bodies as if we are some kind of mechanism to be physically or chemically altered by way of aspects outside of ourselves.

Knowledge and awareness about the quantum model as life modality can liberate you from these limiting beliefs and free you to live a more elevated and expanded life.

In a way the Truth, but the management of your own energy is where you power lies and once you understand the seat of this power then it is your work to harness and yield the world view that is becoming increasingly popular with the rising of consciousness.

The world view of our answers and healing and life’s work to be things outside of ourselves is a skewed version of reality to live by although not lacking in value or goodwill.

Nobody wants to learn that what they have believed all their life is a falsehood – trust me – been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and messed up a good portion of mine own life situations and then subsequently healed and atoned for such disempowering situations.

The more you own your own authentic self and expression of that self, the more you nurture your OWN well being and all the energetic aspects of being a human then the more you cultivate a thrive vibe, first within, but then exponentially in all you perceve in your outer choice maker

The outcomes of your life are determined in every moment by the choices you make in thought, feeling and action.

Taking stock of your belief system is an empowerment tool to see where your headspace is resting consistently – the kinds of patterns you keep in thought and behaviour.

Are they serving you or hindering you?

If you have strength of will and the courage to be authentic with yourself and your life experience and things you have been taught then you may be surprised what you could recognize with some invested self reflection.

Have you ever had and experience that proves inexplicable to your rational mind or perhaps any situations that in some pivotal moments in your life do not seem to align with worth or value or love?

These are falsehoods.

If you can stand and put your hands on your own heart, take a few deep breaths, and get out of your head, then maybe, just maybe you could acknowledge that it’s okay to yield to an expanded view of how this world of ours and the fashion in which we relate to it works.

It is a very secure space to be within to have everything figured out.

That is a space that most are taught to exist within -the expected and the known.

Just as children thrive off a schedule when they are little so as to empower them with knowledge of what is to come next in their head space which is essentially a new Soul of pure consciousness that speeds into this world by way of a strong, powerful masculine energy ejaculated sperm.

Woot woot!

This energy is then incubated in the warmth of the feminine energy of the womb and then if, the mother is nurturing herself with natural foods, exercise and pleasing ideas and thoughts about the growth of this new life, then 9 months later you have a new life outfitted in a bio suit that is a happy hybrid of the initial masculine and feminine energy.

Have you ever allowed yourself to just be with a child?

Not try to get them to do anything, go anywhere or conform to behaviours or expectations but just be?

They are purity in all its essence.

They are pure in imagnation, they are in discovery, they are in awe, they are in wonder and bliss.

Let me ask you to put this question to yourself with time to reflect:

How long has it been since you have had a state of being that encompasses those thrive vibes?

If you are living in the Blue Zone of Costa Rica, then probably with some frequency.

There is a fundamental understanding of harnessing the good feels in living in a Blue Zone.

When you say hello to people here, they respond with no hesitation, emanating a solid and connected vibe with two very simple yet powerful words:

“Pura Vida”

The body too, is perceived as a mechanism but we here at the GVL have had firsthand experience and thereby have cultivated experiential knowledge of another method in which to harness elevating results in one’s life.


The Energy within us, the energy of the Earth, the energy of the cosmos, the energy of the Universe, the energy of electricity, the energy of the ocean.

Energy Abounds.

No Matter Your Beliefs About Anything In This World of Ours, There Is One Matter That Cannot Be Disputed.


Emotional energy, thought energy, physiological energy, radiant energy, thermal energy, chemical energy, electrical energy, nuclear energy, motion energy, sound energy, gravitational energy, elastic energy, solar energy and of course, LOVE energy or energy of the cosmos of which we all are instrinsincally linked.

The energy contained within your body circulates by way of your 7Chakras in the Energy Body System and by way of Energy Meridians.

The channel concept of meridians in the body derive from a Chinese modality of medicine although the very dependable need to prove it exists so I can prove it exists science modality of belief has not accepted these as a thing that can be tangibly proven to exist.

I can’t show you the energy of Love, but I know it exists when I look at my beautiful child and resonate with pure bliss and joy at the feels within my heart that is the energy of a mother’s unconditional love yet I cannot prove that the energy exists there, only by way of my expression through my words, tone, affection, behaviour and investment.

Travel education for little guy

Actions demonstrate a good amount of the intent that someone has behind them.

If it is your true intent to be an invested person to yourself and nurture the unique dictates of your own individual heart and mind then you may do well to invest in some travel experiences and enter into the energetic space of a Blue Zone.

The key to longevity in this life will be and are the practices you cultivate for your own self care and nourishment – separate from the belief systems and modalities of thinking of those that have and are presently permeating your life experience.

Your Life Experience is Yours 2 Cultivate & Yours 2 Govern.

A good amount of stress may be released and healing can happen quite naturally of its own accord when you connect the intelligence of your own Spirit to that of an intention of investment in your own well being.

Traveling to the Blue Zone of Nosara Costa Rica has been one of the most rewarding experiences I could have cultivated to harness and solidify the healing I have been undergoing for the last 2 years.

It is of value to recognize where you may be repeating patterns in your life that do not serve your highest good. For myself it was a destructive electrical charge of anger on a repeat dissassociative ride through my nervous system – showing itself when triggered by smells, sounds, words, feels that were indicative of the repeated situations in which my human bio suit was subjected to the energy of hate and violence.

You Find A Peaceful Vibe In A Defenceless Person And Land.

I have come to the land of defencelessness to release my defences and find my peace. The blue zones of this planet give off a good feel.

Imagine a world that took its cues from the Blue Zone of Costa Rica?

When you think in terms of energy and you look at the state of some aspects of this world that do not lend itself to higher vibrations, it is informational enter a land that chooses to invest in the land and humanity rather than a perceived idea of one day being attacked or being in a perpetual/consistent state of fear of attack.

The people of Costa Rica honour the energy of the Earth here and when you say hello you will most likely be greeted with the statement “Pura Vida”

Life of Purity is a thrive vibe.

Can you Dig It?

Go Explore – See 4 Youself.