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Good Vibes in the Monthly Feature – SUNNY SHARMA – Reality Surfing Guru and Humble Fellow Human

I have been of Mind that August is the Sunday of summer.Just a very dialed in kind of month overall amongst the other 11. What better month than to put the focus upon a reality surfing guru. It brings me great pleasure that August is the month in which I get to dial in a feature of a dude, younger than me, but seems so much wiser in many respects.

They be a rolling now, the good vibes in the monthly feature with the vibrant and kind-eyed


sunny is the light

I have never had the good fortune of meeting Sunny Sharma in person, but through this wonderful gift we call technology, I have developed what I would consider a resonant and kind energetic presence in my online life.

I, myself, see no difference between myself online and offline, but it has been my experience that a good portion of people hide behind the anonymity of online relationships and lead double lives.

For anyone who dials in that vibe, an fyi – it doesn’t thrive.

Authenticity in all your dealings, on and offline, is a solid, clean vibe.

I would deem my connection with this vibrant young man one of authenticity, no matter the platform in which I came to know of him.

I was searching for avenues in which to find salvation for mine own healing and I came upon a book called Reality Transurfing.

I enjoyed it, I highlighted almost the entirety of the thing and then I set about seeking some mutuality with others in which I could decipher and share this profoundly amazing and magical piece of literature, I came upon Sunny and he was distilling knowledge on the book and breaking its concepts down for further clarification and understanding.

Absorbing knowledge is a good vibe but I recognizing that it is also important, if not imperative for a person to sit in stillness and silence in order to be guided from within and that of the higher aspects of oneself.

meditate to vibrate
I find great resonance with Sunny as he too, is a great advocate for meditation and It brings me great pleasure throwing that suggestion down to everyone and anyone who comes to me with issues that need tissues.

For those of you who have not read or heard of Reality Transurfing, it is a book that was written by a gentleman of the name Vadim Zeland.

Here is a link to his deets.

I have no personal knowledge of Vadim Zeland but after I read his book I realized that everything he writes about is spot on and that this modality of approaching the world is supremely empowering – that is if you can wrap your head around all that the book encompasses.

I myself get on down with volumes of literature and I enjoy that. Reading long books is not for everyone and the absorption of such may not be easily understood by all which is cool.

Everyone has their own way to be in the world and I say as long as the impact proves not to harm to your fellow humans, then do, have, be whatever you express yourself to be.

What is cool too is that Sunny’s efforts and investment into Personal Mastery Quest allow for anyone and everyone to benefit from the wisdom this book and apply the knowledge to their own lives.

always smiling in the light

It is an unconventional modality of thinking but is so spot on because the fundamental drive behind the success of someone creating their own life experience of enhancement and expansion is rooted in the belief that one harness and express the formidable and aligned combination of one’s own Heart and Mind.

The World Just Keeps Getting Better & Better.

If you find yourself at a dissonance with this statement, then I would invite you to track what media you absorb in your everyday life.

The truth is, that many wonderful and connected things are happening in the world and a good portion of these happenings are not the topics of the mainstream news.

Whatever you look for, you will find it.

I purposely avoid US politics because, well, you know.

Anything that does not give off a good feel, why would you absorb that?

I stopped absorbing mainstream news after I witnessed a person’s misogynistic and dehumanizing statements be normalized as acceptable and worthy of a position that holds great power to impact our humanity.

This type of scene in my life, does not inspire hope, faith and confidence, so instead, I turn my attention to worldly happenings, that do…..

….Like that of Sunny Sharma and the content he is pumping into the global consciousness. That is worth my focus because that is a vibe that thrives and proves beneficial for me and the collective.

What you give attention to, grows. Take away your attention, take away the power the focus of attention has in your experience.


Looking for the good in this world is one way to elevate your experience.

One Dude Who Gives Off The Good Feels In This World is

Sunny Sharma.

vibrant good feels

I put my attention on him for this feature and posed to him some curiosities I had within In an effort to get to know him a little better after the rewards I received personally by watching his vids and following his posts.

He was gracious and kind enough to participate for the Sunday of Summer’s monthly feature which works in my favour and is totally the vibe I pick up from him – gracious and kind.

When you look at Sunny, he is a powerful presence with a kind humility and a smile and eyes that are indicative of his vibrant light he plugs in.

Every time I watch one of his YouTube vids, I say to myself, “Right on for Sunny.”

( It really happens, i really do 🙂

He is All Kinds of Good Vibes.

If you are interested in surfing reality and choosing your outcomes deliberately, then Sunny Sharma’s Personal Mastery Quest is where you need to be to dial that in with ease.

vibrance in personal mastery

Here are some insights into the person whom you would be connecting with and gaining in guidance as a result of.

There is a good reason why this vibrant young man carries the name Sunny.

Let’s See How This Light In Our World Responded 2 The Inquiries Put 2 him:

1. In movies, there are previews to delineate the entirety of the movie prior to viewing it. If you were to provide me with a preview style clip of how you came upon the Reality transurfing vibe you currently find yourself riding what would be read in that preview script?

you are the director

There was a response of appreciation for this question and I loved Sunny’s first comment which was that

“Problems Are Catalysts For Awakening.”

He states that through our greatest problems and limitations, we wake up to a greater knowledge of life and reality. Sunny suffered a spine injury which at the time he was with the belief that it had limited his life experience. Because of the limitations he felt due to that physical illness, he used to try to overcompensate by trying to prove his worth in other ways that exhausted his energy and left him in an even worse place.

With some guidance and teachings in the self betterment department he practiced self betterment religiously and proved thirsty for greater knowledge which led him to topics and teachings of the law of attraction. As his journey progressed he was ready for the next level of his expansion which had him encounter/ stumble upon Reality Transurfing on you tube.

This, he states really deepened many of his own realizations and helped him cleanse a lot of limiting beliefs and philosophies he was previously subscribed to.


The reflective nature and informed perception Sunny has on his experience is informational in terms of his level of conscious governance of himself and proves to yield all kinds of inspirational feels.

2. What was the biggest “aha” moment you have had in your journey thus far in terms of your fundamental understanding of reality creation?

I enjoyed reading the response to this question as it aligns with the modality of thinking that I encompass in terms of expansion and growth. Sunny feels like he has his biggest AHA moments like every month.

He believes this is the way it is supposed to roll if you are genuinely seeking to deepen your understanding of the life in which you live. Sunny says that his most recent realizations are regarding letting go of identification with the body and changing the point of awareness to your entire experience.

The very fact that Sunny is in this space denotes his commitment and journey to a higher state of consciousness and existence in this world.

How Very Cool And Empowering Is That?

3. Do you believe in one model of reality creation or do you feel that there are numerous models implementing the same principles in different manners?

Sunny tells me he thinks most models are trying to convey similar topics in different ways which is good because it helps people who resonate with different approaches.

However, he does perceive some are more clear, vivid, and built upon a greater understanding of the truth than others.

Different models also serve people at different levels of consciousness.

Growth & Expansion Are Such Beautiful Aspects Of Our Humanity.

growth and expansion

To endeavour upon a journey of self discovery and harness a connection with the Infinite abundant world in which you exist, surrounds you and is connected to you by way of your heart (Power of the Heart) then it becomes the case that elements and teachings you require on your journey to expand to the very highest version of yourself come into your experience at the exact moment that you are ready to receive them.

Personal Mastery Quest with Sunny is an avenue in which one can expand, enhance and cultivate an empowering dynamic with the world and full governance and authority on the outcomes of your life.

Here is a small taste of the value you will receive from his Instagram:

That’s a vibe that offers a pretty sweet dealio 🙂

4. Are you so adept at reality creation that you sense and can guide with confidence the subtleties involved in relation to your resonance with the Universe, or are there areas in which you feel that your aptitude could further expand?

Sunny has never felt that he knows everything or even that he’s “great” at any of these teachings until recently.

Having said that, however, Sunny is of the belief that there is always room to grow and that is what he is consistently seeking to do.

He states he is not even trying to get better at “creating reality,” but just trying to gain a deeper knowledge of himself and reality.

That is his main goal, and I tell you, having a goal of this nature is what makes Sunny such a vibrant addition to the consciousness level up of our humanity.

He is striving to be the best version of himself and his experience.

When a young man who keeps this goal in mind and actually works to achieve it, then there is an exponential energy of good that permeates the collective consciousness.

Additionally, it proves to demonstrate the humility Sunny has already gained in his young life as his efforts to seek elevation include himself, and only himself.

Some may say, well hey, that’s not humility, that is selfishness, but it’s not.

Sunny has his mindset dialed in.

He understands that the only person he can control is himself.

He understands that everything in his experience emanates from himself.

There is no victimization, competition, one-upmanship, or neediness. He lives in his skin entirely and works towards cultivating the best version of himself.

This is why he is able to help and uplift others – because he fuels himself with the real work of self actualizing beforehand.

A refreshing way to be in the world – where you are entirely reliant on yourself and your happiness.

Imagine a world where everyone was showing up in this vibe and relating and making decisions in this vibe.

Would definitely be an empowering, energetic and inspiring climate should this happen on a global scale.

5. Do you believe that it requires a certain aptitude in order to implement the reality creation techniques, or can anyone from any experience in life use them with success?

Sunny responds with saying that anyone will be able to successfully integrate these techniques into their lives in proportion to their desire to make them real for themselves; in proportion to a person’s willingness to believe in them and practice them.

you here is reality creation

What a spot on answer and you may find that this is paramount in any aspect of your life’s governance – the investment we make in ourselves and what that investment looks like.

The rewards of investing time, energy and learning into one’s own self expansion is priceless.

6. What is the level of “education” you have received?

Sunny shares that he is a graduate from the University of Buffalo with a finance degree. He thinks he will never officially use it, but for his folks, they feel safer with him having it This follows with a laugh out loud.

What I love about Sunny’s outlook is that he uses what he learns and applies it. The experience from his finance internships prove to continue to add value to his life experience today so although the degree may not be used, the education acquired, definitely will be.

7. How do your peers of today’s consciousness gauge in terms of their awareness and receptivity to reality creation material?

7.b) Would you deem it a common and quite natural topic or do you find resistant energy amidst your age group in terms of this kind of content?

Sunny feels that most people his age are deeply lost. But to be fair, he also feels, and with a laugh, notes that most of the world (any age) is lost as well.

He says he perceives through his experience and observation that they don’t know what they want and they constantly feel discomfort which they try to bury the feeling of with constant activity.

He also acknowledges that at the same time it is the evolution of humanity and its beautiful to see that more and more people are waking up.

Sunny feels we are really living in the age of awakening and he finds that very empowering!

“These topics are difficult to understand for sure and maybe even uncomfortable because they challenge the current worldview, but people eventually will catch on..they just have to because it will be the only answer to their suffering.”


As I stated above, the world just keeps getting better and better.

8. How do you help people relinquish their old modalities of thinking and beliefs in terms of their creative powers with their own life’s existence?

“Going within through meditation, practice, repetition, and direct experience.”

“It is the only way.”

9. What do you intend on achieving with the endeavours that you are presently focused upon?

Sunny says he is going through a phase where he is questioning many of his own goals and desires.

As he continues to create beautiful experiences, he is waking up to their temporary nature and is realizing that, ultimately, he is looking for something that cannot be attained through physical objects or experiences.

10. What do you like to do for fun?

This was a fun surprise for me to hear that Sunny’s fave sport is cricket and that it has been a big part of his life since he was 3 years old.

What a refreshing choice for a sport and another resonant vibe as I used to watch and learn to play cricket during my summer trips to England.

In addition to the cricket vibe, Sunny also loves to travel, watch comedies, create videos, and, of course, meditate🙂



11. If you could sit with one person, past or present, dead or alive and have an evening out with them where they would engage you in any dialogue of your desire, who would you choose that person to be and why?

Sunny tells me he would choose Bentinho Massaro which is a super good vibe up in here as I had yet to learn of Bentinho Massaro and from the recent check it out, I have to say, that this is a rad find as expansion is the name of the game, and the more resonant resources one encounters, the better for one’s growth.

Sunny says that his teachings have helped him greatly and continue to deepen his understanding of Self.

One of the things Sunny loves about his teachings is that it doesn’t make self-realization seem like something that is beyond this lifetime. That is unique. He laughs and says he doesn’t know how much dialogue there would be but probably just a session of presence, talking by not talking…lol.

I love putting this question to people as it can be informational in terms of a person’s essence and fundamental interests in their present life path.

Sunny Definitely Encompasses A Vibe Of Expansion, Presence, Humour & Personal Growth.

12. If you were to distill one piece of advice for anyone who is seeking how to become masters of their own life creation, what would that piece of advice sound like?

Sunny delivers a succinct and simple one-word answer for this inquiry and that is:



meditation is the key


13. Name three people that have had a profound impact on your journey – (ie author, person, philosopher…etc)

Sunny says, that as of right now these three people would be delineated as Sadhguru, Vadim Zeland and Bentinho Massaro.

When asked why these would be this light’s picks for impact this was his response:

“Sadhguru was very prominent in earlier stages of my journey but even now fully relevant. His teachings are simple and practical and his 2 programs, Surya Kriya, and Shambhavi are something I practice for one hour every day to this day.”

Live joyfully no matter what

“Vadim Zeland for obvious reasons. RT is a masterpiece and took my understanding to a whole new level; it was monumental for me last year(2018).”

Vadim Zeland profile picture

“Bentinho Massaro is my most current phase and is helping me to act on many of these teachings in a BIG way and helping me really deepen the knowledge of Self and realize the oneness underneath this entire experience.”

consciousness is the eternal

These are all insights into Sunny and demonstrates why this dude is in harmony with humility and a vibe of thrive. What makes a guru a guru is that they know that they don’t know everything and that learning is a life long process that leads to your expansion.

Whether, it is through books, inspirational people or sitting in silence consistently throughout your days to listen to your inner guidance, a person like Sunny, who encompasses this vibe makes for a greater impact of good on the collective and with whom he shares his wisdom.

People who self actualize and are committed fully to that every day are this world’s greatest gifts to humanity. A reality surfing guru is an axiom to aware and conscious living.

14. How many books do you read in a year?

b) What is the nature of the content of these books?

“In 2017-2018 had absorbed over 40-50 books.

This year he has only read one. Tufti The Priestess. Vadim Zeland is the authority on being a reality surfing guru.

Now he only reads Reality Transurfing now and then. He is guided and learns through meditation and direct experience.

reading is good for all

YouTube Videos and programs and courses are definitely on that list too.

He says he will probably read another book when it really calls out to him and resonates with his current phase. This reality surfing guru has it down.

Every book he reads now is usually regarding consciousness, oneness, reality creation, self-realization etc. Reality surfing guru status comes with full immersion of consciousness research.

Reading is one of the most beautiful avenues in which to harness one’s imagination and also expand their knowledge.

Many things that may have happened in your experience that you cannot make sense of, can usually be found in someone else’s experience and in written form.

Reading is so very powerful and an aptitude and thirst for knowledge is a healthy pursuit for anyone seeking to enhance, expand or even understand their life experience.

Being a reality surfing guru means being knowledgeable.

in tune with the infinite

15. Do you have a good close connection with your family? Where do you fall in line with your family and are they a good support system for you and your endeavours?

“I have an extremely close connection to my family, especially my parents. They are my greatest support system and somehow maintain their trust in me through all of my crazy endeavours.”

This reality surfing guru gives off the good feels of gratitude!

A kudos and a head nod for the connectedness in which Mr and Mrs. Sharma dial in their parenting vibe. Producing this reality surfing guru in all his glory. 

“My journey has really challenged them to expand beyond many of their fears hahah! But for sure they are the greatest embodiment of unconditional love in my life and I have learned a lot from them”.

“I believe my sense of “My life always takes care of me” comes largely from the constant love I have received from them all my life. It brings me great pleasure the youngest of 2. My sister is 28. Beyond that, I also have a large family that is also pretty close. “

“Definitely something It brings me great pleasure grateful for!”

There is nothing more advantageous to any living being, then having a set of guardians who support and love you unconditionally in feeling, words and action.

This investment is indicative in the light that Sunny has cultivated for himself and is a super good vibe all around. He is a reality surfing guru of ease and flow.

I enjoyed learning more of the vibrant and impactful Sunny Sharma and It brings me great pleasure of the belief that this world is a much more vibrant and elevated place due to the impact and light this fine dude brings to it!

 Scope out the vibrance in your own experience.

To connect with this reality surfing guru, you can find him online at:

Facebook – Personal Mastery Quest

You Tube Videos That Will Elevate Your Life

Instagram – Sunny Sharma @personalmasteryquest

gratitude for this human


Sincerest Gratitude to You  Reality Surfing Guru Sunny Sharma!

ThankU4U &Sharing; Your NRG!