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Good Vibe Monthly Feature – Women Who Heal And Empower – Tiff Tickner

This good vibe monthly feature comes in the manner in which we like to ride our vibe, in the relaxed, effortless and super dialled-in flow of life.

I was fortunate enough to encounter the vibrant female whom this feature was inspired in a yoga class that proved to inspire, release and heal aspects of my being in just one hour with the instruction of this vibrant Soul.

When you meet Tiff, she has a vibe that is all kinds of goodfeels.

She is articulate, present and contains and emanates a warm, peaceful and connected energy.

When You Encounter Someone Who Has Done Their Own Inner Work & Find Themselves in a Space of Empowerment – It is Evident.

Let’s dive in and learn more about how this formidable woman dials in that vibe!

women who heal and empower

Tiff was kind enough to engage in a responsive and friendly meet in order to go over the inquiries I put to her. I was keenly interested in discovering more about such an impactful and solid energy that she emanates in her application of how she presents herself to this world and her interaction within it.

What does Yoga Mean to You?

Yoga is LOVE.

It is acceptance of yourself and others.

It envelopes a space in which you can develop pause before you react.

This supports and yields a space of responsiveness vs reactivity. She denoted that reacting from Fear is connected to assumption.

Pausing in your being lends itself to being rational and expressing yourself from a space of peace and empowerment. It was this aspect of her expression that I absorbed in her yoga class.

She stated that pausing, and gathering knowledge, rather than reacting to the story we create in minds, is such a useful and powerful tool.

To relate to the world around us with responsiveness rather than reactivity.

reactivity versus responsiveness

That, to me, was translated as rooted in Love vs Fear and the day that I went to that class and heard the words, it was the exact moment I needed and was ready to receive them.

I also deem this is such a beautiful aspect of showing up as the Creator in your own life.

The freedom to cultivate and choose your responses and the manner in which you choose to show up in this world. When this was expressed by Tiff, it really resonated with my experience.

I am individual who fields complex neural stress, not as a psychologist, but as an active member of experience. I am almost completely on top of it, and my experience of it has shown me the Truth of it being a reactivity beast.

Having experiential knowledge of complex neural stress and the subsequent mastering of it 2 years later, has allowed me to have a profound respect and awareness for our capacities as electromagnetic beings of light and our abilities to command and direct our states of being through activities such as yoga, understanding the chakras and meditation.

Our brains are formidable and we are too!

the human brain wonder

I have learned that living in unity of the Heart and Mind yields spaces in this world for you to be guided by your connection to the Spirit that lives within you and is connected to all that exists.

Tiff Tickner meddles in the dance between her Heart and Mind by living a full life.

She has been practicing yoga for a decade and a half – teaches it in a really empowering and respectful manner, is a Reiki Master, a student of Psychology and infuses the world with her vibrance in customer service too!

Tiff’s expression of what yoga means to her is implemented in her application of distilling the practice to those who are wise enough to dial in one of her instructed classes.

It is a vibe of authenticity and that, energetically, is a vibe that thrives….and withstands. Good vibes keep on rolling when an energy such as this is implemented and gains momentum.

Authenticity and empowerment are rebellious acts to the cow herd consciousness that is sometimes rampant amongst the masses who get sucked into the media storms of anarchy and human degradation.

Momentum for this vibe of authenticity and an expression of someone’s gifts within that are shared through the distillation of yoga is a solid addition to generating the good feels in this world.

What is your Knowledge in Terms of Energy in the Body?

I learned by asking this question that Tiff is a Reiki Master, as mentioned above.  Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation and relief of stress that promotes healing through the energies of the body by the use of the hands to generate a momentum of life force energy in the body to encompass and support optimal health.

Tiff is an advocate for integration and researching the integrity of Western and Eastern philosophies as being open to both can reap the benefits of both.

This is so spot on to the vibe of openness and acceptance in the vast array of opportunities one has to explore in terms of optimizing their state of being which proves yet another empowering vibe.

Psychology, yoga and Reiki knowledgeable is an empowering entity to infuse empowerment and support to others.

mentally physically spiritually expanded

What Advice Would You Give To A Person Considering Starting Yoga & Would That Advice Change Based On The Age Of The Participant?

Again with a broad and open mindset, the response that Tiff offered to advising any newcomers to the beautiful and connected practice of yoga that, first, medically, ensure you are able to do so – everyone can do yoga and can start at the level in which they find their comfort.

She then stated that it is a goodvibe when people learn to trust in their bodies and their own selves more. Rather than Google “am I healthy” get down on the mat and listen to what your body is telling you.

Encouraging in others the license to trust themselves resonated huge with me, as I have always been unable to fully step into the trust of my own self in those moments when my rational brain seems to have taken a respite.

self trust secret to success

The spiritual journey began to unfold for me through the practice of yoga and my inquiry into myself. 

I agree whole heartedly with Tiff’s statements. 

Through my experience in life, I have implemented and witnessed the self healing capabilities one has access to through the focus and regulation of their Mind, the regulation of their State of Being and a developed and progressive emotional quotient (EQ) can prove to yield the results of what miracles are made of.

It was mentioned that resistance to yoga is sometimes rooted in a belief that you need to be flexible in order to do yoga,  which is not the case – the practice of yoga can be entered gently and respectfully to support your individual physiological aptitude.

If anything, the yoga will prove to make you someone who says “I am now flexible…” and just having the openness to connect with your own being in a respectful and invested manner.

roll out the yoga mat

Do You Have One Specialty Of Yoga?

Tiff says she doesn’t have one specialty when it comes to practicing and teaching yoga – her students may classify her as a Power Yoga teacher, but to herself, she does not delineate just one kind of yoga. Hatha yoga was what attracted her to the mat initially, she has a background in dance, is athletic and practices a variety of yoga including Bikram, Power and Hatha.

Her intention behind her application of how she runs her classes yields an environment in which people who come can do so in a space where they feel comfortable and safe to be vulnerable and connect to themselves without anything needing to be said or done about these aspects of our humanity.

A space in which people can come to nourish themselves and be there in their own skin fully and presently to encompass a state of being that is empowered and truthful.

Tiff dials in the meditation vibe in her classes and loves teaching meditation to beginners and encourages meditation to the skeptical – the neuroplasticity that meditation offers is a license to oneself that is unparalleled. 

When I go into one of Tiff’s classes, this aspect of the class is a formidable entity to ground and align oneself within.

peace of mind in yoga

What Are Your Future Goals As A Yoga Practitioner?

Not only is Tiff an accomplished yoga instructor, she also is working towards a psychology degree to get a Masters in counseling.

Her long term investment into Reiki and yoga combined with behavioural therapy will enable her to assist those who are seeking alignment within to re frame and reshape the landscape of their brains.

Tiff has a solid connection and would even describe herself as being obsessed with nature which seems about right in terms of someone having a dialed in sense of self.

The connection we all have with nature is profound, powerful and yields immensely cool outcomes should you go explore your capabilities in harmony with it.

The energy of the Earth is a palpable energy and you will find individuals of higher vibrations inclined to be spending their time and investment in concert with what it can provide in terms of health, well-being, recreation, mindfulness and a connection with something greater within – in Spirit.

energy of the earth

What Is The Most Rewarding and The Most Challenging Part of your Job Presently?

The responses that Tiff dialed in for these questions proves a super solid vibe and denotes her connectivity and authentic willingness to heal and empower those with whom she has contact.

For both questions, the answer leads back to her students.

The most rewarding aspect of being a yoga teacher and a student of psychology is the integration that knowledge lends itself to in terms of supporting the well-being of a fellow human.

Students can sometimes come to the mat enveloped in emotion and stress – the meditative and honouring approach that Tiff infuses in her classes proves a level up and stress relief for those seeking a more balanced and solid state of being to show up in throughout their day.

we all bleed red

Understanding how to encompass an energy of support and dynamics so as to reach out to the variety of individuals that show up in different states with their own life’s issues to the mat. With such a variety of characters that Tiff encounters, she uses this aspect of our humanity as a source of learning – she states that she is not just the teacher of these students, but also is learning from them, how to level up her game with so many dynamic elements at play.

She has her impact at the forefront of her application in that she consciously is aware of how her speech, her motions, her words and her overall energy influences those whom she gives guidance to on the mat. 

Without her students, there would be no growth – the best way to learn something is to become the teacher of it and her students contribute to her expansion.

That is all kinds of cool on many different levels.

Have You Witnessed/Experienced Yoga As A Modality For Healing?

I learned that yoga was a place that Tiff turned to when she was healing an eating disorder. She felt like on the heavy days, it was a place she could show up with no expectations of herself, other than to be there fully within herself. I loved hearing of Tiff’s journey, because yoga is something I turned to in an attempt to heal my back.

I was also drawn to it quite easily beforehand because of the sense of peace and empowerment it encompassed for me.

Looking at Tiff you would never imagine that an eating disorder would be in the realm of something a force like herself would have to have contended with, but the truth is, that we all carry aspects of ourselves, the shadow self that we need to address and conquer.

Being open about my neural issues has made some people uncomfortable, but that is okay as nothing every grows in your comfort zone and it’s not my job to make other people comfortable with who I am. 

I am quite comfortable with the uncomfortable and I commend this formidable woman for owning her story and being empowered enough to share it openly and without shame.

brene brown motivational quote

I often wonder what the world would be like should we all embrace ourselves in our entirety and be openly expressive about how to nurture and become the best versions of ourselves.

Judgement can be rampant among the unconscious, so it is a beautiful contrast to know of the consciousness level up the investment Tiff has made into herself provides this world with a solid vibe.

Ardent authenticity is how I would describe her manner and that too, gives off serious inspirational feels.

authentic and empowering

As I heal along my journey, I encountered a resonant energy and lightness in Tiff that was just what I needed at just the right moment and my intuitive feels have now dialed in this monthly feature to spread a good vibe.

The sisterhood is a thing and if we empower each other, then we stand strong and united in our oneness.

empowered women empower women

This is a good vibe to roll with and one well to endorse.

Empowered women, empower women and men. Same as men. Empowered men, empower women and men.

It is only in our ability to govern and master ourselves that we are able to distill this kind of energy onto our fellow humans.

This world gives off a radiant vibe with the likes of conscious, intelligent, athletic, strong-willed and dynamic women like Tiff Tickner and I am grateful to know of her and been given the opportunity to learn more about her and her journey.

How Does Yoga Impact A Person’s Life Experience That You Have Noted In Your Time Witnessing And Guiding Other People In The Practice Of Yoga?

no competition in yoga

We will close up this awesome feature exploration with some very profound and inspiring words that were distilled to me in the answering of the question above and I will say that the demonstration of these words resonated with me and my experience with yoga.

Tiff spoke very eloquently about her knowledge and desire to instill in others the awareness that yoga brings to a person’s life force.

Instances where our actions and words leave impact – yoga is an avenue into the Self that, if sincere in its application can created this space of pause before reactivity – which fundamentally shifts your relationship to the world around you.

practice the pause

Tiff practices gratitude and encompasses the feels of fortune in terms of how she speaks about the experiences she has had leading yoga classes.

She really invests her time and life energy in the cultivation of her classes and if you take one of her classes they flow seamlessly and with a beautiful rhythmic application from one set of poses to the next – combined with her verbal empowerment of knowledge and a good style and selection of music that ranges from Liquid Mind to Bob Marley, it is evident that this woman takes a good deal of investment prior to executing her classes.

With this investment, Tiff acknowledges that it can sometimes prove hurtful for her if people are not rewarded after dialing in one of her classes.

Although she acknowledges that you cannot apply a one size fits all vibe for all the dynamic people that exist in this world in both Mind and Body – it is of value to her to receive constructive feedback and a thick skin has had to be cultivated in regards to those who criticize or judge her classes. The feedback is appreciated and is considered and taken on if it proves to yield an expanded energy of growth.

If the feedback is rooted in criticism and unhelpful comments (few and far between I imagine and indicative of an others state of being ) then the thick skin comes in handy.

resilient yoga teacher

What may be one hour of your day in a yoga class is also an invested and expanded practice that Tiff has dedicated herself to with great commitment and success.

She lives with the attitude that pause has great value and this whole journey is really about the alignment within oneself and our understanding we exist as a collective.

We are one humanity and an energy of compassion and acknowledgment of this Truth is at the forefront of how she implements the teachings in her classes.

I can attest to this and in just one class I gained knowledge of 3 techniques and the physiological details of how to implement them into my yoga practice – I gained knowledge, empowerment and resonance within that hour and the inspirational feels and impact of that 60minutes propelled me to inquire further about this vibrant lady and write this monthly feature.

When you encounter a resonant energy in another person, it is a super good vibe. Tiff radiates a light, she is knowledgeable and open to learning and expansion.

She is strong, resilient and has a broad and open perspective. These are qualities I have had to cultivate from within through my trials in this life and in encountering Tiff it proves a confirmation for me that I am in a good resonance within, to be able to encounter such a formidable person and see synchronicities that exist within us both.

warrior woman pose on rock

If you want to scope out the world of Tiff online, you can access her Instagram here @c_om_pasha.

When the world has people such as Tiff Tickner showing up in this world investing in themselves, their gifts and the expression and journey that is yielded within this space proves an exponential level up of energy and impressions one can learn from and learn to implement in their own being.

Unity of Heart and Mind and the authentic expression of such a formidable combination is present and palpable in each and every one of us humans.

Tiff expresses this divinely and with grace.

There are immensely good things and good people in this world. An acknowledgment of their individual contribution that impacts the collective by way of high energetic reverberation outwards is a worthwhile investment. In doing so, the momentum of that energy can only prove to yield empowering and united results for the collective.

That, my GVL companions leads us down the gateway of the very bright and expansive goodvibes!

In sincere gratitude to Tiff, for your receptivity in this feature and I wish you all the good vibes you are capable of generating in this dynamic and beautiful world and I offer a sincere and exuberant shout out to you for being an empowered woman who heals and inspires.

You go girl.

an empowered woman who heals