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Good Vibe Monthly Feature – Todd Hills – CloudBreak Photography

Here at the GVL we are rolling with a monthly feature to highlight the happenings around this beautiful planet of ours and the people who are emanating and generating the good vibes.

  Our first feature rides the good vibe to our neighbours to the SouthWest on the expansive, dynamic and magnificent Hawaiin Island of O’ahu.

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A vibrant and creative gentleman by the name of Todd Hills is based in this formidable area of the world and telling stories with his impactful and beautifully captured impressions of the his surrounding environment.

He and his lovely lady have been dwelling on this island circa 2011 and for the visual eye candy that has been produced in his time there, the arrival of this creative talent and the majestic geographical location that is O’ahu and surrounding islands has yielded a formidable combination.

photographer and muses
He demonstrates his connectedness to creativity and investment in the people whom he shares his life.  The subjects of his precious daughter and canine companion can be seen throughout his captures.

Todd speaks about how photography proves an effective outlet for storytelling and conveying an emotional impact. He uses his creative art of photography to demonstrate to people their amazing and incredible capacities, as is inherent in the formidable natural world them.

hawaii wonder

Being connected to his emotional self and drawing on his own experience as a father, husband and all around good human being the avenue in which Todd expresses his connectivity to his subjects inspires a simple manner in which others are able to connect with their new families and the experiences that are shaping their world.

If you happen to have the good fortune of landing in the zone of O’ahu Todd dials in photo tours where you can join him for a shoot.

join for a shoot

Todd offers you the ability to see some of this worlds most epic sunrises found from Waimanalo or introduce you to the perfect emanation of light found on Lanikai.

When you go away on vacation and wonder where the secret spots that only the locals have access to for the finest areas to enjoy Todd spends his time off the beaten track and will happily guide you into areas that not all visitors have the priviliege to explore.

Whether you are a native to the Islands of Hawaii or are looking to discover the magnificent abundance of destination spots this world has to offer, reaching out to a dude like Todd on your adventures is sure to garner the good feels and lead to some pretty epic and memorable experiences.

Connect with Todd here:

Todd Hills – Cloud Break Photography