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Good Vibe Feature – End of Year School Celebration – Proud of Me!

Hello and welcome to a follow up from last month’s GVL feature where we are in empowerment and support of your children’s education and school experience. Kids work hard all year and deserve an end of year school celebration. 

June is in full swing and our good vibe feature for this month is in support of the ESTEEM of your KIDS. Providing them an end of school year celebration is a surefire way to empower them!

If you can spare an hour or two of an afternoon and your child’s teacher is receptive and willing, here is a great layout of activities to harness the good feels and celebrate your little one’s accomplishment of making it one more year through the school system.An end of year school celebration is superior feel for a little human.

For some this endeavour can be a breeze, but as studies show, a good portion of kids experiences at school are not suited to nurture their individual and unique well-being.

In an effort to realign these results, on a fundamental and broad level that can be reached to all of us humans regardless of cultural backgrounds is the celebration, the acknowledgement of making it through the year successfully!

If you are childless, then this is a great opportunity too, for any connected family member and/or friend to engage and participate in the learning and celebration of the little people you may have peripherally in your life.

This layout below delineates a fun tangible and organic manner in which your child can get outside, engage in further learning and create and celebrate their accomplishments. And end of year school celebration that will generate the good feels!

The intended Grade for this tag on to last month’s feature is intended for a Grade 2 vibes and it breaks down like this:

End of Year School Celebration – Proud of Me!

1. Prep Pep Talk in the class about the intention behind the excursion and the anticipated state of behaviour and attitude before we proceed outdoors.

kids pep talk

Kids are then given one of their own individual maps to get them from the class to the 1st station in the park.

On the map, it will show them how to get to the 1st station.

The kids will follow the path of the map as they make their way to the park. There will be stickers in the back of the map book I will create (insert how to make a map here) and the stickers are added to the spaces on the map as markers for completing the tasks.

kids navigating maps

2. Once the children arrive at the first station there will be stations for each group in which there will be set up rocks with numbers already inscribed upon them as well as a bunch of sharpie markers. (paints too messy and sharpies are super effective and easy to transport)

There will be a 1st station instruction page within their maps.

The first station will require the children to choose a rock with a number on it and then write their initials on the other side.

They are free to decorate the rock as they choose as long as the number and the name is clearly legible.

kids painting rocks

20 minutes allotted for walk to rock completion.

3. After their rock is complete, they will refer to their maps and make their way to station #2.

They can go as they please, as the space in the park is open and the kids are free to run and play as they see fit, as long as they complete the task of getting to station #2 with in the time allotted.

Guidance and encouragement from guardians as necessary.

10 minutes allotted for this transition.

4. Station #2 there will be bins set up. One bin per group that is filled with natural materials from this beautiful Mama Earth.

Within this bin and hidden from view will be playing cards that have the numbers corresponding to the number on the rock they chose.

Each child will dig through the bin to find the corresponding card within to the number on their rock.

after school sensory experience

Once they have the matching card to the matching number on their rock, there will be a grid in which they have to match the card number to the number on the grid.

Once this is successfully completed, they are given their craft page.craft page sensory bin

5. The craft page will be a generic black line drawing of a child. There will be boys and girls and each child is free to choose the sex of their choosing as the papers will be altogether on the table.

With the printouts you can put a heading “Proud of Me – Accomplished Another School Year.”

The kids will be asked to write 3 things that they are proud of in regards to THEMSELVES and their accomplishment.

The craft examples will be printed for them to give them a visual aid for inspiration also, if you are up for it and with permission of the students, you can take a class photo of the kids or get the teacher to describe to you one favourable idiosyncrasy specific to each child then you can do line drawings that are geared with an outfit or individual behavioural/personality aspect of the child that would prove to resonate more connectedly with who they are as an individual and make them FEEL those good vibes of self!!

Recommended is the use of tape and glue sticks (no goopy glue as that is a logistical nightmare) available from the bins from the previous activity in which they can decorate and enhance the line drawing.

20 minutes allotted for this task.

End of Adventure.

Kids line up at the top of the hill (where the last craft will be) and on ready, set, go, they RUN AS FAST AS THEY CAN to the pathway entrance that leads out of the park and back to the school.

A teacher/helper will be there to receive them to get them back into an orderly organized fashion before they proceed back to the school.

The time frame is 70minutes and leads to an inordinate amount of…..

fun is it

That is one hour and ten minutes which in the grand scheme of thing is not a huge stretch of time and filled with a good amount of activity, engagement and structured free and creative play.

Kids Win. Parents Win. Teachers Win.