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Go Offline to Get Connected

As a new affiliate marketer and building out my website(s), it seems counter intuitive to be recommending to an audience that they should indeed go offline, but the benefits of going offline for a day or dare I say, even a week are exponentially beneficial for your mental regulation and in doing so, you may just find that your time and focus level up and propel you to invest your mental energy wisely.

offline is lit

Can You Go Offline to Get Connected?

I would say that is an emphatic YES, but can you do it? Better yet, do you have any desire to do so?

Here is a GOODVIBELIFE win! Disconnect and live in the tangible world screen free and see what kind of energy you harness in your everyday life.

go offline to get connected

I work online and I am an active social media user and up until last year, I did not recognize how much to my detriment. When I consciously decided to take a respite from social media, the level of peace and mental clarity that I was rewarded with was apparent.

It came to my attention that I had developed an addictive habit and wasn’t really consciously aware that I had done so, not to mention the amount of time and energy I freed up to focus on my goals.

Social media provided a gateway for me to feel like I was occupied and connected when in reality I was achieving nothing fast and wasting my time by way of procrastination.  In hindsight it has been very indicative of the issues I had to resolve in terms of my own esteem and self responsibility.

being offline reduces reactivity

I am in my late 30s and I still feel like I am 20 years old, but that is not actually what is going on, and the more years I spend on this planet, the more I realize how valuable my time really is and propels me to delineate more clearly how to make the most effective use of it.

After a good deal of self investment, I now feel fulfilled in my entirety and I do not seek approval or validation from those outside of myself so gaining “likes” or seeking attention online has never really been my jam, but I am an individual who has a neural wiring that lends itself to addictive behaviours. I have quit smoking, drinking and harsh street drugs and have never returned to them. When I learned why those habits were present in my life, I was able to better delineate how to eliminate them from my existence.

change may not be fast

I didn’t realize that the addiction to social media would be an entity that would affect me, but the truth is, that I succumbed to the suck in that is inherent in the intention behind social media and the results of these indulgences have never proved to benefit me more than they have hindered me.

With clarity and awareness, I am now empowered to direct my focus and attention on pursuits that prove empowering.

Are You Using the Internet with Conscious Awareness?

In this day and age it seems as though everyone has a screen in their face. It is incredibly refreshing to take a day or even a week to completely disconnect from the online world.

If I were to ask you to do so, do you think that is something that can be dialled in?

My guess is that it is totally possible but I wonder how much resistance one would feel in doing so?

disconnect and live in the tangible world

How comfortable have you become with the attachment to your screen?

It would be an interesting endeavour to recognize the behaviour or thoughts that arise in an individual when you suggest that they go without their phone or internet connection for a week. It is such a powerful entity in today’s world and generates a good momentum of energy in terms of social connections and business practices and opportunities.

The electromagnetic frequencies that emanate from technology are a palpable and it is completely understandable that our lives today are intertwined with the online world and why so many people are drawn into the abundance of information and activities are available.

online interest is vast

How much are you using the internet for your empowerment and how much is the internet gaining your unconscious attention where that time could be invested wisely elsewhere?

The aspect of the internet that sucked me in was when I realized I was spending more time scrolling posts than I was in gaining real information. I have had to consciously delineate my use of the internet and in the aftermath of this practice, I have recognized how much I had been standing in my own way in terms of the clarity and effectiveness of my own focus and spent energy.

How to keep a good vibe with you and your internet use – especially the behaviours you model for the little people you are bringing up in this world?
We here at the goodvibelife like to keep things simple, because as with anything in life, simplicity is the key to good design.

Be mindful. When you are connecting with your children, be present. Put away your phone and engage in the human interaction that we are so intrinsically built to have.

When you take a walk, take the walk fully. Take in the sounds, smells and sights that surround you. Be fully present in the act of walking rather than putting one foot in front of the other with your nose in your phone. If we are to thrive and maintain good levels of human decency and interaction, then we all need to be responsible for ourselves and our behaviours.

what you focus on expands

Are you using the internet with conscious awareness or are you controlled by it? I think the answer to this question, if you are not sure, then take a leave of absence from the online world and see how it impacts you.

So give it a go – can you go a full day offline? Or even a week? Is your time a currency?

You may just uncover that life’s luxuries are more apparent when you are fully aware and present for their unfolding in the natural world that surrounds you and your invested attention to it.