Get Your Dance On – Dancing Raises Your Vibe

It’s time to get on down and get your dance on.

I have been busting a groove as a form of release, fun, expression and just all around high vibes for as long as I can remember. In my teens I danced at parties, clubs and school events, in my twenties and early thirties I was an after hour party thrower, a committed Tuesday night disco gal and warehouse party aficionado. Music on vinyl is all kinds of sexy.

Now as a Mama Bear I get on down with an after dinner dance party with my little dude, I am learning to master the new generational stylings of the “floss” that seems to be the equivalent of what the “running man” was back when I was a young gal. Every once and a while I manage to get invited to party where the vibe is dialled in and the tile gets cut. I also raise my vibe in the morning getting a bit of my groove on in the shower.

One must never underestimate the power of harmonious and upbeat sound vibrations and the impact they have on your vibrational state of being. Dancing elevates your vibe and provides all kinds of good feels upon the vibratory patterns of the body.

I live and speak in terms of energy and vibration because i have witnessed, experienced and become knowledgeable about it and it makes the most sense for how I live in this world and understand it.

The energy that can be cultivated within your body by getting on down with careless abandon to a tune that brings you nothing but pure source energy good feels is an energy we would be wise to want to cultivate, no?

There are so many forms of dancing and for good reason – it is creative, it is dynamic, it is vibrant, it is all kinds of very good vibes. Exacting the date that dancing became a thing is a muddy endeavour as no physical artifacts have been left behind to be able to determine when dance became part of human culture. All I can conclusively determine is that it has been around for a good long while and the vast array of styles and forms that have emerged through the last century alone have yielded some phenomenally impactful and high vibrations.

In 1910 the tango was lit and the early 20s exploded with a variety of dance crazes such as the Charleston and the Jitterbug. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were quite the pair during the 30s and were always magnificent to watch and perform.

The World Wars were indicative of huge misalignment and during the 40s dancing was an outlet for people to demonstrate the way we were meant to exist and offer some respite from the low energy of hate and separation in which those wars were indicative of.

In the 50s the swing, the jive and the rockabilly rock were all vibrant pursuits. All the photos I viewed were in black and white but the nature of the content of vibrant dancing, the photographs still seem to pop.

The Freddie, the Frug the Locomotion, the Twist and the Shimmy made their way through the 60s along with many other styles of fad styles of dancing.

The 70s spawned the disco era. Let’s take a minute to appreciate the high vibrational feels that disco provides shall we? Even if you don’t dig on the disco, you cannot deny that vibe. It is palpable.

Walking into the eighties like an Egyptian and getting on down with the macarena in the 90s and jumping into the 2000s with all kinds of Gagnam Style.

Whatever your history with music and your experience of it in terms of dancing, there is a good asset here to tap into in terms of your happiness and well-being. Simplicity. Find the tune, feel the beat and get on down with your bad self.

Music and dancing can heal and the physical benefits of dancing only help you optimize your system physically but the mental benefits of dancing are in a good  zone to the extreme that you can just let your troubles dissolve.

Dancing lets you release your worries, reduce any anxious thinking and gives you the opportunity to express yourself emotionally without words. This can be a massive mental lift too because movement in the body is known to be a good vibe in secreting the chemicals that provide you with the good feels. Dancing is good exercise and a fun way to engage in some movement .

For myself personally, dancing is a very meditative and mind releasing activity. I LOVE dancing because of how it makes me feel. It can be used as a great tool to get into a very positive and uplifting space with yourself.

You can dance around anywhere and enhance and raise the vibratory patterns of the body. Dancing elevates your vibe and can be done anywhere. So get on down because dancing is super lit and your life experience can only be enhanced by doing so. Level it up with dancing?

Can you dig it?


12 thoughts on “Get Your Dance On – Dancing Raises Your Vibe

  1. You certainly know your dance history here. Can tell you have been involved for a while. I to think dancing is a way to just get away and relieve the stress, not to mention it is great exercise. 

    My father-in-law attended dances all his life. He almost never passed one up. He lived until the age of 96 and we took him to dances as long as he could stand. I am sure  this is one thing that helped him live so long.

    Great post and I hope to talk soon. Thanks

    1. Hey Wayne!  I have not doubt that the high vibrations that dancing provides for the body is a solid contributor to the vibrance of life you father-in-law is harnessing!  What a great insight to hear about! Thank you for your comment and a very happy holiday season to you and your family!

  2. Go girl, I love disco! In NYC, on Sunday at central park there is a roller skate and roller blade disco dancing. Anybody can join, there is a DJ and a section where you can skate and dance to the disco! So much fun and everyone is so nice. I used to go there every Sunday but now I moved to Queens going there sometimes is challenging, but it reminds me on how good I feel to let loose and just enjoy the music. The stress sure is reduced. Let’s all dance together!

    Happy Holidays 

    1. Hey Nuttanee!  I love that you used to get on down to disco in the heart of the vibrant energy that is NYC. Roller skating disco garners all kinds of smiles in me!  So pleased to hear and oh yeah, let’s all dance together!!  Enjoy Queens and a very happy holiday season to you too!

  3. I love dancing but I don’t think dance likes me. I learnt dancing from my friends but I just have bad steps, it really gives me joy to dance. I am planning on getting a dance tutor for myself and pay him or her some bucks for my training.

    Dancing makes me feel like I’ve achieved a great success or feel like I can do anything.

    1. Hey Lok!  As long as you are jamming to the music to your own groove and it feels like a good vibe to you, then no worries about judging your dancing as good or bad.  The whole endeavour is for joy, so if dancing makes you feel like you achieve great success, who cares whether your steps are bad or not!, right?  An instructor is a good idea if you want to add to your skill set for sure but otherwise, just get on down with yourself!  Thank you for your comment 🙂

  4. I can dig it!   I want to start dancing again.   Actually I need to start dancing again.   If you are a Mama Bear and can get down after dinner with your little dude, I have no excuses not to dance.  I first started dancing during the Urban Cowboy era.   The jitterbug, swing type of dances and fast polka’s were all my favorites because they really got the heart pumping.   

    Lately, I have been wanting to learn how to tango.   Fast, yet sexy and beautiful.   It is time to increase my vibe.   Thanks!!!   

    1. Hey Sondra!  Thank you for your vibrant and high energy comment!  You go and get your groove on girl!  Happy Holidays!!

  5. Rebecca, you really seem to love your music and dance! I appreciate you taking the time to create this insightful of history of music, dance, and its relation to our happiness. This is very important as dancing can evoke alot of different feelings and emotions that are food for the spiritual show. 

    I have experience with country, salsa, tejano, hip hop, and some other forms of dancing that come after some of those on the list. But the happiness feelings and the joy of expression are similar to what you are describing with the some of the past genres. 

    I am interested to hear and see more about your dancing and music preferences in the form of video or images. It seems like you have a lot to share and I encourage you to explore more outlets to showcase your passion for others. It would be a great way to build an audience and maybe even create your own digital product. Good luck and keep up the great work!

    1. Hey Daniel!  Sounds like you are dialling in all kinds of good vibes with your dance experience and the benefits it provides in mind and body!  I also appreciate your insights and your recommendations for expansion. Thank you for your supportive contribution!

  6. I’ve never been a big dancer but it definitely looks fun and is a great way to get some exercise in.

    I also really like the show dancing with the stars, because they make me and to learn dancing after every show.

    If someone is trying to learn to dance, what would you recommend they start out learning and doing?

    1. Hey Michael!  Dancing is totally fun in all kinds of ways!  I am pleased you find enjoyment in watching others perform the art of dancing.  I think dancing is inherent in all of us, as we were made to move so my suggestion for anyone wanting to learn how to dance is just to put on some good tunes, be present in mind and body and let it rip as the melody moves you.  If you wanted a more structural approach, youtube has some great instructional vids to get going with specific types of dance and your local community probably dials in some good vibes in terms of classes and instructions.  Whatever route you take, just have fun!  That is what we are built for 🙂  Thank you for your comment and a very Happy Holiday season to you!

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