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Get Outdoors and Keep those Good Vibes Flowing

squamish outlook

A healthy and balanced way of life can sometimes seem like a reach in today’s modern lifestyle of gadgets and technology where a good portion of our time is spent online and indoors. To keep those good vibes flowing you can harmonize with the Earth about us.

As a result, our focus and our energy can get depleted, our mental and emotional systems become imbalanced and prove to be more challenging to regulate.

To keep those good vibes flowing it is a sweet feel to engage the outdoors.

A very full and demanding life can sometimes feel overwhelming if you are not taking care of your mental, emotional and physical needs appropriately.

Having dealt in the highs and lows of complex trauma and different states of physical well-being in my 39 years I have come to learn of an extremely effective tool to increase and enhance the quality of life.

Super simple to do.

Get outside and be present in the natural world that surrounds and supports you.

Super advantageous for your health on all counts.

Indulging in and embracing the endless possibilities we have in entertaining ourselves upon the one thing we all have in common, this beautiful Earth, has exponential benefits to the overall feels you generate in your life experience.

forest bridge

Make it Easy. Make it Fun.

When you get outdoors for some fresh air and the spirit of fun, it can do wonders for your state of mind and physical health.

Implementing a myriad of fun ideas to implement outside (spontaneous or planned) can really add value to banking those good feels in your everyday life.

There is such simplicity and effectiveness in committing to a small portion of time during your day to profoundly enhance your experience of how you live in your body.

This simple practice can keep those good vibes flowing. 

This has a great impact on how you feel in and about your world, the interactions you have and the relationships you keep in it.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be adapted into your life so that it becomes a time of day or week in which you get outdoors, are indulging in an activity, with your full attention, that benefits your health and hopefully makes you feel like a kid again

my beautiful super kid is awesomecaught in a moment where everything was pure utopia.

One manner I have implemented this in my own experience was I noticed I can get into a depressive kind of mood at times, so rather than allow myself to function in a low vibe, I committed to going out every morning as soon as I woke up just to take a quick run around the block.

I have a tall glass of water, throw my running shoes on and just run around the block once.

The whole endeavor takes a mere 15 minutes, I am out first thing, fresh air, body in motion, sky above and ground below and the days I have done this, I am more connected in my interactions and feel more vibrant in mind and body about the day ahead.

15 minutes.

Super easy and yet supremely effective for setting the tone of my day ahead.

I also imagine I am in a chase scene in a movie and I have to get home ASAP which motivates me to move faster and makes it more fun…but to each their own.

my scooter ride

If running isn’t your thing, then a walk in fresh air, rain or shine, can prove to elevate your mood.

I sometimes take my scooter out and about too when I run errands.

My man and I purchased one for our 6 year old son and it has a weight restriction so I couldn’t ride it but my little dude looks so awesome and like he is having the time of his life, so I bought one, very reasonably priced and on days when it is dry, I scoot the seawall to work rather than the bus and I get there 15 minutes earlier and I am invigorated with those high vibes your body gives off when you put it into motion.

Exercise is one of the most underutilized anti depressants.

I am a huge advocate for going outdoors and engaging in some kind of physical activity.

It can be really easy and really fun. You just have to make it so!

Your Age is just a Number. It’s your Attitude that Counts.

When I suggest fun games to play outside with my awesome son Max, I haven’t even finished asking and he has already bee lined it out the door.

He is six years old and full of vibrant, youthful and what seems like never-ending energy. Have you ever known it?

That kind of energy when you start to hit your forties and after you have had kids or perhaps caught in the 9-5 grind climbing the corporate ladder or building a business from the ground up you think…hmm…do I even remember what it is like to have energy like that to burn?

Keep those good vibes flowing by engaging in pursuits that optimize the individual that is you.

Well my beautiful fellow humans, as it turns out, even in my near forties, keeping up with my 6 year old and indulging in outdoor games and activities in the spirit of connected motherhood has only proven to grow me younger in Mind and Spirit, braver in my willingness to try new things and my energy has multiplied.

I have learned that everyday I take the time to get outdoors, I am more consistently and with increasing doses, giving off those super chill, all-loving, happy, grateful Mama Bear, partner & independent lady dude vibes as opposed to days I don’t make the time and I can fall into the stressed out, exhausted, oh man man!!, super low vibes.

As an adult with your inner child aglow or as a glowing child who is learning to eventually become an adult, going outside and playing, is good for the brain, good for your Spirit and even science shows that connecting with nature and just merely being outdoors, is supremely beneficial for your health and its maintenance.

You are only as old as you allow yourself to be with your thoughts,

rock formation pileideas and beliefs about yourself.

So despite any challenges you may face physically, mentally and/or emotionally, when you get outdoors it is a chance to harness the kind of energy paralleled with being a kid again!

A surefire energetic momentum to keep those good vibes flowing.

Having fun and always maintaining your childlike sense of wonder seems synonymous with getting outside.  Keep those good vibes flowing.

 This is the avenue to keep those good vibes flowing. It encompasses a real feeling of freedom, which can offer a huge advantage to anyone in a daily grind filled with responsibilities and obligations.

Blossom like a blossom

For Little to No Cost, to Get Outdoors can Pay Dividends

One game I play with my little 6 year old guy is “The Lines of Lava” and the game is pretty easy and one of our most popular picks for fun games to play outside. We go out in the city/town/village and we start walking down the sidewalk.

Keep those good vibes flowing. The cracks in the sidewalk are where there exists flowing lava.

You have to keep walking, avoiding the cracks.

If you step on a crack, you are unable to withstand touching lava, so you lose your power and are immobile.

Your companion has to come and power you up with a hug or a fist pump (whatever your comfort level but for me, hugs from my little man are pure gold).

The first person to provide a power up gets dibs on deciding what is for snack/lunch/drink.

No opposition or real losing in the game, just a connected way to interact with my child and his imagination that gets him moving from point A to point B and gives me a chance to embrace my inner child and have some fun.

This is a very simple, easy and effective way to keep those good vibes flowing.

The rules slightly differ if we are on our scooters.

I bought my first scooter (under $100) at the age of 39 to ride by my little guy on his, and I love it!

Even today, as I was walking home with my little guy from a necessary grocery run, he found a balloon discarded on the ground outside the shopping centre.

My child is so curious and always picking things up and I take the time to educate him about dirt, garbage and germs, but most times I allow him to explore

Balloon face boybecause who am I to damper his inquisitive nature?

Today, I let him keep the balloon and then I took him to a small open grassy area nearby and we spent a good twenty minutes hitting the balloon back and forth to one another, chasing it when the wind picked up, rolling around in the grass and just generally having a magnificently joyous time together.

Easy, fun, silly and connected time with my child and it cost us nothing except a portion of our time and a thorough hand wash upon our return home.

There is No End to the Gifts of the Outdoors

From games bred from the imagination, to using recreational sport equipment (that, nowadays, can be found online at super reasonable prices) like bicycles, scooters and skateboards.

Even the use of our amazing bodies to navigate the city streets and into the deep forests, there is no end to the fun and positive impact to our entire lifestyle of health and good living by getting outdoors.

After all is said and done, my kid is tired, hungry to eat his dinner, easier to put to bed, and I feel

more alive, refreshed and invigorated having moved my body and explored my surroundings all the while engaging my inner child.

If you are parent or guardian in a spot where you need to save some cash or your budget for toys is depleted, then look to nature for the vast natural elements that children and adults alike can utilize creatively. With my dude, we paint rocks, build tree forts, make fishing poles out of sticks, balance pebbles into

statues, make leaf stamps or pick berries and take them home to throw in a pie. One need only explore a variety of cultures to see how this Earth’s natural elements can be woven into some of the most magnificent handmade goods and crafts this world has seen.

Fresh air, peaceful sounds, beautiful discoveries. Being outside has so many beneficial effects to your mind and body health, it is always a wonder to me why more people do not take advantage of the natural gifts we have just outside our doors. It encourages you to get moving, is a huge advocate for the relief of stress and when you take the time to really look around outside, the power and beauty of nature is unparalleled.

rock lookout

We Are Made for This.

Life is supposed to be good for you. Life is supposed to be fun. Go to a playground or an outdoor daycare and take a good look around and absorb what is happening in places like these. Those kids are carefree, footloose and fancy-free following activities that bring them joy and satisfy their curiosity, expanding their growth. As adults, we need to harness these same practices contributing to a well-rounded and healthy way of life. When you take even a few minutes to get outdoors and be fully there in the present moment, rather than rushing from one obligation to another, you allow yourself to cultivate the more natural aspect of your being which is connected to more peace, ease and tranquility.

Getting outside and spending time in the divine design of nature and absorbing

ocean view in Vanthe natural world and its magnificent beauty has an impact on the health of a human being that is profound and can be easily taken for granted and underestimated.

There are so many ways a person can add levity and longevity to their overall health in Mind and Body. Approached with an open mind it really is very simple. Sometimes we get so caught up in our to-do lists that we forget the essence of why we are all here or engage in habits that deplete our capacity to be at our optimal level of functioning. Life is a gift and our time on this Planet can seem long or can seem fleeting. I think it depends on the moments we are present for and the way we choose to spend our time.

The Earth is the one thing we all have in common and if you take the time to enjoy it, then your experience upon it can prove to be time very well spent.