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Freedom Thrive With a Boundaries Checklist – Your GoodVibe Thrive

Boundary Thrive


In a world where dependent relationships run rampant and people about you have their energy to compel, it is a goodvibe to ensure you are in mastery of your own energetic body to enable you the most optimal state of condition to move you through a life of your own peace and success.

Being able to be AWARE and to ESTABLISH and IMPLEMENT healthy boundaries is KEY to your PEACE and WELLBEING. 

Peace is One Of The Highest Vibratory Energy One Can Encompass & In Doing So, You Can Be Highly Creative.


Having people, even when your heart is invested in them, bleed their energy in your life to your deficit is where BOUNDARIES can prove to enable you a great deal of EMPOWERMENT.

We as co resonant beings too, enable each other’s wealth of expansion and growth, so when you compel your own energy of empowerment, you compel the same for those whom relate to you, whether they are aware of it or not. \

Do not make peoples poor behaviour towards you enable an antagonistic state within you.

stay lit on your terms

 This gives your energy and power away to someone by resonating with their toxicity. 

 Instead, it is a better vibe to CHECK IN WITH YOU, and ask yourself the right questions to see where your answers lie in terms of your own aptitude of self management to your THRIVE.

If you have a crazy maker or a series of crazy makers in your life that are depleting you in your lifeforce, then these questions below can yield you the answers you need to find the clarity within to determine where and what changes need to be made in your relational dynamic.


1. Am I able to say no to requests?

2. Am I able to understand that my ultimate happiness does not rely on others?

3. Do I find myself involved with people who repeatedly or end up hurting me?

4. Can I choose friends whom I trust can take care of me?

5. Do I consider my opinions and voice to be heard and as important as the others with whom I am relating?

6. Do people take or use my belongings without my permission?

7. Can I ask others for what I want and need?

8. Do I go along with other people rather than voicing my desires?

9. Do I feel proud of myself for being an individual with unique qualities?

10. Have I found balance between helping others and tending to mine own needs?

11. Am I able to confidently determine what I think and believe?

12. Am I able to make effective decisions?

13. Am I able to dissolve and get out of relationships that continually hurt me?

14. Am I able to stay out of other peoples problems?

15. Am I able to sort out my thoughts and feelings as separate from others?

16. Do I understand that I am not responsible for other peoples feelings?

Developing and adhering to your own personal boundaries may be a new experience for you and may prove challenging. 

Life is challenging.  

You are capable to live it and compel it as you see fit. 

The checklist above will enable you to assess in a sober manner where areas in your own management of your self relational energy and your relational aspects with others need attention.

Keep Heart. Heart led living

 You can develop any skill you put the energy into to accomplish.

When you honour and respect your own boundaries it will prove to a have a great impact of empowerment in your own life. Especially if you find yourself amongst those who seem to create conflict, disharmony or craziness in your experience.

Boundaries Are Your Empowerment Thrive. 

 They let you assert and compel who are and you are not. 

Only you are the ultimate authority in this. 

 They enable anyone around you to behave as they wish in their own behaviour and garner you an aptitude of how you will respond to them.

With practice, boundaries can yield a personal freedom of which you may have never known.

You are most definitely worth it.