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Free Will of Choice – Anybody Exercising It?

Free Will of Choice & Your Permissions Being Granted

In this Covid consciousness climate it inspires curiosity. The free will of choice kind of curiosity.

The vibration of a promoted Covid consiousness is a regression feel, which is a low vibe.

This kind of ENERGY may also curate fear, panic and anxiety in a human system.  We here at the GVL prefer to vibrate higher so we lean, instead to the expansion vibe of curiosity.

Curiosity to the degree that one would question if their free will of choice is in fact free and of their own choice.

Free Will of Choice Is A Vibration That Expands.

Expansion is the name of the game in this infinite Universe upon which we live.

Through my own expansion out of a supremely dense space I am grateful to have ignited my free will of choice.

I see things very clearly now.

I see the free will of choice

It took me a while to get to a place of complete clarity to be able to view the world in an unbiased and observer mode kind of perception.

Mentalizing processes being impeded during my developmental formative years is one of the biggest gifts I could have had bestowed upon me to understand my free will of choice.

Gaining control back over your own consciousness when it is seemingly raped from you mid life crisis style makes you or breaks you.

It is what has made me.  And transmutation of neural stress to neural coherence displays the neuroplasticity available.

I get the weary and the reluctant in terms of peoples responses to my openness about my experience.

  I fully understand it is not my job to make other people okay with who I am.  That is my responsibility and free will of choice to negate anyones opinion of me.

That is not to say I have the authority to diminish anyone.

  It Is a Clean Energetic Choice To Be In Complete Support of Your Own Preferences That Yield Your Most Optimal State of Being. Free Will of Choice Is a Prime Energy

No one need ever apologize for taking that free will of choice. We as humans contain mirror neutrons and are a collective consciousness.

What we do for ourselves in honourable devotion we exponenetiallly impact others to a benefit.

The potion of love

In full transparency and authenticity of who I am and my experience, I am light in energy.

Energy is omnipresent in many avenues of our expressions.

To remain tight lipped and non expressive with the truth of our life force energies is to do a disservice.

Life expresses.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

When you are seemingly living an aligned life and then a complex neural dissassociative situation arrives for you to field, it offers you a wealth of choice points.

And opportunities of expansion.

I decided to take my healing into my own hands when the indoctrinated mainstream avenues proved to exacerbate my stress as opposed to heal it.

  I have had quite the sobering education.

I have had the onion peel down to nothing to discover the authenticity of the skin I am actually in.

The truth of the world in which we live was a choice.

Newtonian or Quantum?

  It seems I was made to expand and so my world view is one of adopting a higher consciousness quantum model in MIND,BODY & SPIRIT.

  My free will of choice to invest in my ideals of health rather than that of the medical industry whose words, projections and practices had a very dismal and limited scope of recovery.

Free Will of Choice Is Something Everyone Has.

 Does Everyone Fully Understand What That Really Means to Exercise Free Will of Choice?

Can they, if they are indoctrinated into mainstream belief systems and practices that promote conforming to a set standard of being in the world?

It is important to maintain order and civility in our communities and there are systems and governements in place that profess to be the authorities on how to live.

  Have you seen the quality of content the mainstream media focuses upon?

Have you ever seen the Good News Channel?

There is a normalized focus on events, circumstances and people that have a negative focus.

 As if focussing on all the lower vibrational aspects of the way we humans live is any way to allow us to thrive within it?

  It just doesnt make sense to the natural order of things.

 That is not to say you negate the lower aspects of our existence nor do you sit in delusion.

You recognize that all is included and you use your free will of choice to delineate your focus.

Free will of choice focus

Science and logical human experience shows us that the nature of life is expansion.

There is no regression.  One need only look in hindsight to their own experience to see this is LAW is TRUTH.

Adopting a Covid consciousness and putting your focus upon it expands it.

 If everyone instead, used their free will of choice to focus upon health, wellness and vigilance in self care and appropriate boundaries with other humans, how different would the vibration of the planet be now?

Fly with free will of choice

There are universal laws at play in our experience and many people in the Newtonian world model get bogged down in realities that are being fed to them through the government and the media.

The mandates and focus that occur are not for the individuals best interest.

It is to serve monetary gain as money is power in that model of consciousness.

Expanding out of the lower vibes of such a consciousness means understanding you have free will of choice.

What You Focus On Expands.

In the quantum leap to freedom you come to know that who you are being is what you will be living in experience.

 If you walk around with a belief that you are immune to deadly viruses, then you can walk around in today’s world and feel quite comfortable.

 Virus is a natural part of us being biological systems on a planet.

Virus free will of choice

I acknowledge that a virus kills.

 AIDS is a serious virus that has killed many people and in Vancouver the government enabled free injection sites.

You see how the credibility gets lost.

Being human means being vigilant about being a biological system on the planet.

You wash your hands with frequency, you eat a vibrant diet, you maintain exercies and a positive mental attitude and voila!

What’s the beef?

Why so much stress?

Why so much panic?

Why so much FEAR?

It is all kinds of abnormal to the truth of lifeforce.

There is a focus of regression happening on our globe with the pandemic  and we here at the GVL always look to the ADVANTAGE.

 In doing so we recognize an uprising in peoples understanding of their own free will of choice.

Choose to Expand.

Choose to Elevate Yourself.

Choose to Look At The Good.

Choose to Be Free in Mind

Choose Not to Take These Choices.

Choose to Be You.

In all the infinite choices a person can make in a day, cultivating a strong relationship with ones own energy and their investment of it is a free will of choice pursuits win.

Free will of choice is a paradox really because everyone has complete freedom of choice in how they show up in the world.

No matter what that world looks like in the here and now.

The world ball of free will of choice

Nelson Mandela maintained a choice in his attitude for the years he was seemingly without choice, and yet, he was.  Look what became of his choices in his MIND despite his circumstances.

 Look at the movement the lovely Rosa Parks started using her free will of choice.

Being able to be in your own skin and make choices.

Choices that are confidant and unabashedly your own.

When you get tossed in the mainstream momentums of choice, then it can seem as if free will is a pipe dream.

 The truth of all humans is this – if you have the capacity to govern yourself in a self responsible manner then you have the capacity to exercise your free will of choice.

Choose wisely and to the highest value you are in esteem of within yourself.

Your world will reflect your choices.