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Travel is the Best Education

This Planet is Awesome – Go Explore It – Travel is the Best

It has been experienced by many a traveller that travel is the best education a person could ever receive being a participant on this planet Earth . There are 195 countries in this world that we have the opportunity to explore and go visit.

You live in one of them and may split your time between a couple or even several of them.

Granted, given some energy that emanates from certain areas of land, some may be more inviting than others, based on our predilections in this lifetime, but whatever your jam, know that there is a broad and expansive terrain to be uncovered.

One thing you can know as truth is that this planet is awesome and if we take the time to go explore it, then we can level up our life experience tremendously!

easy rider explores the earth

In my forty years I have yet to even scratch the surface of the expansiveness this beautiful planet has to offer us to enjoy but I have had a good amount of traveling experiences, and intend on having many more.

Anytime That I Have Traveled, It Has Expanded, Molded, Shaped, Transformed & Implemented Lasting Change In Me.

magical vistas abound

When you deposit yourself into a geographical area where you know no one, cannot speak the language and have no real concrete plan as to where you are going – then things become quite real quite fast and you get to know yourself pretty fast.

How You Handle the Unfamiliar and the Fear That Arises in You When Uncertainty is Certain is How Character is Cultivated.

travel is soul food

It enhances your relationship to your highest self because many an opportunity arises when traveling where your instincts and intuition serve you more advantageously than any travel fact book you may own.

Our Planet is Beautiful & Full of Magnificent Natural Wonders That Can Be Experienced & Absorbed 2 Elevate You 2 the Highest Levels of Excitement, Joy and Exhilaration.

beauty of this planet

We Learn Through Experience

There are thousands of travel books, brochures, guides, websites and photos on the myriad of places one can travel on this amazing globe we exist upon and you can take a look at all of those images and be profoundly impressed and inspired, but until you actually pack up a bag and go and experience those places, it’s just a mental construct.

As neuroscience and consciousness expand, we are all being awakened to a new modality of existing in the world.

It has been shown that experience is the most effective way in which a person can learn and encompass knowledge.

fresh vibrant strawberries

You can convince someone by showing them pictures of vibrant red strawberries the inherent deliciousness and sweetness contained in a strawberry, but they will not really know of what you speak entirely until they themselves take a bite of one and taste and experience it for themselves.

This goes with anything, so traveling is a great way to experience different cultures from your own perspective and firsthand point of view from experience.

When my partner and I moved to Mexico, the news was abundant with beheadings and shootings and the cartel and the drugs and the murder and all the things that keep people away from Mexico, but he and I knew that if we were aware and smart about our approach, then we would be all good.

When we lived in the South of Mexico, the state of Oaxaca, we found it to be a tranquil, celebratory, welcoming, warm and magical community.

the colourful houses of mexico

No energy of any kind that resonated with the portrayals in the media news. In fact, I witnessed more misaligned activity in the downtown core of Toronto, Canada in the five years I lived there, than I did for the five years we lived in Huatulco.

There are occurrences of love and hate all over the world.

Do you ever find it even a little curious about why our media insists on focusing on the lower vibes that exist in our society?

Why ride that train?

I think people having an awareness of social events and happenings is of value, but the amount of energy that a person can expel on topics seen in the news that actually don’t have any direct correlation with a persons world except their ability to identify as a human towards the event as seen on TV.

The content you are reacting or responding to, do you know the energetic impact it is having on you and your experience?

Ensuring a good vibe for travel is to know that you are the ambassador of your experience and how you prepare, your mindset and your ability to roll with a good vibe are all elements within your complete control no matter where you find yourself.

We really are our own life path creators, and what we focus on, expands.

My partner and I focus on the good, on the possible and keep our wits about us.

vintage luggage vibe

We had an expansive, magical and epic 5 years in the South of Mexico and raised a happy and healthy child there for the first 3 years of his life.

Had we fallen victim to the fear induced media hysteria that had our relatives heeding us with warnings, our time would not have been so life transforming.

That is not to say that we did not have to learn the hard way with some aspects of the Mexican government and culture that is not congruent with that of where we resided, but the experience of traveling teaches you to be adaptable and to learn that you are a guest in another persons established land.

It heeds a dignified presence and infuses with integrity those who aim to acknowledge and respect the customs and practices of the land in which they find themselves a visitor. The humility to maintain one’s own alignment of values and customs in a respectful and dignified manner.

Remember that you represent the land from which you are from.

rainbows everyday in travel

It is a weird but true vibe. If people from a foreign land have an interaction that leaves them with a memory, they usually define the person by where they are from.

As a result, as was for us anyway, is that you will be welcomed with open arms and treated with warm nurturing and appreciation.

You can overcome any cultural and language differences just with present moment awareness and a willingness to connect. When you ask, people will help. If you seem lost, some people will actually ask you if you need help.

Despite the hysteria and fear inducing energy the media portrays certain parts of the world, wherever you go, there you are and you can decide for yourself what your relationship to traveling to foreign lands will be.

diversity empowers and unites

As a child, we traveled extensively, even as a large family and the memories and information that broadened my horizons was wonderful.

In my twenties I did a solo backpacking trip that started with my original famjam in England, then meeting my dude in Paris to jaunt to Italy and then to the beautiful Greek Islands and then as he toured back to BC, I went onto Amsterdam and then back to the UK.

I cannot recall every moment of every trip but there are highlights and lasting memories that remain with me from the different lands that we experienced.

I was so welcome to Amsterdam – I had a Canadian flag on my pack and people were gifting me with all kinds of delights. I had an awakening when I saw the doors in the Red Light District and it was a very sobering and awakening moment for me.

amsterdam amtrak ahead

I have done several road trips in North and Central Americas, a cruise or two to Jamaica and the Bahamas….there is so much to see and do in this world and when we make an effort to go traveling and invest in experiences.

When you spend your money of travel experiences rather than material objects, the rewards you receive, in Mind, Body & Spirit are priceless.

The Brain Benefits/Psychological Wins of Travel

Some stress is great for our expansion and stepping out of your comfort zone to take a trip to a land you have yet to uncover can provide just the right kind of stress that propels you into growth and expansion.

Our bodies were made to grow, expand, move, be experienced and navigated with stealth and magical vibes.

Especially our brains.

Traveling proves to expand our neural horizons and that is a vibe that thrives.

travel to where you like

Many people live the same year over and over again.

From a young age, it is taught that you have to go to school, get a good education, so you can get a good job and then live life from a predetermined model of success which usually involves a life long career and a few repeat vacation destinations throughout the year.

There is nothing wrong or discouraging about this mode of living. It is the popular and collective way to be considered a success in this world, but……

What if, that was all wrong?

New developments in quantum science as well as a global awakening of consciousness is directing us humans towards a more expanded and easier way of being in the world.

You can just scope the two monthly features on reality creation with Sunny Sharma and Quazi Johir to understand the truth of these words.

My absorbing of the literature of Vadim Zeland has yielded a further awakening within me and I am super grateful to that mystic for his wisdom and the sharing of it.

Change is the only constant in this life, that is a firm truth.

curves four miles

It does us humans a disservice to live in adversity of this truth when a good portion of us relive the same scenario in our work and relationships day in and day out.

Familiarity is a safety net of assurance and peace for most, but what if you could get comfortable being uncomfortable?

To be certain of uncertainty takes a certain level of self mastery and the benefits of delving into the unknown provides you with the good kind of stress that can prove to elevate and expand your own life experience.

The cool thing about being human is your connectivity to your creativity of designing your own life experience.

When you work in harmony within you and the natural world that surrounds you and have an awareness of the Universal Laws in which we are all subject to, regardless of race, religion, geographical location and even beliefs, then you are well on your way to revel in the sweet spot of self actualization.

Traveling is an awesome way to expand your horizons and dip into that exhilarating field of uncertainty.

direction is in your hands

You can plan a plan and you can navigate your course, but the truth is that things will unfold as they will based on your mindset, the energy you keep and the intentions you have at the forefront of you Mind.

You cannot plan for the unexpected and with traveling it is an axiom that the unforeseeable will occur – this aspect of traveling in hugely rewarding for a brain that would do well with some expansion due to some healthy stress of being and navigating a foreign land.

When a person becomes so familiar with their own routine, there is a level of comfort that exists with such a modality of living.

It is great that people want to feel safe and secure and in knowing a pre arranged framework that is repetitive living day in and day out can seem like a good and solid life to garner much appreciation.

With the laws of relativity at play, this can prove truthful.

It can too, however, prove to stagnate. if you are repeating the same behaviours day in and day out with no change in environment, activity or new experiences, can lead to atrophy – disguised as comfortable living.

The neural expansion one receives by engaging in travel to different places is exponential to expansion and growth.

yellow bus road tripping

Promotes and Encourages a Diverse and Integrated GlobaI Consciousness

When we are able to immerse ourselves in another humans culture and see how they live, then we level up the humanity connectivity.

There is a good lot of adversity in the world and good portion of this adversity is rooted in the unconscious belief that we are separate from one another.

Of course, physically speaking, we are, but metaphysically we are all part of one grand design and all connected to a unified field of intelligence that keeps us unified.

Levels Up Your Language & Communication Skills

When I moved to Mexico I had a peripheral understanding of the Spanish language. After 6 months of living in Mexico, I became quite adept at speaking the language.

No book or.language learning to program can replace real life experience and firsthand knowledge.

When you go to a different country, it expands your repertoire in terms of how you communicate and relate.

Immersing yourself in another culture and absorbing their language and customs, offers an education that is unparalleled.

A very small percent of communication is done verbally.

level up communication

Your tone, your body language, your facial expressions, your eye gaze, all communicate.

Your attitude that you bring to any interaction is a form of energy.

The energy you want to emanate when traveling would, in my view, be one of interest, confidence and cooperation.

The world is bigger than and does not revolve solely around you, so if you are to travel it, you need to be with this fundamental understanding if you desire a smooth ride.

Understand you are worthy and have great value but in terms of importance, in the grand scheme of things not all that important so humility is a key ingredient for smooth travel.

Having to learn to navigate your basic travel needs while you are traveling about allows you to level up your language skills, should you be visiting a foreign country.

purple blue skies

Many people are not comfortable having to ask for directions or help just out of shyness or lack of confidence or permission in oneself and with traveling you are put into spaces where you just have to reach out and seek guidance from people around you.

You will always find it and your journeys of travel can be epic.

It depends on you and your mindset and your resilience to flow with the unexpected.

Being easy about it is a surefire way to make anything adventure a success.

Compassion and Empathy for People

There is a daycare lady who oversees the after school program at my son’s school.

She is from Bosnia.

My son found a contraption discarded I the playground bushes and when the playground lady saw it, she identified it as a meat or spice grinder.

Although I advocate for non littering, whoever chooses to ditch such an item playground is their prerogative and the appearance of this brass item seemed to carry some attributes that resonated with the playground lady.

She then reminisced about her years living in Bosnia and how, given it is a war torn country, denoted how grateful she was to raise her kids here in Canada.

maple leaves of canada

I was born and raised in Canada and England and it was an awareness point for me to acknowledge that freedom from war and a land of peace and democracy is not always a given.

During my years as a child I was incredibly fortunate to travel with my family.

We would do road trips to Florida from Kitchener, Ontario as well as hop a flight to England for several months in the summer to the sunny sands of South Devon, Salcombe.

devon views and vistas

Weekend jaunts from the chunnel allows you to hop about the old world with ease and efficiency whether it is Paris for the weekend or Croatia for the week, there is so much to be explored and experienced when you step out if your routine and go explore the wonder that is the world upon which we live.

I have taken a train from France to Italy while absorbing the beauty that is the European continent I have ridden mopeds to high altitudes of the Greek Islands and have nearly been towed out and lost at sea in the South Pacific.

All of these tremendous experiences have shaped and expanded who I am.

I have not even yet scratched the surface of the magnificent and wonderful vistas and landscapes this world hosts and I would venture a guess that the possibilities are infinite in terms of the education, expansion and evolvement a person gains by choosing to step out of the familiar and go traveling.

My partner and I teach our son an attitude of gratitude.

When we lived in Huatulco, our little guy was too little to retain any memory that he can recall presently, but when we took him back when he was 5 years old and saw a boy, smaller than him, carrying a wooden box full of candies to sell.

My son asked if he was doing it for fun or for school, and I explained to him he doesn’t go to school and he is helping his family make money so they can eat it allowed him an experience of relativity and further solidified our teachings of being grateful for all that you have.

Level Up the Trust in You and Expand Your Horizons.

There is the expected and the unexpected when it comes to navigating any path in life.

Traveling is an activity that makes you comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Our analytical Minds are always seeking to rationalize and provide explanations for things

You can plan out a trip to the best of your organized ability, but the truth about life is that change is ever present.

Events and circumstances are ever-changing. Travel is the best experience to really recognize this truth.

Travel propels you to be present, to handle things as they arise and get to know how you cope and handle these situations comes down to trusting in ones own abilities .

vintage cameras and photography

When I went to Amsterdam by myself there were a few situations that arose that made me have to discern my own trust and confidence in myself and I was propelled into growth as a result.

Some stress is great for our expansions and the uncertainty of being in a new land, with no one you know and no place to call home, you gain a sense of self-reliance that cannot be taught by sitting in a classroom reading about traveling.

Although, that is a great idea in itself, as knowledge of the Earth and its inhabitants as well as experience if these places and the people who inhabit them can only prove to expand tolerance and acceptance for our diversity.

Modes of traveling depend entirely on where you are at in terms of your own life, your own governance, preferences and pocket book. When I was in my 20s the hostel and backpack vibe did the trick for me, but as a gal who just hit the 40 mark, my preferences have elevated.

Traveling Can Be Fun, Affordable & Life Expanding.

It is educational, adventuresome and the possibilities for fun, expansion and growth are infinite.