Featuring the Formidable – Those Who Deal in the Currency of Energy

Energy Healing Being of the Sunshine Variety Feels is The Stoke for This Month’s Formidable Feature With The Fine Irish Gentleman…

Michael D’Alton

This Feature is a Supremely GoodVibe as It Enables Me 2 Bring 2 Light the Formidable Angels on Earth Disguised as Human Beings.

michael d'alton face pic

Light and Energy seem to be the medicines that the clear vision of 2020 have on the horizon for us humans to be moving forward 2wards & I am most privileged & honoured 2 have had experience of and mentorship from this profoundly impactful energy healer and uplifting human being, Michael D’Alton.

I was gifted the opportunity to heal a good deal of my trauma with 5 sessions with the lovely Susan Smith, another formidable biological wonder with gifts beyond the imaginations of many, of this I am certain.

She received her energy formula acumen from Michael and I am most appreciative of the time, space and attention they have invested in my interest in learning more about the vibes they are generating on this beautiful planet of ours.

our planet

I had the good fortune to visit the Blue Zone of Nosara, Costa Rica to achieve the Level 2 Instruction from Michael at the humble Blue Spirit Resort there.

The land is beautiful and you can scope some pix in this post here.

In my time in Costa Rica, I was undergoing my biological elevation through mine own healing and my experience of Michael overall, in the lucidity of mine own perception, as it allowed for with what I was fielding within myself, was a profoundly exuberant and present man with an effortless distillation of very profound and meaningful words.

A human, all around with the child, parent and adult aspect of himself in play demonstrating his connectivity to his own aligned feels within of peace and healing.

meditative spaces

Energy healing is a tricky game in some respects as you are dealing with the psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of our beings, so to try to quantify that in a business model may seem like an elusive task, but Michael D’Alton seems to have sorted it right out.

He maintains solid boundaries and is accompanied by his partner in life, Victoria Howson (who we put on hold due to covid but hope to dial in with a formidable foray into breathwork in the weeks to come)

The two of them with the formidable Susannah Spanton, Drum Queen trauma relational counselor boss babe were a force to be reckoned with and just what was needed to uproot and heal the misaligned aspects of my being to the degree that the inner peace I encompass and the inner faith I am in concert with due to the connectivity of energy is profound.

It has been life changing for me.

It is a beautiful thing to be able to celebrate those whom impact you to a benefit.

Michael T.S. D’Alton

biomes mike and the horse

How Did You Come Upon The Field of Bio Energy Healing?

Michael shares his experience that led him to be the bio energy guru from Ireland (of whom many a sentient being are now benefiting) by way of his narrative of having had acute excema and asthma as a young lad. Having your older brother sit on your chest is the analogy he used in terms of describing the physiological impact asthma was having on his system.

boys in blue

He awaited upwards of a two-year period to get to see a specialist only to have the specialist confirm for him his state of excema and asthma and no alternative treatment to cure him.

Having settled himself into his studies along with a cup of tea he went to work on his engineering studies but felt a strong pull to go back downstairs.

In doing so, he encountered an ad on the television that was promoting bio energy healing.

After coming up empty-handed with the offerings of the doctors, Michael decides to give the energy healing a go. He said that a woman was standing behind him and suddenly he could feel her massaging his backside.

Incredulous and off put by this invasion of boundaries, Michael turned round to give her the gears when to his amazement and complete surprise, she was not massaging his rear end, but was in fact standing several feet away from his body entirely.

It was in that moment that he knew the world of energy was a very real and tangible world. The manner in which he imparts his experience is infused with a humour that is best experienced firsthand.

bio energy seminar

I spoke to Michael about the most rewarding aspects of his work and the amazement factor was what he responded as the element that inspires.

To see your own realization of the world of energy and to be impacted by it is an amazing experience. I just had a bio client have his first experience with energy and the amazement in his being was palpable.

A very beautiful and ethereal experience of which the Mind cannot rationalize.

As Michael had finished his studies in engineering and was traveling about the Earth, he had a strong inclination to return to his home in Ireland. When he dialed up his famjam to see if anything was amiss, they assured him that his time was best spent out wandering and exploring as all was well, but the pull to return home outweighed the logical desire to keep traveling so BioManMike heeded that call.

The next day upon having returned, he receives a phone call about his interest in learning bio energy as a result of his having inquired about it after have completely healed from his asthma and excema.

Although he had abandoned his travel plans seemingly for this phone call, he played it super casual like and didn’t show too much enthusiasm with the person on the phone.

The Call, His Call & The Subsequent Results of That is Tremendous. Michael has Been Healing People for Decades & He is a Light of Which This World has Been Gifted.
answer the call

How Do You Sell The Currency of Energy to People? In Your Experience, Are People Able to Grasp the Concept of Energy Work?

When it comes to conveying the world of energy to people, Michael feels it is less about what you say to people, you have to get them to feel and experience it.

When they feel it, the Mind opens. When someone is moving you without touching you, people respond with disbelief, but experience the proven result.

He feels that everyone is distanced from their own healing through conditions and programs that are away from optimal health and when he invites them to explore the energy within, he is merely reminding them of something they already intrinsically know and have wired within them.

That’s why people resonate with it, even if their Minds cannot make rational sense of it.

You need not convince people, merely show them.

There are people who can witness this formidable gentleman make a good living and expand the lives of others over 30 years and then ask him to his face if the work he does is real.

He takes that with humility and tolerance however, in my view, such an inquiry with such evidence could be considered an inquiry rooted in perpetuated ignorance despite the quantum field we have all been made aware of.

plug yourself in to the light

What is the Most Rewarding Aspect of Your Work in Energy Healing?

As I mentioned above, the most rewarding aspect for Bioman Mike is when you witness the amazement when a person recognizes that energy within them and about them is a very tangible thing.

I have had this experience myself and with witnessing a person’s perceptions transform as a result of the energetic work that Michael distills and it is a profoundly beautiful and rewarding experience.

To see a person stand in front of you not really knowing what is happening but to know that something most definitely is happening, is a superior thrive vibe in play and wonder.

What Is The Most Challenging?

Michael couldn’t really give me any examples of what proves challenging to his work, which, to me sounded very spot on and in his presence I felt like there was no answer to be given. When it comes to healers and great and humble entities that are to elevate and infuse this world with good, the “challenges” are always met as if they are “opportunities”

If you ever require a quantum shift to dial that in, then check out our sista site here.

When a person is immersed in the work that is directed by their intuitive guidance, then the challenges are few and far between.

To be participatory he did cite one example of a gentleman being brought to him by the man’s wife, adamant that energy work was all kinds of hogwash.

He didn’t really engage Michael for the duration of the treatments and remained obstinent in his mindscape about he ridiculousness of bio energy work.

After his wife pointed out to her husband that his ailments seemingly disappeared after his sessions with Micheal, the man did not concede that the energy work was the cause of the only solution he seemed to have arrived at after multiple failed attempts at health prior.

Although Michael seems unattached and not at all perturbed by this occurrence, he acknowledges that this type of happening could be considered challenging, but at the end of the day, if the dude is healed, who really cares whether he admits to it or not.

This is the altruism and selflessness imbued in Michael’s being and the results of his outcomes are demonstrated yielding this vibration of unconditional acceptance and love.

He is made to be doing what he is doing.

It is in the very nature of his essence to bring healing to this world and I am most grateful to know him, not only for who he is, but how his work has shifted and elevated my life experience.

What Aspects of Yourself Do You Strive to Expand?

This BioMan does not seek expansion. He surrenders to his experience and expansion is a by product of that surrender. A very eloquent and ethereal man at his essence with a childlike enthusiasm of joy and laughter.

A formidable combination.

What is On the Horizon in Terms of Energy Work and Healing?

Michael says to me that as the technology of the world speeds up so does our humanity’s call to return to nature. One affects the other and the contrast of the our connection to the natural world and online world becomes apparent.

People seeking connectivity to a more heart centred way of living?

Energy is that language of frequency and information and people are becoming curious about it.

Technology distances our connection to the Earth and the natural world around us if it is not used with a discerning and well directed Mind.

The magnification of our disconnectiivty to the Earth is demonstrated in the manner in which we govern it.

this life is epic

Energy healing brings your hearts resonance into coherence with the natural world and more and more people are being drawn to it because it is natural to how we are designed.

Energy work has been in play for centuries but energy work has not had its time in the mainstream collective to shine.

2020 being the year of clear vision, it now has its time to shine. We are now in a collective consciousness where there is a forum to communicate what is possible with energy.

When you hear Michael speak of this, he sits with an unwavering optimism and knowing in his tone and deliverance of his speech. It’s a vibe where you are left feeling like you just know he’s right.

What Does Your Energetic Management of Self Look Like?

Michael strives for presence in himself.

He operates from a stance of self awareness and presence.

When he is in his centre it is an expansions of healing. When not aligned within, a drained energy cannot yield healing so you have to work from a place of nurturing the self.

What advice would you distill to someone who is interested in learning more about their own capabilities for self healing and are keen to learn more about energy healing?

I have come to learn and know that experiential knowledge is the best form of education as it cannot be disputed and it seems that my good mentor here is of the same attitude.

Convincing someone of something they do not believe in or have knowledge of and is not in the mainstream as a modality that the masses absorb, then experience is the best teacher.

Michael puts on these informative, vibrant, divinely timed and experiential opportunity to experience bio energy in seminars he holds in downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada.

It was happening upon his seminar that led me to my true life purpose and my return to healing and love.

For this, Michael is a kindred Spirit and an Angel here on Earth in my humble opinion.

Not only is he an accomplished engineer and bio energy practitioner, but he also proves to dial in a connected and peaceful Papa Bear vibe to his vibrant son Gabriel who I have had the pleasure to meet and see the results of a secure, kind and confidant little human as a result of having a solid Mama Bear (her facilitation to my trip was seamless) and Dad who is in the business of healing & a Divine feminine and youthful influence with Victoria, who is intelligent, connected, fun and engaging. That’s a thrive 4 that little guy!!

Again We See Here, That it Yields a Vibe That Thrives 4 ALL.

papa bear mike

It is a sweetvibe for all involved which is the name of the game when working with Universal Energy.

I have come to learn through my experience of Michael that he has a powerful presence and open to the wonder of all seen an unseen energies this world encompasses.

Although he inhabits the body of successful grown man, he carries with him a childlike innoncence and sense of wonder usually lost or diminished in those who seek not the higher dictates of their own callings.

He is mirrored beautifully in his choice of feminine energy to balance out his masculine with his partner and breathwork ladyboss Victoria Howson.

the dream team couple

When you learn to heal through your connection to the Earth and through your own physiological and universal energy sources within, the immense creative power that you encompass is unparalleled.

Should you ever want to experience this shift for yourself you can connect with Michael HERE and his formidable match Victoria dials in Breathwork HERE. It is my hope in a few months we can spotlight that being of light in her full feminine magic too in weeks to come!

I Whole-Heartedly Recommend Michael’s Bio Energy Training & The Tours Out Internationally 2 Do So.


When You Level Yourself Up Energetically, You Elevate Those Whom You Share Your Life Force Energy.

A non invasive, expanding and optimally nurturing modality of healing and being whole in the world?

Not a Bad Gig and Pretty Effen Formidable!!

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