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Empowering Your Life on Planet Earth

Empowering Your Life on Planet Earth

Naturally Loving or Synthetically Fearful?


It is a Fascinating Time to Be Alive. It is Also a Sweet Feel to Be in Command of Empowering Your LifeForce.

The influences of government that exist are projecting a mentalizing dictatorship of compliance and implementation of such misaligned mentalzing that the world has actually gone and bought into the ideals of synthetic immunity.

Not only that but if you don ‘t buy into synthetic immunity then you are now an enemy of the world and framed as a person who is a deadly threat, potentially carrying a deadly virus and must be masked, distanced, jabbed and controlled in order for people to feel safe and secure in life.

This kind of logical reasoning, is not logical nor with any reason.

It seems pretty obvious that such implementations of governance in one’s life experience does not lend itself to the thrive that is inherently found in the Natural Order.

Empowering your life


A society where TV celebrities can become Presidents, where men of the clergy have misaligned sexual predilections for little children and the human rights and freedoms act is a something that is not educated in the minds of most of the worlds inhabitants?? Makes for a cluster of human energetic chaos.

The nature of this world will always exist on the energetic structures of which people adhere themselves to and perpetuate with their expenditures of human energy.

Taking mastery over your own acumen and deliverance of life force energy is where the good vibe thrive hits your home plate and where you can empower your life within these structures.

It seems that the Universe is indeed all-inclusive so being able to delve DEEP into empowering your life is where your thrive exists.

You deserve it


In fact, one may reasonably come to the observational conclusion that too much time in a lab under the microscope or thoughts of power and profit may need some balance of logical and grounded reasoning in the naturalness of the beauty and infinite nature of LIFE.

Empowering your life


Life on a planet that is its own and very powerful entity and provides us with the nourishment we need in order survive. We as humans would do well to acknowledge the power, the infinite nature and the majesty of the Earth upon which we are gifted to live.

Instead, the mentalizing and educational investments that are being bred in 2021 is a testament to one’s own divorced ignorance from the natural world.

It is not to blame or be punitive or critical of such FACTS, but it is advantageous and expanding in nature to be AWARE of your human rights and your HUMAN POTENTIAL.

As well as the fact that you have everything naturally within you to adhere to an optimal life force energy.

Life on earth


95percent of all disease is stress related. Bruce Lipton has demonstrated this factoid beautifully through his life’s work and his books.

Any human being who has the capacity to read and do their own research can logically put together the reasoning that something is not quite right in the manner in which the world is being governed by skewed and disassociated reasoning to Natural Law.

The very inquiry and workings of the LIMBIC BRAIN SYSTEM which resides in most human systems is an inquiry worth making. The functioning of our cerebral environments create chemicals that send information to the health and wellness of our physiological health.

Mind Your Empowerment


The application of synthetic immunity into the biological systems of humans is an unnatural idea and if you look at the science of the application it could make logical sense to anyone who buys into allowing others to be the authority over their own lifeforce experience.

Three quarters of a humans immunological functioning is propelled by their genes, so an application of genetic immunological boosting could seem rational and reasonable to secure one’s own safety of wellness and health on the planet they are living upon.

The obvious misalignment that many humans seems to be unconscious to in buying into this model of health management as a successful reality is that a human system has a NATURAL CAPACITY AND INTELLIGENCE aligned with the FORCES OF NATURE to thrive.

Perhaps instead of procuring an unnatural and chemical immunological functioning one could just simply return to a more connected and natural relationship with the natural world around them.

Empowering your heart life


When FEAR is perpetrated as a method of leadership the by product of that nucleus of fundamental energy is devoid of health and well-being. Natural logic yet most are happy to normalize their own abuse and diminishment and call it freedom in living?

FEAR is a growth hormone killer. Biological FACT. LOVE enables GROWTH and EXPANSION.

FEAR suppresses the IMMUNE FUNCTIONS. Biology is made from and thrives on the energy of LOVE.

FEAR hinders the ability to make feel good chemicals in the brain and body. LOVE produces growth and expansion to a HUMAN SYSTEM.

These are Biological HUMAN Facts. If you do not believe me, there is no need for you to. Just observe your own experience and you tell me if you feel more secure, safe and in a thrive in a state of LOVE or a state of FEAR? If your state of fear has become normalized you have lost your connection to your SOURCE OF LOVE.

These are facts that are naturally ingrained in the human experience presently.

Keep the faith


The only REAL FEAR a human has to face here on planet Earth, if in harmony and mastery of themselves in symbiosis with the planet, is the fear of falling.

This is because of the logical and gravitational pull of our human experience to the planet.

All other FEARS are created by an ill directed Mind to an incoherent state of volatility within the entire human system.

This is where the good knowledge of your mentalizing processes come in.

In the aftermath of a human experience having fielded violent dis associative trauma and a broken spinal disc from one’s own detriment to one’s own full healing and acumen of self empowerment, it lends itself to a broader knowledge about the capacities a human has to harness their own mastery of health and wellness.

Empowering your life


With realignment and thrive consistently present in the state of a human’s condition, it is unnerving to witness and experience mentalizing projections in the mainstream modality of “health” as being “potentially unable to walk again” “surgery could make it worse” “you will need to be on meds for life” “I have never encountered this and I don’t know how to help you” ideals…..

The path to self healing and self actualization was the only alternative for a natural and successful return to vibrant life.

No such thing as cannot


The systems policies and management just didn’t work for the naturalness I was needing and seeking to return to an optimal state of human condition. I have a child. A child is bred to enjoy life, not be hindered by one.

In having two prominent physicians as caregivers, the education I received in terms of how the medical community governs itself was very informational and morally suspect to me.

Keeping humans dependent on their own limitations is a big business and the pharmaceutical investments that people make into the guise of maintaining “health” is so contradictory to real health, it begs the question if we as humans are indeed connected to the naturalness of wellness that is an axiom to being a human being on this expansive and infinitely natured planet we exist upon.

Or perhaps we are all cogs in the profits and power of people who have divorced themselves from themselves and the natural world in which they live (?)

The Natural Order is that everyone has the right to choose, but the mandates of today for the mainstream make it seem like you have one choice only, or else somehow your life is and will be limited in some way.

From the perspective of a person who has danced with Infinite Intelligence and can harness and run FREE ENERGY of the Cosmos, I know for sure that I am not the misaligned one in this situation of creative choice.

It is astounding the energy of victimization thinking that permeates the mindsets of modern mainstream health.

It is then even further MINDBLOWING and then hugely contradictory that these kinds of attitudes are even correlated with real health.

Empowering Your life out of victim thinking


The body is its own intelligence yet is treated and perceived as a mechanism to be controlled and manipulated. (Vaccine Passports for a jab that contains no virus but a genetic redetermining compound is a huge slap in the face to the journey and life trials of your genetic ancestry that enabled your life today)

Remaining SOVEREIGN to your NATURAL GENE POOL is How You Came to Materialize in This Life.

Would you naturally, not want to honour and respect it?

For me, I did not transmute 15 years of toxic stress conditioning energetically and years of apartheid abuse trauma and toxic masculine abuse trauma to just hand over my DNA to a government who normalizes toxic stress on human systems.

It is contradictory to life and completely illogical to expansion, not to mention the degradation of your family line.

It is actually a much more truthful and vibrant feel to the naturalness and exuberance of life that people feel safe, connected and have peace of mind.

Empowering peace of mind


I do not ignore nor dismiss that there is struggle and disease and virus and life threats every which way that exist in the human experience, but when did it become a norm to be so victimized by life?

To be perpetuating such a mindset that is divorced from the gifts and flourishing that IS the natural world.

People in the modern Western world claim to be so enamored and smitten with their new babies only to rear them fully for a year before returning to work and leaving the child with a caregiver that has no energetic connection to them whatsoever and in the name of achieving profits to provide a life for their child, free of time, space and attention from the vessel from which they are created and then call it family. Welcome to the normalization of ADHD where the solution is stated in its problem. Attention deficit means, give your kids more invested and loving attention.


In my Canadian playground experience, I have met more Phillipino and Mexican women who have more heartfelt connections with the children they nanny upwards of 40-60 hours per week for the developmental years of their life and then when I ask them how it affects them personally, being so connected to a growing human life and most responses are them lamenting about how they just have to accept it is a job and just be prepared to let them go.

Empower kids


The human investments of well-being are so contradictory to natural well-being, it is not surprising we find ourselves in a space of time when the natural world itself is retaliating by creating a form of viral activity to wipe out the species of which is antagonistic to its natural flourishing and health.

Where is There Limitation in the Universe?

There is No Such Thing.


Quantum physics demonstrates to us the infinite nature of our existence here on Earth.

Infinite Universal Love

How come this factoid is not implemented in the mainstream teachings of health and wellness?

The expansion, the variability, the potentials, the biology of belief, the expansive nature of cellular activity, the deliberate creativity of influencing the limbic brain system?

Where are all these aspects of our natural life experience implemented in modern mechanistic medicine?

Governmental “Health” roots it ideals in problems while Quantum Health roots its ideals in potentials and solutions.

If You Can Bring Wellness Back to a Diseased Body, Then You Can Proactively Create Wellness to a Diseased Planet.

The interdependence and reflectivity that is omnipresent in the energetic forces that propel reality are ours for the choosing.

Why then would the people who dictate the wellness of humanity be reflecting fear, victimization, limitation, lack of resources and overall non ownership or sovereignty over the body vessel one is in governance of? It is a skewed mentalizing that has divorced itself from the Natural Law and has entered the Egoic mismanagement of greed and power.

The world is nothing without contrast.

Conquer your mind

The people who are awakened and have taken ownership over the darkness of their Souls experience here on this planet will be at a dissonance to insecure and dependent mentalizers who allow the sovereignty of their human systems to be governed by powers outside of their powerful and intelligently connected MINDS.

Planet earth empowerment

KEEP IN MIND: No One Is To Blame & No One Is At Fault.

Letting people generate their own energy and allowing people to be themselves is a freedom you can bestow upon your own energetic mastery to live interdependently among the human race. It is the dignity of Kings and Queens to be in the sovereignty of your own confidant knowing that the Force has your back.

If this seems too far-fetched and like a Star Wars bandwagon statement, then you may do well to reconnect your HeartSpace to the Natural Wonder of the World in which you are gifted this life and who is a natural energetic force providing you with the nourishment to not only survive, but THRIVE.

The sooner that everyone wakes up to the formidable energetic acumen and power they have within them to deliberately intend and create the outcomes they wish to resonate with in the world the more harmony will be distilled in the chaos that is omnipresent.

Links of cause and effect and the metaphysical mirror principles that are at play and are a very real and tangible governing force that is unparalleled and unable to be controlled by humans is something that EVERY HUMAN BEING ON THE PLANET would benefit from being in knowledge of.

Not only in knowledge of but in experiential application of its tangible existence. Can you ever really know something without having the experience of it?

Real Knowledge is Bred From Experience, Not Ideas About the Experience, Yet You Will See The Phenomenon of Many Experts Who Will Tell You They Are Experts With No REAL EXPERIENCE of That of Which They Speak.

To learn about the Natural and Powerful Forces of Nature and their Laws and how to go about harmonizing with them, there exists the DEEP FRAMEWORK and the upcoming energetic mastery and empowerment program KEEP LIT for KIDS.


It systematically and repetitiously reprograms your state of condition to a complete thrive.

It has a format of application that requires you to invest in the systematic and repetitious nature of the exercises (tracking your awareness, minding your habits of consumables, minding your habits of thought patterns) as well as a comprehensive and expanded education through 10 life law modules of relearning a new and more empowering model of belief of life than has been previously conditioned in your experience.

This model of life living puts you in complete mastery and ownership of deliberate creativity and success in your life path trajectory moving forward.

To read about the entirety of the DEEP FRAMEWORK you can engage it HERE and HERE.

The truth is always revealed through experience and one can opt to immerse themselves in the truths and conditioning of others and those who came before them. When you are pitted in life circumstances of disempowerment, toxic stress, abuse etc you have two options in every choice that is presented to you.

1. One option is to remain a victim to your circumstances

2. The second option is to take ownership over your circumstances.

One yields dependency

The other yields mastery.

One is taken unconsciously with the flow of life.

The other is working consciously in harmony with the flow life.

Empowering your mind

Regardless of which paradigm you are buying into, your own conscious awareness is actually a very hot commodity in a world where conformity and now, compliance, are energetically present and accepted by many.

It is remarkable the permissions a person gives away unconsciously. My whole life experience has been a testament to this phenomenon.

Being able to navigate your own conscious awareness to the thrive of your own lifeforce is where your sovereignty of command lies within yourself.


Cultivating Purposeful Programming of Unconditional Love Within is Where Your Optimal Health Lies.

Just think about that statement for a minute.

The other day my son was getting pummeled physically at school for no good reason except for the code of appropriate conduct of behaviour being an afterthought to the educators who are they themselves riddled with the FEAR and STRESS vibe to adhere to the IRRATIONALLY ILLOGICAL mandates that are being handed down by people who have obviously divorced themselves from natural law and have way too much untethered energetic power of command.

The Universe is Inclusive and We Are All Given the Choice to How We Will Create the Lives We Have Been Gifted to Live.

This is not made to sound Egoicly wishy-washy as if the hippies are out to spread love and ignore the responsibilities of the energetic structures that propel us humans into our forward motion.

It is an Aptitude of Self Ownership.

An Aptitude of Self Responsibility.

An Aptitude for Ones Own Conscious Awareness.

An aptitude of knowledgeable intelligence to the dignity one can accomplish for themselves as a result of being completely aligned within with their Source of LOVE.


The energy of the world and its inhabitants have come through the imposedDiscombobulated trauma of a deathly virus but the aftermath and acumen of the human race’s mentalizing capacities are indeed always open for expansion and development.

Having your life work for you means that no matter your relationship to the world and people about you, your free will of choice and your sovereignty of command over your Lifeforce is an axiom to dignified living.

Letting people be who they are and having the courage to be yourself is the key to interdependent and free living.

To adopt your own credo of a life model of reality will prove quite advantageous should you find yourself in a state of perpetual fear or confusion as to how to navigate your path forward.

Reality choosing

I choose not to engage the Pfizer “vaccine” just because of my real life and tangible experience of the Pfizer drug reps repeatedly trying to bribe my parents with lunches, fine spirits and the highest quality garments, shows and gifts so long as they could find people to fit the model of their latest pharmaceutical. I remember my Mum getting really angry and frustrated at the lack of morality of the suggestion of pressure to purposefully misdiagnose people to pad the wallet of the drug companies. I remember very clearly the consistent display of pressure she was presented with, and even the one rep I met while working at a downtown bar in Toronto proved a very odd, invasive and unusual exchange.

Any company who tries to manipulate the truth of things to serve their end financial goals, and not only that, but put their fellow human at a deficit as a result, is not a company I trust with injecting me with a vaccine. I am not really sure either why they are calling it a vaccine because there is no actual virus contained in the application of it.

The intelligence of the human body is unparalleled by any chemical compound a conditioned human mind can invent.

Whether you choose to give your genetic coding an override by an application of a government MRNA chemical compound then that is your investment into your future of health in one direction and speaks to your investment of your ancestry.

If you choose to remain unvaccinated and follow the natural dictates of natural law and equip and fortify yourself with a healthy and natural immunity logical relationship to the Earth upon which you live and provides you your resources, then that too, takes you down a path of cause and effect of thine own right to your natural health.

The Body Can Transmute and Heal Through the HeartSpace, Whether You Get Jabbed or Not, So Best to Follow the Dictates of the Heart and Carry it Through this Life with a Well Delineated and Discernibly Managed MIND.

Peace To All Within

As Within, So Without

Make love