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Emotional Guidance System -Our Relationship To Emotion

After having an introduction or what may be a refresher in terms of the energy in the body with the chakras, we can now dial in the discussion of our Emotions. The emotional guidance system your biology contains is an information empowerment marvel.

Emotional energy is a palpable energy that is displayed as a feeling state in your body and can be manifested, expressed and observed in a variety of ways through thoughts, actions, words and gestures.

Having an understanding of the emotional guidance system is a self empowerment win!

When we cultivate an alignment within ourselves our relationship to emotion can prove to be very informational and we can use this aspect of our humanity as a system to discern and maintain this alignment.

If you are human, you have the gift of your emotional guidance system. Having an awareness of this system and how it impacts the results into your life.

What is an Emotion?

The dictionary defines the word emotion as this:

emotion a definitionWhen one does research on what an emotion actually is, there are some conflicting theories as to the number. Some folks say 4, others say 6 and 8 has been a number too!

For our purposes here, we will refer to the handy emotional scale that the good people over at Esther Hicks have dialled in for the good people of the world. Whether you can grasp the concept of receiving guidance from Infinite Intelligence, or not, if you find yourself in a human bio-suit then emotions are an axiom to your existence.

We at the GVL endorse this content, as it has proved Truthful through the application of it as well as having a natural understanding that thoughts, words and deeds are rooted in one of two fundamental emotions.

Love or Fear.

The emotional scale is a range of emotions that occur between these 2 fundamental and polar opposite ones.

The Emotional Scale Reads Like This:

emotional guidance system

Having this scale proves all kinds of goodvibes for us humans as it allows us to better understand ourselves as well as our energy levels.

Emotional energy is powerful. If your emotional quotient is low or you have no real connection to your emotions, then you can pull in all kinds of directions in reaction to the emotional energy that circulates in your physiology.

Having a good and connected emotional quotient – your intelligence and knowledge of your emotions, then they can prove to be your best tool for guiding yourself in your life with yourself and your relationships.

sad face paper emoji

Emotions are informational and can usually indicate to us in which direction we should go and respond in order to nurture and respect our own individual ways of interpreting and receiving information that impact us or inspire in us emotional reactions.

As the above scale denotes, there is a large range of emotions that a human can feel.

Emotions are meant to arise.

emotion is energy in motion

They are what make us human.

Denying or suppressing emotion will always prove to be detrimental to a human being, as they are a natural part of our existence.

To say they are not there, or to deny that they impact you, is denying an intrinsic part of being human – and trust me, if that is the route you are taking, then you are not being powerful – in fact, you would seem quite out of power.

flesh of feeling

If you cannot accept or embrace this aspect of you and cultivate some kind of connectivity to this aspect of yourself, then can you really say you are alive and living?

To repress and deny emotion, is denying a big part of your being human.

For a good long period there was a modality in society where the male species were encouraged to be free of expressing emotion.

Such phrases as “Big boys don’t cry” were a staple in many a household and amongst the collective. Boys were taught that expressing emotion was a form of weakness and that a “real man” is one that does not engage or entertain feelings.

suppressed emotional state

To be strong, you have to be immune to such things as emotions, when in actual fact the very awareness and cultivation of emotional intelligence can support and enhance your life experience to a degree that encompasses your best life and allows you to express the naturally ingrained and intrinsic informational system that you have to serve you.

I have been in the depths of depression and I have been to the heights of ecstasy and both polarities are intense. Having an awareness and a good and solid relationship with your emotional energy is an empowering practice to keep.

Ilichi Lee wrote a beautiful book called “Anger” in which he speaks about the nature of anger and mindful tools to transcend it.

Anger can be dangerous to yourself and others if it is not expressed mindfully.

forgiven not forgotten

Acting and speaking in anger has never yielded productive results for me, nor in the situations in which I have witnessed acts perpetrated when energized by the emotion of anger.

I have had to manage and heal a complex neural stress disorder due to being in the care and guidance of a parent who had serious anger/rage management issues. It’s a way better vibe to try to cultivate mindfulness with your anger and stay with it a while before acting and making a permanent decision as the result of temporary emotion.

David R Hawkins, PhD speaks of emotions in his book “Relativity vs Subjectivity” His words on anger are very insightful. He states that anger begins in infancy stemming from the narcissistic frustration of wants. It is an emotion that arises when the perception of a person signals a threat to the Ego which then regresses into your basic animal responses.

The basic antidote to anger is humility – the idea being cultivating a humble state will not feed the narcissistic tendencies of the Ego that anger arises from.

To defend against anger, see others as equals and cultivate humility.

aristotle wisdom

I came to learn that a good deal of my misguided actions and words in anger were a result of my inability to let go of the misguided actions of others perpetrations against me in anger.

And so the cycle perpetuates and demonstrates very beautifully the mirror principle of the Universe in which we live.

If you have full mindful governance over your conscious self, then feelings of anger can arise, and you can be in complete governance of how you respond or express these states of being within you.

Understanding your emotions, especially those that can cause serious harm to others should you decide to let them overtake your rational reasoning can allow for a more peaceful and goodvibe in your life and the lives of the others with whom you interact and impact.

marcus aurelius quote

I learned that anger is a tool in order to discern your safety and what you deem in alignment with that safety. As an individual that was delineated as someone with a complex neural stress disorder, the trigger and response mechanisms that occur in PTSD are profoundly intense and if in fear for my safety the fight/flight/freeze/fawn stress response is activated and my go to was always fight.

I would be mindful too, on how you frame who you are. You are always right about yourself.

The moment you allow yourself to be pinned with a diagnosis, then you are cultivating a self-fulfilling prophecy. The moment I dis identified with CPTSD and affirmed daily optimal health in Mind & Body, the resources and path opened up for me to heal and unencumber me from such a definition.

words attract

The work a person can do with energy psychology is immensely fascinating and being well curious about aspects of our humanity is empowering and a super goodvibe.

Through the research and understanding both conceptually and experientially, I learned the power of energetic systems in the body and tools to manage and optimize those systems.

Khan Academy has a great vid about the limbic system and its correlation with emotion here.

It is interesting to note and is informational to learn at the beginning of the video that experts cannot seem to agree on this aspect of our system. This denotes that the brain and our human body is a system that is a far more complex and dynamic structure that our collective has real truthful knowledge of, belief in and in some instances, gives it credit for.

Emotions play a large role in our emotional body system and when emotions are unable to express themselves in a healthy and accepting manner, then your body will demonstrate this in the form of aches, pains and disease.

consequences of anger

I noticed, as I became more mindful with meditation and breathing, tapping and grounding techniques that these responses were triggered when I would feel angry over the diminishment or disempowerment of another individual presently or I was recycling cells of trauma and uncontrolled reactivity from past instances that were leading to the destruction of myself and my family around me.

The time that a person with Complex PTSD has between a trigger (which can be a smell, sound, word…anything) and when they go into survival mode is like half a second. In order for me to heal, I had to stretch out that time.

I have a pretty good handle on it now, but during the uncovering of these aspects of myself, I perpetrated actions and words I would not deem aligned with worth and dignity for myself, nor the people whom I was affecting.

be a good human

I learned how to cultivate mindfulness through consistent meditation and I lengthened that half second time each trigger to now being in a state of self governance where they arise and I can transcend them almost immediately.

Meditation is a powerful and free tool to cultivate a higher awareness of Self.

I recommend it to anyone who is seeking peace, healing, clarity or inquisition into a more inward and self gratifying modality of living in the world. Through meditation developing the SKILL OF PRESENT MOMENT ATTENTION and through reading books and the practice of yoga, I have become emotionally intelligent.

How Can We Cultivate Emotional Intelligence?

Having an awareness of our feeling states as well as our habitual thought patterns and focus can determine the outcomes in our lives.

Emotions play a huge role in determining our outcomes.

emotions affect decisions

The Law of Attraction is based upon this concept.

The feeling states that we encompass on a perpetual basis create the attractor patterns in our lives.

The good feels generate the good vibes, the bad feels generate the bad vibes.

We are electro -magnetic beings with attractor skills.

What you see in your life is a reflection of your energetic vibration within or an aspect of yourself that resonates with their energy.

The Law of Correspondence is a powerful Law and is relevant to this theme.

correspondance law meaning

Situations and experiences in your life that you encounter are a direct reflection of what you have been doing creatively with your thoughts, emotions and actions.

If you are in a state of peace and love, then you will encounter situations, people and places that resonate with your state.

There is a delay in the mirror of how your state of being aligns with your life’s outward circumstances.

Change the inside, you change the results outside.

It is LAW.

It really is that simple, however governing and being in command of your own emotional energy, not so much.

Emotional energy can become stored and recycled in the body.

Understanding your emotions and the root behind your emotional reactions is very empowering.

Cultivating a practice of self awareness and being mindful about your reactions is a stepping stone to recognizing your patterns that may have been established due to recycling emotions and behaviours associated with them.

Using your feelings as a system to determine if you are in alignment with your true self – your true self is the self that is the best and ever expanding version of you.

When you are in joy and oozing with the good feels of love energy, you are aligned.

If you are angry bears and super moody person all the time, then it is an indication of your misalignment and consistent low vibe can and very well snowball into a bunch of bad vibes to continue.

thinking activates vibrations

Tracking your present awareness will ensure you have a handle on your thought forms that activate emotions within you. With one thought we have the power to put our own systems in a stress response, which also means that we are one thought away from a chill response too.

The key is to have an awareness of ourselves, what we are focused on and how that focus makes us feel.

Change your focus, change the emotional energy attached to it.

Life will Mirror your State of Being.

Cultivating happiness from within is a powerful pursuit because then you need not seek it outside of yourself in another. T

Your emotional guidance system determines your trajectory forth to a degree.

How does one improve their emotional states? Being mindful of the thoughts you keep and the opinions or framing you are using in reference to whatever it is that is making you dwell in the lower emotions.

You cannot prescribe a “Just be Happy” formula to people and then expect them to just suddenly take that on and accomplish the task.

The body is a cellular marvel and certain thoughts and emotions can create chemical combinations that actually create a cycle of addiction to responses and behaviours. The emotional guidance scale is a good vibe to look at to determine where you are in terms of your emotional set point.

emotions educated for response with the emotional guidance system

As a person who has quite an intimate relationship with the energies of the body and someone who has engaged and developed a consistent meditation practice, having an awareness and governance of your emotions is key.

The emotional guidance system is a powerhouse tool for your intel.

What you focus on and the thoughts that you grasp onto, play a pivotal role in how much emotional energy you expend. Being mindful of what your habitual thought patterns are constructed of is a self elevating and good vibe pursuit.

Having the tool of the emotional guidance system as well as being mindful about where you are placing your focus and attention in terms of your thoughts, words and actions is very informational about why these emotions arise.

Do you bask in the good feels of the past and long for the what was?

That’s an emotional drain.

Stay present.

Did someone say an off colour comment that triggered unworthiness within you? Your emotional guidance system enables your responsive feels to this stimuli. Allow the emotion to be fully expressed and then

Let it Go.

abraham hicks quote

Your job is not to be at the mercy of other people’s opinions or judgments, but to create yourself and govern yourself with such clarity and consistent focus that other people’s energy is not even a factor in what you are creating for yourself.

Developing emotional intelligence is super good vibe and can prove transformational to your life experience! Your emotional guidance system is an accurate barometer for your experience.

Allow all manners of emotions to flow through you and give you that raw human experience. Your growth and expansion lies in your ability to connect with this aspect of yourself with a full understanding of what the emotions signify and mean in terms of serving your best life experience.

Emotions are fleeting and you, my GVL companion, are infinite.