Drawing Somatics – A Gateway to Good Vibes

My Experience with the Good Vibes of Drawing

I didn’t really understand the power of drawing somatics until I had to heal some misaligned aspects of my being.

Violence, criticism, hate and disconnectedness are super low vibes and indicative of misaligned regulation in mind and heart. I have endured and been the cause of some seriously disempowering behaviours from which I have learned, lost relationships and had to undergo some serious self evaluation and healing.

Drawing was a gateway which offered a good amount of positive and peaceful energy into my experience. The contrast of these experiences are what led me to the beliefs I carry with me now.

Drawn from Life

I am of the belief that we are all made to exist optimally & in order for us to do so we have to govern ourselves in a vibration of APPRECIATION & LOVE.

Love Draw

The contrast experienced both living fully in the highs of a state of love and the lows of a state of hate is how I determined this to be a fundamental truth, and I am pretty sure if you take some time to think about it, you may find this resonates in your experience too.

Freedom is Sweet

I live for now, the present, and find absolutely no value in looking back. What is done is done and I have knowledge and experience that remaining present, setting goals, caring for your mind and body, practicing self responsibility and moving onward is the way to move upwards and towards ultimate freedom of self.

Our physiologies as humans, however, mean that we get conditioned to behave and respond in various manners based on our early developmental associations. When we develop as kids, our beliefs about the world are formed and if those beliefs were not indicative of worth, value, connectedness and love, or even based on archaic and disempowering ways of thinking, then chances are this has impacted you as a teenager and an adult and the life in which you are now living.

You have full control & responsibility over how you govern your life.

The way you do this is to believe that you do and take on the mind and heart sets that the world doesn’t happen to you. It happens for you. If you let it. I believe these flashbacks and suppressed memories arose in order for me to repair them within myself so I could move forward optimally in my life and become the best lady boss I am capable of becoming.

Peace Rocks

Drawing as a tool for healing has proved aces in my recovery to optimal and solid mental health. I didn’t recognize the value it was yielding to me in my life and my interest in it until after the healing of these traumas took place.

My Skill in Drawing

My skill in drawing went from basic drawing skills, doodling in sketchbooks to animation college and then eventually drawing detailed and dialled in storyboards for television shows such as Barbie’s Dreamhouse and Super Monsters on Netflix. It is actually a pretty cool vibe to know that you took a given script and then infused it with your own ideas from your life experience, take the written word and make a visual story come to life for many people to enjoy and be entertained. This was done through the use of pencil and paper – in my case it was a Cintiq tablet and stylus pen. Really cool tools for a professional creative.

Coloured Crayons

Life is a journey and through my own expansion, and looking back in hindsight, it proved exponentially powerful for me to choose a career in animation. There is a good deal of drawing involved in this career choice.

Drawing encompasses, presence, peace, creativity and inner expression. 

All prove to be of great value to the regulation of any being, but especially so, for anyone needing to reduce anxious or disempowering vibes from their life.

Draw on Your Creativity

A sketchbook as a companion is a solid vibe. You need not be Rembrandt to be able to make an impression from observation or imagination to paper.

Drawing shapes, forms, people, buildings, doodles, whatever – the act of drawing with focused attention and connection to yourself yields a space of presence and peace.

The only hindrance is a mindset that states they cannot draw.

If you have a working brain and some good digits and you can write, then you my good vibe companion, can dial in basic drawing skills.

Vintage Animation Cell

The cool thing about drawing is it is delightfully all for you. In the story art game the drawings are super messy and done super fast but their purpose is to convey the action of the story.

Traditional animation cells called for a steady hand in inking and the most optimal manner in which to delineate basic shapes and forms that best described three dimensions to encapsulate the audience.

Drawing has its techniques and its methods across the board of various pursuits. Making drawing an activity you engage in with frequency can really allow you a better relationship to yourself and your mind.

It really was a magnificent art form back in the early days of animation with hand drawn and painted cells. The Disney archives would be a very good vibe to rifle through.

My beautiful dude scored me this hand drawn cell (above) from the original animated feature Snow White. Very cool indeed. A vintage drawing infused with the energy indicative of that entire movie.

Share in the Activity of Drawing

Dink Momma

When you approach this activity and draw like a kid, you may find that drawing yields mindfulness. One need not teach kids drawing, just give them a bunch of pencils and paper and they will just throw down what their beautiful developing brains have within. It is a great tool for a child to express their feeling states nonverbally.

I love my little guy unconditionally and think that pure light emanates from him. I am also a responsible person and hold him accountable for his actions so he grows to be a man who does the same.

When I do so, and he experiences discord or anger I always encourage my spirited and fiery little guy to express himself and his feelings authentically to demonstrate to him that his feelings and being are all validated.

Drawing is a way for him to do so with little conflict and diminished aggression. It also makes for some really memorable keepsakes.

all smiley guy

This one makes me laugh because it makes me grateful that we are so close and dialled in with one another that he feels comfortable to express himself authentically.

I also have drawers filled with much more loving and vibrant expressions. I am okay being referred to as dink stinking momma dink if it means that my son is able to express his true feelings at the moment he feels them without consequence.  Acceptance of oneself and ones genuine emotions is huge in an esteemed governance of self.

We are all human and are physiologically wired to be emotional beings.  When we understand our own emotions and how they impact our lives, we can become empowered in governing ourselves with great control and expansion.

Drawing is a super handy tool for self-expression and release of thought and feeling states.

This validates his experience, so in the aftermath of slammed doors and vocal resistance,  it is way more chill for me to receive his energy he is emanating through a drawing.

love bugs mama and max

I encourage him to express himself freely and reiterate to him that no matter what is thrown down it does not affect my esteem or love for him. It’s cool.

 To me, and to him and to our dynamic, that yields a good vibe.

It is actually pretty effen cool how much you can dial in living harmoniously with another being when you take an invested interest, not only in your child but in how humans evolve and grow.


Drawing Yields Mindfulness

Drawing lends itself to using the imagination. When a person harnesses and engages their imagination it allows for them to gain a further sense of themselves and their perceptions.

It can prove a useful tool for emotional intelligence and developing the neural wirings that encompass regulation and peace in the body. It is a recommended practice for improved memory for peeps with Alzheimers as it enhances recalling skills that are diminished by this disease.

Improved memory, expanded creativity, emotional expression and regulation and harnessing the imagination are just a few of the many benefits that drawing encompasses.

That, my fellow humans, sounds like a very good vibe to me. How about you, what is your experience with drawing?

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