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Discover Tabata – Minutes to the Gateway

Welcome to the Good Jam of Tabata!

When you discover tabata you propel yourself into a space that is minutes to the gateway of super good vibes. Tabata is described as a high intensity workout.

It’s discovery was unveiled by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata and his research crew in Tokyo from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports there.

Their studies of different groups of athletes yielded the conclusive results that high-intensity (vs moderate intensity) workouts showed more increase in their cardiovascular system and muscle systems.

Strapped for Time? Get Fit with Tabata!

Tabata frames the approach of the high intensity workout like this:

1. Kill it like you are Laird Hamilton for 20 seconds

2. Be super chill like a chill person for 10 seconds

3. Complete 8 rounds and you are rolling with the Good Vibes!!


Tabata Strength Workout – What is Tabata Fitness?

Push yourself to your absolute limit for 20 seconds, rest for 10. This entails one set. You complete 8 sets of each exercise, maximizing the intensity of your body’s capabilities. All this takes place within time frames as little as 4 minutes. This workout is the one that I do coming in at 7 minutes: 7 Minute Tabata Workout with lady boss Inger Houghton

As you can see from the video and the pix above, you can dial in tabata anywhere. Outside is always a super good vibe.

Tabata Training Workouts

Dial in any exercise of your choosing that works your large muscle groups.

Here is a list of just some of the exercises you can work with based on your own physical connectedness and aptitude.

tabata goodvibe dial in

Tabata Goodvibes – The Physical Benefits of Tabata

Tabata is intense. It is simple, effective and lends itself to exerting some serious intensity that impacts both your aerobic and anaerobic systems.

This solid website here has some quality information to empower you with a knowledgeable vibe about these systems.

The screenshot to the left is from the link above. Scope it out!

These systems are methods of energy consumption and production in which your body is inclined to use the one system that is more likely to fit the bill for the task at hand.

Tabata uses both systems so is huge win for your metabolic function and enhancing your cardiovascular performance.

Goodvibes up into that heart of yours, formidable people. It is an entity within worthy of your respect & appreciation.

One theme I have recognized is pretty consistent with good results is simplicity. I really think that some of the most profound and beautiful experiences I have encountered in my life were found in moments of simplicity. I once paddled out to the open ocean when living in Mexico and was simply being, nice and chill, admiring the vast beauty when ad giant beautiful whale breached beautifully not 25 feet from where I was standing on my paddle board. It was so simple and natural yet one of the most vibrant energetic experiences I have had in heart and mind to date.

Whether it be with another being, the beautiful earth or the application of my creativity in drawing or writing, I have seen that simplicity is the key to good design. Tabata encompasses this theme and I can attest to its efficacy.

tabata benefits the body

Tabata Benefits the Mind Too

If you need a confidence boost, then making it through a tabata workout will dial in some good esteem vibes. If you can’t make it through this workout style, then a good opportunity for you to level up your capacity and relationship to your body.

Tabata is a form of high intensity exercise so it gets those good feels endorphins emanating from your cerebral crib. It is a huge motivator in terms of mental strength if you battle with low vibe patterns of thought. It is an exercise that asks of you to step up, perform and kill it.

You may notice that mentally strong people, are usually walking around in bodies that are physically fit. This is no accident. The two are inextricably linked – the Mind Body connectivity is something that would be a good vibe to understand to be able to govern optimally.

Knowledge is Power. Simple.


When you push your body to complete a tabata workout it takes mental strength to persevere. Gradually, you adopt an ease in execution after repetition of an invested practice, you look better, you feel better about yourself and this permeates into your day with your interactions with people and also what foods you are drawn to in order to fuel your body.

Water, healthy yummy foods and a tabata workout are GIFTS.

The obesity epidemic in North America is unnecessary and indicative of lazy governance of mind and body. I am honest in the view of my perceptions and in no way want to diminish anyone who is obese. I merely state the facts as I see them based on wide spread information and scientific, physiological fact as well as my own personal pursuit for knowledge and life interesting and curious life experience.

Educate, empower, and dial in a body that is indicative of good, simple and healthy living.

Kill it with Tabata!!
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