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Clarity On Getting Clarity And Ninja Style Decisiveness

Clarity On Getting Clarity & Being Decisive Like a Ninja!

We, as humans are presented with selection after selection in our daily lives in which we choose to decide what that selection will be in terms of how we fabricate them 2 shape the contents of our lives.  Being decisive like a ninja on getting clarity about your life is a sweet and elevated feel.

Getting clarity and ninja style decisiveness for the aspects that govern your life are empowerment tools.

When we have clear sight and a decisive attitude in terms of what we will accomplish and aim to achieve on our life paths, then it seems as though this clarity and decisiveness are attributes that go hand in hand with our levels of success.

If you live life in a passive manner then having clarity and being decisive may not be attributes that are even on your radar.

Life happens and you roll with it.

roll with a thrive vibe

If, however, you adopt a conscious relationship to the creative powers you possess in just being an electric and magnetic being of light then being clear and deciding specifically what that clarity looks like to you, can prove to be tools that will propel you even further into the gateway of good feel living.

The structure in which we model self care and education is aligned with making something of yourself.

just do you like you do

I will let you in on a secret – you already have within you everything you need to be optimal.

The key is to connect to the Source within you and understand how it operates optimally and then harness the activities and mindset that allow that aspect of each and every one of us to expand to our best selves.

The Very Nature of our Existence is a Happy Play of Expansion and Contraction.

If you are affluent enough to live in a country that provides education as a requirement of living, then within those systems are infinite choices for a person to make.

That’s not just in aptitude for learning or the human experience that is navigating through your school years, but your aptitude and your willingness to explore what is individual to you and how to expand to the best version of yourself involves being able to get clear on what you want to achieve and then retaining the resolve to decide to follow through with the clarity of your intentions.

To decide is to be in control.

good vibes of clarity and decisiveness

Indecision can be present in many parts of your life and wavering between two or more choices will yield split focus. Energy flows where your focus goes.

If your focus is split, then so be your results.

Commit fully to yourself as an individual.

Commit fully to cultivating the highest esteemed version of yourself.

When you choose clarity and you decide to follow a dictate of goodfeels in your journey decisiveness is your command.

you power is in the choosing

Your intent and words have immense power in creation for your experience.

Set clear intentions or set actionable goals.

Or both.

Get clear about your values.

Get clear about who you are and even who you are not.

Clarity is empowering and a game changing tool to get you to where you want to go.

Are You Clear?

Gaining clarity about who you are and what you want to accomplish takes some personal legwork.

Being able to gain clarity on who you are and what you intend to accomplish in this life is a hugely empowering place to be.

Being autonomous in your clarity is key.

The decisions you make based on your clarity of intention will impact your outcomes and results.

gaining clarity is empowerment

The unity of your own Heart and Mind should be heeded.

If expectations are thrust upon you and footsteps are expected to followed down a path that does not resonate with your own Souls calling, then getting clear about the resistance within you as a result of imposed expectations is hugely empowering too!!

We need not be in such combative and stressful spaces when it comes to decisiveness.

No need for biting nails and petrified stares.


How awesome is that, ultimately?

Our permissions are being taken away every which way when it comes to the society in which we live.

Having the freedom of personal choice and clarity of discernment in your decision-making is an empowering characteristic to carry and cultivate through your human experience.

Some people live indoctrinated with absolutely no decision-making powers at all, so the very idea that you have control to make your own decisions and become clear about who you are and what you want is incredibly empowering.

It heeds you well to ensure that you are clear about who you are, what you want and how you are going to go about getting that for yourself.

It can prove challenging breaking free from the hamster wheel of familiarity and habitually comfortable schedules and certainties but it is well worth it to align with expanded living.

choice is a good feel

I was inspired to write this post when I realized through my own experience and witnessing that of a few close friends that lack of clarity in terms of what you want to accomplish needs to be delineated or you are just riding and recycling the same vibe over and over again.

We As Humans Create Through Our Habits.

If your habit is to smoke, you create a certain level of aptitude for your lungs. If your habit is exercise, then you create a body that is accustomed to activity.

If your habit is complaining, you create things to complain about.

If your habit is meditation you create peace.

One could seek out reality creation advice or one need really only take a step back in discernment and observe their experience in hindsight to their habits and behaviours.

If you choose to be clear about your values, your goals, your commitments and the dictates of your heart then that clarity will pay in dividends to your life experience. habits to be made

Deciding Is The GoodFeels – Indecision Yields A Detriment

When lack of clarity is present it cultivates inhomogeneity or disharmony in your energy field.

Lacking clarity is akin to lacking direction and without a clear idea of your destination on a roadtrip, you would never end up where you intended to go.

Having clarity in all areas of who you are, what you want to accomplish in this life, what kind of relationships you want to keep and the impact you want to have in this life is what makes up your life experience.

Deciding to switch careers, for instance, can be a daunting decision for many.

My partner did it in his late 40s and is killing it now in his new role, and such an inspiration for me and our boy.

I was a person who wavered between my career shift goals and it only caused me more drag time to accomplish my end result.

I had one foot in one career and one foot in the next one, which was proving a disservice to both endeavours.

one foot in each direction

It wasn’t until I decided to get clear about who I was and what I wanted to really be – put it on paper and became clear about my vision did it really start to take shape.

I took the leap of faith in myself and left a lucrative consistent paycheck for the uncertainty of building my own brand and business.

The hustle and the work are not for the faint-hearted, but once the decision was made and clarity was properly delineated, the flow of creativity and work seemed to almost take on a life of its own.

You are dancing with the powers that be when you harmonize your being in alignment with clarity.

Clear sight, clear vision, clear trajectory forward of expansion.

Energy flows where attention goes, so if you have a split focus of indecision as to which path you should be investing all your energy, then you will gain choppy results.

This notion of having to juggle a million items and stress yourself out with an insane schedule is not a healthy vibe.

When you become clear about who you are and what you really want in this world then you are fully supported by infinite intelligence.

You harmonize with that energy by being clear.

the magic of clarity

Clearing out stuck recycled emotions, clearing out toxic relationships from your life, clearing out excess physical matter and clutter from your living space are all areas where clarity allows for ease of flow.

You see the theme?

When you are clear, the path becomes quite clear, even if it is uncertain.

In some respects staying in the same career for your lifetime can be hugely rewarding – when you are expanding and learning and developing and have a continued passion & inspiration for it.

Expansion and growth into one field of study can make you an expert and thus bring forth great impact on humanity as well as an inner reward of accomplishment.

If, however, you feel unsatisfied and stressed out and like you are missing the whole point about good living, then taking stock of the different areas of your life and being truly authentic with these aspects of your real self by writing a list of what is working, what is not working, what you like, what you can’t stand – and then getting clear about clearing that up.

I LOVED drawing storyboards for animation studios, but their practices are that they don’t pay their artists overtime.

what is your story

There is a bylaw that states that Technicians need not be paid overtime due to the nature of their work.

Artists work on digital devices to submit their drawings/design/animation/models and are paid accordingly to that law.

What is a 40-hour work week on paper in your contract is actually aligning to upwards of 80 hours in factual experience.

My passion for creative drawing enabled me to work two episodes at two studios until I became clear about the value and worth of my own investment and time.

It is exciting to see your name on a screen and know that you were the one that took the script to screen with your own interpretations and ideas but 40 hours of my time not being paid for is best invested in me and my growing child.

Once I became clear about that level of dignity and respect I demand of myself, it was a no brainer to continue on the freelance route.

what self respect looks like

This way, I can govern my own schedule, set my own rates and maintain a flexible schedule so that I can dial in an invested interest and engagement with the human I brought into this world.

When I brought up the injustice of the practice, I was told to hush my sound for fear of being blacklisted.

An industry that normalizes devaluing a humans time and energy in the name of prestige and fame is a false construct of limiting and diminishing energy.

Eventually, that will lead to your demise. If you learn to accept and normalize such practices, then that’s your life choice too.

No judgements, just discernment.

The truth is that you are not destined to one path in life if it is your clear choosing.

There are so many variations of yourself you will encounter on your life path – it does you a great dignified service to be authentic with yourself and clear about who you are and hope to be in this world.

Limitations Are Perceptual.

What is a limitation for one human can be an advantage to another.

The manner in which we govern the clarity of our Minds, the clarity of our intentions, the clarity of our direction, the clarity of our focus, the clarity of ourselves within….infinite ways in which clarity can be found.

One need only find the time to reach it.

Hints and clues as to lack of clarity in your life may look like frustrations, wantings, desires, and general dissatisfaction in all or some areas of your existence.

reflecting life with clarity

When was the last time you became clear about what makes you smile?

When was the last time you became clear about how to best make yourself feel amazing?

Life is designed in a way that serves you. If you don’t believe that statement then getting clear on your belief systems is a vibe that thrives too!

If your life feels like it is commanding you and your are its servant, then sitting down and putting some pen to paper, or finger to device and gain clarity on what you need to decide upon to level up your life journey….or at least enjoy it!

Staying in relationships where you decide to sacrifice your well being for the sake of a child or for the sake of what is considered culturally acceptable will suppress your Soul.

Each and everyone us is designed with our own SoulSpeak.

That is the faint murmur within you that propels you to enjoy every aspect of who you are and who you are meant to become.

Living in situations that do not set your Soul on fire?

Sad people buying into falsehoods and limitations of what we cannot accomplish?

That’s for the ignorant and faint-hearted. Ignorance can be remedied with knowledge and faint heartedness can strengthen with courage and pristine clear clarity and decisiveness to make it so.

Know that you live in an infinite Universe and absolutely anything goes.

It is up to you to decide and it is up to you to get clear on what those decisions will be and what that clarity looks like to you.

Specifically you.

Stay Golden.

life the good vibe