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Love for the Lego Brand – Lego is the Cats Meow

Lego is the cats meow, the bomb, the superyay of all things toy related is, in a nutshell, the LEGO Brand. Love for the lego brand is a love that should be expressed. As once a child who engaged in the good vibes of Lego to now being a Mama Bear and adult that still

Brand Love for the Funko Pop

Our next journey into the gateway of good vibes takes us into the brand love of the very popular and now iconic Funko Pop Brand. Super Big Brand Love for the Funko Pop! A Washington native by the name of Mike Becker founded it as a bobble head company not too long ago in 1998.

Good Vibe Monthly Feature – Todd Hills – CloudBreak Photography

Here at the GVL we are rolling with a monthly feature to highlight the happenings around this beautiful planet of ours and the people who are emanating and generating the good vibes.   Our first feature rides the good vibe to our neighbours to the SouthWest on the expansive, dynamic and magnificent Hawaiin Island of O’ahu. A

Quality Originality Integrity – The Levi’s Jean Brand

A Jean that Enhances Personal Style This post in the gateway to the goodvibes is a well-deserved and solid shout out to the Levi Strauss jean. Quality, Originality, Integrity – the Levi’s Jean Brand is all kinds of good vibes and has a proven history of being super dialled in with its longevity and application

Kids Snowboard Starter Kit – I Recommend Burton

Since I started snowboarding, I have always been a fan of the Burton brand. My fandom derives mostly from the fact that it is just a solid and quality brand, but it also garners some good feels in terms of style and panache. In 1977 Jake Burton Carpenter, inspired by Sherman Poppen and his patent

Them Chuck Taylors – All Stars Converse

This post pays homage to a classic that for some reason garners from me a very appreciative, memorable vibe. It’s them Chuck Taylors of which I speak. All Stars Converse shoes have been in my life since I was a teenager and my son now wears this brand too. I LOVE Chuck’s and all the

Nutcase Helmets Review and Links To Purchase

I am a pretty active Mama Bear. I indulge in many outdoor sports and recreational activities which means I have a selection of helmets. I have been in some pretty extreme accidents- some as a result of me exceeding my skill set and some as a result of other people not being present. This hasn’t