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Category: 2. ENGAGE IN LIFE

The Good Feels of Qigong Mastering the Energy In Your Body

As we ride further down the gateway of good feels, we come to the topic of Qigong (pronounced Chee-Gong) The good feels of Qi gong are unparalleled in terms of being energetically healthy. The Good Feels of Qigong  demonstrate that Mastering the Energy In Your Body is Simple & Powerful I was introduced to this

Travel is the Best Education

This Planet is Awesome – Go Explore It – Travel is the Best It has been experienced by many a traveller that travel is the best education a person could ever receive being a participant on this planet Earth . There are 195 countries in this world that we have the opportunity to explore and

The Good Feels of Audiobooks

The Narrative Audio Experience & The Good Feels of Audiobooks I have found the good feels of audiobooks to be a beautiful way in which to be able to go about tasks that require very little conscious thought and gift yourself the abundance that audible narratives can offer you to enhance and level up your

Human Superpower of Breathing – The Power of Your Breath

Hello and welcome to another post that harnesses the good feels and propels us even further down into the gateway to the goodvibes!! The power of your breath is a super power indeed! The Intrinsic Human Superpower of BREATHING!! The Power of Your Breath. The power of your breath is a power that remains an

Ode to the LongBoard – Good Feels of Sidewalk Surfing

Summer is upon us and that lends itself to the ripe opportunities of being outside in the beautiful sunshine.Sidewalk surfing is a sweet feel. Cruising around on a Longboard is an automobile of choice for many and here at the GVL and ode to the longboard and the good feels of sidewalk surfing are surefire

The Good Vibes of Setting Goals

This next post of engaging in a life that yields the good feels brings us to the good vibes of setting goals. Living presently is a powerful space in which you can springboard all kinds of goals to propel you further into a life of your own beautiful creation. Are you living day to day

Skydiving in the Gateway of Goodvibes – Bravery and Expansion

Here we are balancing our human lives and engaging in them full tilt, yes? If this statement proves untruthful for you and you seek the flavourful taste of adventure, than perhaps skydiving in the gateway of goodvibes is the jam for you! This dynamic and thrilling activity lends itself to bravery and expansion. I speak

You’re So Crafty – The GoodVibe Choice of Crafting

This fun post takes us through the gateway of good vibes and into the creative stylings of crafting. Crafting reaps rewards for little cost and is a fun way to connect to your inner creative and an activity you can share and enjoy with your little one(s). If you are child free then the goodvibe

Massage Your Way Through the Gateway

If you are an advocate for good living, then here you will see that a good vibe can be harnessed and you can massage your way to chill vibe – or rather, someone else with the appropriate credentials and skill will dial that in for you. Massage your way through the gateway with this activity