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The GoodVibes of Compassion – Compassion Yields Peace

Our next post of being human here at the GVL we dive into the goodvibes of compassion! Compassion yields peace and is a solid and empowering attribute to envelop and/or cultivate. Compassion – What Is It? The dictionary defines compassion as this: noun sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. Here

The Good Feels of Integrity – Integrity is Being Above Board

Integrity – What is It? The good feels of integrity is a characteristic that will keep your life on a sweet path. Integrity is synonymous with other words such as virtue, honesty, incorruptibility and straightforwardness. Integrity defined? Our good friends and resource at describe the meaning of integrity as this: Integrity is a very

Accountability is a Good Vibe – Accountability Builds Trust

You are a unique individual who has complete governance over themselves. This is a TRUTH. Many people give their power away to others because they have never been taught how magnificent and formidable they really are. Many of societal structures and modalities of thinking and educating are founded on a structure of seeking approval or

Presence Yields Power

Many a book has been written stating that the now is the moment. Presence yields power in a human’s experience and cultivating your strength of Will so that you have the skill set to maintain a state of being that engages all your senses as a result of full present moment awareness is a gateway

The Power of Words – Affirmations – Yet Another Gateway to Good Vibes

What is an Affirmation? Affirmations are a set of words in which you are in agreement with. The dictionary definition even includes that it is considered “emotional support or encouragement” which leads us to yet another GVL truth which states that the power of words, affirmations, proves to be yet another gateway to harnessing those

Balance IS the Vibe – Balance is the Gateway to Empowerment

In the dictionary, balance is described as an even distribution of weight enabling something or someone to remain upright and steady, stability of one’s mind or feelings as well as a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions. For our purposes here, harnessing a good vibe in Mind and Body

The Good Vibe Choice of Forgiveness

This post will take us deep deep into the gateway of goodfeels. The polarity of goodfeels and the act of forgiveness may not seem synonymous but the good vibe choice of forgiveness yields to you a freedom that hate, revenge, resentment and anger will not. One may even go so far as to say that

The High Vibes of Self Analysis

This post will take us into the high vibes of self-analysis – a worthy pursuit indeed! Check Yourself. Expand. Simple. Self Knowledge is Self Empowerment Acceptance of yourself in your entirety, good and bad habits across the board, allows you to better understand and accept your areas of opportunities for growth. Note that didn’t read

The Art of Communication – Learn It & Thrive in a Good Vibe

The Power of Communication Communication comes in many forms and today even more so with the popularity of social media – different forms of communication exist whether it be verbal, nonverbal, intuitive or indirect or directly, it is an essential entity and an integral aspect weaved throughout our life experience. The power of words is

Authenticity Requires Courage – Honesty Puts You in Empowerment

This next post takes us into a super good place to access the gateway to a very very solid and positive vibe. The topic of AUTHENTICITY. Authenticity requires courage and expressing one’s opinions and feelings honestly requires a level of self awareness and acceptance that is practiced by many, but elusive to most. Inauthentic governance