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Clarity On Getting Clarity And Ninja Style Decisiveness

Clarity On Getting Clarity & Being Decisive We, as humans are presented with selection after selection in our daily lives in which we choose to decide what that selection will be in terms of how we fabricate them 2 shape the contents of our lives. Getting clarity and ninja style decisiveness for the aspects that

Human Superpower of Breathing – The Power of Your Breath

Hello and welcome to another post that harnesses the good feels and propels us even further down into the gateway to the goodvibes!! The Intrinsic Human Superpower of BREATHING!! The power of your breath is a power that remains an empowering and magical technique that connects you to peace, clarity and an autonomic state of

The Good Feels of Responsiveness – Online and Off

Here we are Cruising Through the Gateway of Goodvibes to Dial in the Good Feels of RESPONSIVENESS. Being a responsive person, online and off, is a way to show up in this world that shows you are connected and understand the intrinsic connectedness of all of us dynamic and ever expanding human beings. In today’s