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Brand Love for the Funko Pop

Our next journey into the gateway of good vibes takes us into the brand love of the very popular and now iconic Funko Pop Brand.

Super Big Brand Love for the Funko Pop!

funko neighbourhood watch

A Washington native by the name of Mike Becker founded it as a bobble head company not too long ago in 1998.

Despite the company being just pass a decade in, by 2012 their sales were upwards in the range of $20 million dollars in merchandise.

That is some serious good feels for the current CEO Brian Mariotti who moved the offices to Lynnwood, Washington after Mike sold the company to him.

funko pop headquarters

Brian has expanded the company’s product lines and the general public are eating them up! Fundamental Capital, LLC acquired Funko in 2013, whcih was then bought by ACON Investments, LLC, keeping all the staff and head of the company the same and is now currently located in Everett, Washington.The Funko headquarters are where the Funko products are designed.

There is quite a lengthy process of creative ideas and conceptualization in terms of the figurines that get produced including the feedback and impressions of the public who are scooping up these figurines in droves.

Sculptor magician Nena Lijiomah and the creative directorial stylings of Sean Wilkinson are the peeps that dial in the new figures once the concept has been agreed upon and approved.

Good times!

In terms of their product line and since its inception, Funko has created almost 14 thousand products in varying toy lines.They even have a mascot who goes by the name of Freddy Funko – and as it turns out he dials in all kinds of different vibes from horoscope signs to adorning an astronaut suit.

freddy funko variety characters

A good variety of other products are released into the market place adorning the Pop! brand. Tees, toys and mini baby guy version Pop keychains (super fun) and even ceramic Funko Pop head mugs.

They are dialing in all kinds of variety and variations that are all kinds of fun.

funko pop key chain madness

One of the main reasons that the GVL digs the Funko Pop brand is because of the genius in its simplicity. We like to encompass a vibe of easy living. Easy living is simple.

The key to good design is simplicity and the details and craftsmanship of the Funko Pop Brand is clean and impactful.

funko wicker chair hair

They are a huge win in terms of spreading a good vibe and gifting to someone using a specific character to further connect with the person with whom you are gifting the Funko Pop to.

They are fun for kids to collect and even share and trade. Whether you use them for fun, for play or for collectibles, the Funko Pop Brand is a very very good vibe!

Matching a character to someone in your life is a connected and fun way to spread some love.

My little dude is called Max and has long ginger hair and loves to skateboard. Stranger Things has a female character Max, but the Funko Pop works just fine for my little man!

gender neutral funko pop

What Funko Pop would you score for yourself, or for your kids?

They are awesome for kids and they are awesome for adults who have a healthy and balanced relationship with their inner child.

In 2018 Funko even launched a line of breakfast cereals that include a mini Pop figurine inside.

funko pop cereal scores

A very cool vibe indeed! I used to love getting toys from the cereal boxes when I was a little one.

Huge score for the kids of today’s generation.

funko pop display party

We here at the GVL give a shout out to the Funko Pop Brand.

Giving off some very very good vibes!