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The First Bike Love – First Bike gives off a GoodVibe

This post will take us into the good feels for the first bike love a child experiences when first balancing upon two wheels of a bicycle.

First bike gives off a goodvibe – in fact, any balance bike that is built well is a huge good vibe win for you and the little people in your life.

Getting the little ones into a first bike love for a healthy start to their physiological relationship with themselves.

pleasure in bike riding

My partner and I invested in a first bike love and the first three years that we raised our Canadian born child in a small Mexican town it proved to be quite the talk of the town.

The people and culture of Mexico had a very familial and supportive kind of vibe and many a local would look out for our little guy touring the streets on his stellar pedal less bike.

first bike boss

First bike love balance bikes allow your little one the freedom and joy to explore the world around them while developing and enhancing their proprioception skills.

It enhances and supports your child’s innate desire to explore and be free!!

It is a phenomenal mechanism that took our guy from a pedal less bike to a pedal bike and that transition took a mere week just to get used to the pedals.

first bike fun smiles

The super cool thing about this bike is that it is lightweight enough that if your little one runs out of steam, you can hang it from your handlebars and give your little guy/gal a lift and respite as necessary.

Our little guy was on it at the age of 18months and it took him until his 5th birthday when he received his first pedal bike.

There were a number of different bikes that were on the market when we bought our first bike.

We purchased it in Canada and took it back down to Mexico where we were living at the time.

Due to the coastal salt air, the durability of material was a consideration. A low grade wood would deteriorate quite quickly so the First Bike was a great option for us as it is made with a durable hard plastic frame.

first bike easy rider

Tires with treads was top of mind too as if you have ever lived in parts of Mexico, the roads and sidewalks sometimes are not the most pristine.

Due to heavy rainfall and flooding combined with economic and most frequently hand mixed asphalt the pot holes “baches” and road destruction proves to be a geographical and cultural reality in which the community navigates and becomes accustomed to navigating during their daily interactions or commutes.

Having a bike, especially a toddler bike be equipped to handle the ins and outs of the cracks/gaping holes in the sidewalks and roads is a good vibe.

The First Bike tires are durable and in the 3 years that we had the bike we didn’t need to replace them at all and it was still in such solid condition we were able to sell it rather than it just be a giveaway.

first bike in the rain

A super solid investment and really fun and dynamic way in which your toddler can expand and view their world.

The freedom it permits for them is epic and with consistent and hands on guidance, your little one has the full capacity and capabilities to understand signals and being able to stop when you need them to.

My dude had worked with our little guy every day until eventually the stopping became an ingrained habit and method of bike etiquette.

Investment into these endeavours with your kids is a huge advantage for them and a huge parenting/guardian win and nod for you!

Encouraging your children to engage in a healthy lifestyle will be ingrained most effectively when the guardian/parent they themselves model the desired behaviour.

first bike clearing

It is a mindset and strength of will test for anyone who is in a habitual sedentary state – to implement a habitual practice of exercise is hugely beneficial for overall mental and physical health.

In fact, I credit a large portion of my healing by utilizing tools that engage and test my physical body.

Our bodies thrive when they are enhanced and utilized through any and all the wonderfully fun and good feeling activities one can engage in on this planet.

Getting your kids started as early as they are willing and ready, then whole heartedly go forth and give them the freedom to learn about how they govern themselves with a pedal free bike!

first bike cuties

You have this life – have fun with it, share and demonstrate fun and silliness to kids too – it’s a super good vibe!