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Being Human with a Daily Thrive – Keep An Elevated & GoodVibe With Empowering & Simple Habits

A sweet post over at to spread the goodfeels of maintaining an optimal vibe in your life force energy. A daily thrive investment amidst the climate we find ourselves in today is what we will piggy back into for this chillan Sunday feel.

A daily thrive self care habit checklist is a sweet feel in terms of making sure that you are showing up in your day in an optimal vibe.

Days seems to mesh together in some respects with the rate at which the frequency of the Earth seems to be perpetuating its energy.

Investing In a Daily Thrive Is An Empowerment Move.

The standstill of movement and momentum in, evidently, an opposite-from-thrive trajectory forth has lent itself to the Mother Earth to re calibrate and expunge that which does not serve.

Respect for our planet and our global community begins with oneself.

Respect your light within

The journey to self care and self discovery as an autonomous being from that of your indoctrinations and conditioning is a prime and elevated space in which to encompass.

To thrive in one’s own choice of belief and to set the stage of one’s own life in a manner that is designed for that unique individual is where the thrive experience is found.

Party of life calls for balloons

The good books of Vadim Zeland, Frederick Dodson, Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza and many more resources that are available to us to level up and expand one’s consciousness and the entire vibration of how they show up in the world.

Elevating and educating yourself continually and expansively is what the name of the game really is in terms of how you define the outcomes you will encounter on your life path forth.

Dialing in a consistent and habitual self care practice and routine as a priority to your daily vibe before your energy is pulled in every which way, is a superior self awareness feel.

Us as humans have the innate capacity to direct our attention (our energy) to whatever and whomever we choose – IF we have enough discipline of self to be able to recognize that conscious choice we all have at our disposal.

The 5 Daily Habit Thrives Bulleted

(For the full deets lowdown on these 5 thrives link it over here to Your Life Force Optimal)

1. Keep Your Vibe Free of Technology Upon Waking & Sleeping

2. Consume Water Upon Waking & Sleeping & Throughout the Day

3. Physical Exercise and Activities of Motion for the Body – BreathForce Awareness

4. Sufficient & Well Rested Sleep Cycles

5. Positive & Advantageous Mind Frames and Self Talk

Our lives are our habits. The habits we develop determine the kind of outcomes we produce in our lives. Systematic and repetitions behaviours that are rooted in well-being and optimization of the governance of your human bio suit is an investment of esteem and honour for oneself.

When you take the time to take the time to nourish what provides a roll for your soul, then you are creating and cultivating energy that will prove to overflow to an advantage to your experiences and those whom you encounter and relate.

Habits to be made

Habits are a good feel when you recognize which one’s elevate your energy in a propulsion of expansion and which of those habits prove detrimental to your well-being.

Acceptance of you in your entirety is what allows for a balanced homeostasis to descend upon the flow and trajectory you are riding forth.

Harmonize humanity

Normalizing the diminishment of oneself by overloading with responsibility and tasks to achieve are a good catalyst for deleterious health.


It’s always a good feel to understand why you are doing what you are doing. At least, if you want to live a conscious life, then to know why you do what you do, can make you see where your habits support you, or, alternatively are creating deficits for you in your life force forward.

Habit 1

Enables your body to remain in its natural frequency and vibration by eliminating the effects that blue light has on the energetic system.

Screens are a kind of spike for your dopamine and cortisol levels.

The addictive properties of frequencies unnatural to the Earth is a low vibe for your thrive.

Cultivating a discernment of your attention to your screen is a supremely elevating investment for you and your kids, should you have any.

Keep your vibe in a thrive by maintaining a vigilant feel of where your attention is invested and what kind of impact that attention has. Invest in yourself and your health and keep a screen free vibe for the first hour you wake and the final hour before you repose.

Small shift.

Big Impact.

Habit 2

Gives you what your body is made of. The science is that our bodies are predominantly water. The mass that our bodies make up are infused with this natural resource of life giving and sustaining properties.

Common sense would then stand in our reason that digesting and permeating your physiological structure with that of which it is natural made up of, is a supremely elevating thrive for the way you govern your own body’s energy.

Turn your light on inside

How do you think the day rolls forth for someone ridden with caffeine and their face in a screen versus someone who cultivates an earthy and mindful practice with a handle on themselves and consuming water?

One lends itself to a stress state vibration and the other promotes peace and regulation.

Small shift.

Big Impact.

Habit 3

Lends itself to our most optimal and most natural way to govern ourselves in this life. Perpetual motion and the movement of one’s own physiological energy is a supreme thrive for your life force energy.

We are made to move. A daily thrive involves motion.

Our cells and the natural intelligence that govern and propel us in this world is always moving, always expanding and ready for transmutation.

Electric cells

When we stagnate our life forces by remaining sedentary and stagnating the energy circulating in our bodies then we deplete the meridian pathways to acces the force of life that is intrinsic to us all.

To connect to life is to connect to the breath force we contain and is omnipresent within us. The breath is life. Read more about that BREATH in this post here.

Habit 4

How we rest and rejuvenate our physical bodies and mental & emotional processes. To deprive yourself of sufficient sleep is to deplete the lifeforce you carry within.A daily thrive is found in the amount and quality of sleep you engage.

Sending off to dreamland is a sweet feel.

If you can get enough of a handle on yourself in certain sleep cycles you can lucid dream.

It is a fun vibe!

Rainbow bubbles

If that seems like too crazy an idea then just getting sufficient sleep will suffice.

Finding the right balance for you and your unique way of being in the world is for you and only you to determine. A daily thrive for your well being is definitely found in solid sleep.

It is a sweet feel when you honour and nurture your own well-being by investing in a committed, consistent and solid sleep habits.

Strange things occur when sleep is absent, and a testament to our requirement for rest and rejuvenation periods to BALANCE. When balance is harnessed in all areas of your life then you harness the flow of life that thrives on the very concept:-)

Habit 5

Follows the concept that “All is Mind” One credo I keep to govern a superior thrive in the mind/body/Spirit combo I am touring around as is to be consciously aware of the mental frames and thought patterns that I am entertaining.

The Mind is beautiful servant however makes an atrocious master.

Anyone who has fielded traumatic stress to the brain/body system is adept at knowing this whether they have the conscious intelligence and acumen to know and acknowledge this.

To be regulated and whole is to be free. When you are in the throes of anxiety, worry, stress, fear, uncertainty and reactivity, then you are creating that in your life experience. The key is to reverberate to the world what you want mirrored back to you.

Make it golden with optimal mind frames and discernment with your mental focus. All really is Mind and a solid credo to follow is “Breath Controls Mind – Mind Controls Body”

All is mind

Being and ambassador to your life experience is a sweet vibe and you can take full ownership of that vibe by showing up every day with a conscious awareness of where your energy is invested in terms of the habits you keep.

You need not fight to change old habits that do not serve, as this creates a battle within. Acknowledge any habits that serve you not and then just take note of when you are engaging these habits.

To bring expansion to any aspect of ourselves that prove to diminish our thrive is to track them.

When you put laser focus on your habits that are detrimental, then they have the space to expand out of you.

You cannot change and shift that which you do not accept wholly. Non acceptance breeds resistance and resistance breeds problems, energetically.

Keep your vibration clean by authentic expression of your truest Truths with non judgement and pure conscious awareness.

All that is, is.

Be with it how you will, but ultimately, it is you creating the outcomes you encounter by the habits you keep.

Keep them golden and vibrant & ride that good vibe.

Love, Health and Light to All Humans