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Balance IS the Vibe – Balance is the Gateway to Empowerment

In the dictionary, balance is described as an even distribution of weight enabling something or someone to remain upright and steady, stability of one’s mind or feelings as well as a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

For our purposes here, harnessing a good vibe in Mind and Body has a direct correlation on the outcomes you encounter in your life.

We know this to be true through experience, and the one thing that remains evident is that balance is the gateway to empowerment.

Balance IS the VIBE that, if you succeed in maintaining, can yield a very empowering and expanding life experience

nature never wastes energy

Balance in Nature – The Wisdom of the Earth

Nature never wastes energy. Nature accomplishes everything impeccably and in a balanced and timely manner. The forces of Nature will always strive for balance.

Natural disasters, extreme weather conditions and dis harmonic seasonal expressions are all indicators of our Earth seeking to maintain a state of homeostasis.

When the collective consciousness of humanity is out of balance, it is mirrored in the environment.

balance yields peace

The methods in which we choose to harness and cultivate our lives here on Earth determine the health and well-being of the Planet, so implementing balance in our lives is actually a level up for the Earth in which we inhabit.

Saving the planet means saving and reigniting the connection we have within to the surrounding abundance – like when you were a kid.

You remember digging in the dirt and playing with all kinds of insects and bugs like it was the most exciting and profound thing ever? connect to the earths dirt

Even endeavours to save the planet yield an energy of fear. The intent behind people saving the planet is one of good value, but again, it is a misguided mindset that denotes lack of choice or authority in our abilities to do so.

Sometimes people get so caught up in chasing the next moment in life, they fail to balance the chase with an understanding and acknowledgment of the life sustaining energy and resources our Planet provides us to engage in and live these lives.


The power we have is in PRESENCE. In fact, so many books have been written about the infinite power one can harness when able to cultivate present moment awareness in every moment.

Our role as humans to empower the planet on which we live is to empower ourselves, from within, implementing balance and a right relationship in harmony with our life energy channels that are intrinsically linked and impacted by the natural world around us. balance for earth

Personal Power is not found outside of oneself.

It may appear so on the surface but in Truth, it is cultivated from within and our connection to the greater aspects of living in this Universe beyond the daily preoccupations that imposed social structures and limiting beliefs & conditioning entails.

The Gaia theory suggests that the Earth and her natural cycles work in harmony to support life and to keep optimally healthy. Balance in its inhabitants, yields balance in the environment.

Earth has an intrinsic and divinely orchestrated system that supports its expansion. Earth will do as she pleases to thrive and maintain balance.

When humans live in disharmony to the inherent and intrinsic nature of divinity that the planet orchestrates, balance is disrupted and natural forces will act accordingly to return to balance.

balance in anything keeps you in a flow

This is not philosophy. This is Quantum Law. (Balanced Forces, Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland)

The more power we seek outside of ourselves through monetary gain or business at the expense of the respect and dignity of the Planet in which we live, who do you think has the final authority in that situation?

If we as humans, were to genuinely endeavour upon implementing a shift in conscious awareness about the imperative requirement to live in BALANCE and HARMONY with the Earth and her abundant and powerful elements and resources then we will prove to thrive and survive as a species.

earth thrives by nature

Pillaging her for monetary, personal gain, and a preposterous egoic mindset of ownership seems to be what rolls and that is the opposite of what would be deemed a goodvibe. The woes of today in political and global circles in regards to the planet in which we inhabit would not even be a consideration of something that we need focus our attention on.

A connectedness to the Heart of oneself and to the pulse of the Earth would be a worthy criterion for anyone who is deemed fit for politics and industry, no?

When the Earth is in a state of balance, the seasons express themselves plentifully & harmonically, the air proves clean and refreshing, the oceans pristine and abundant and natural disasters few and far between.

Balance in Mind – Balance in Body

The Two are Intrinsically Linked

The majority of humans who live in affluent countries live contrary to the Laws of Nature. The relentless demands that are evident living in the modern world have yielded disconnection & separateness in people from themselves, nature and their fellow human.

Life is ever changing and flows. In fact, the only constant in this life is change.

Momentum is energy in motion and when you live the rat race lifestyle with no regard for balance in your physiology of Mind, Body & Spirit it takes a devastating toll on all 3 aspects of your well-being.

People strive for success at an astronomical cost to the dignity and respect of their health and our planet and in 1998 Cell Biologist Bruce Lipton performed a study at Stanford University Medical Research School and determined that 95% of all disease is stress related.stress is no good

A stress response in the body is essentially a hyper vigilant or depressive state of imbalance in the homeostasis of the autonomic nervous system. The sympathetic and parasympathetic aspects of this system thrives in balance.

Used productively, stress can support the body, but if a person is perpetually thrown into a stress response on a continual and consistent basis throughout their daily life, the results of maintaining a body’s cellular structure in an empowering manner are unlikely, thus creating a cellular structure ridden with disease. cells need a chill body

Presented with Lipton’s findings and understanding this part of ourselves is very empowering and a solid motivator to engage in some serious self care.

What’s more is that living a balanced and healthy lifestyle need not be a chore. If anything it should be cultivated and implemented as easily as you would go to the store to pick up some milk.

Implementing balance need not be a big chore either. Small shifts in your daily habits can prove to have exponentially rewarding results.

Simple energy shifts such as meditation and running first thing are empowering and healthy practices to get your body and mind started in a good vibe.

Drinking water instead of coffee first thing also empowers your system. For those of you who pound back a huge java first thing, do not despair. Just hold off on it and drink a large glass of water first thing. This gives your body the replenishment it needs as it awakes from its rest and digest period that the act of sleeping provides.

Water is an element that is life giving and supporting. The simplicity of implementing consistent water consumption throughout your day enhances your physiological capabilities. Especially your brain!

Studies show that the average human brain disperses upwards of 60 000 thoughts in one day. An investment into activities that optimize the Mind-Body Connection can only prove to yield a good sense of balance in your life in terms of your own governance of not only physiological energy but thought energy too. homeostasis in the body by thought

Maintaining balance in the Mind is imperative for good mental health and a positive life.

Maintaining balance in terms of what foods we nourish our Bodies with is imperative for good physiological health and our energetic output.

Maintaining balance in our connection to our own Spirit allows us to harness the energy of the Universe within. Daily.

Maintaining balance in all areas of our lives – yourself, your family, your work, your personal relationships will yield a lifestyle of good feels.

When you tend to the investment of intentionally implementing balance into your life, the results are that of joy and satisfaction.

This, my GVL companions, is a solid space to be!