Anyone Can Get Into Yoga – Yoga is Lit

After discovering the rad benefits of meditation, our journey through to the gateway of good vibe living brings us to yoga. Yoga is “lit” and the only reason I say that is because that is the term the 7-year olds of this world appear to be using nowadays and I can dig it.

Can You Do Yoga?

That is an affirmative. Yoga is dialled in, and anyone can get into yoga. My 7 year old son practices yoga and my 83 year old mother-in-law does too. Yoga is not ageist and is for everyone who can dig it. If you have a functioning and ambulatory body, then you can benefit from yoga.

The funny thing about how we live in this world is that there is sometimes a collective consciousness that people buy into by making judgements about things based on a conditioned idea of it rather than actually having a firsthand experience with it. Stereotypes. Stereotypes can be very dis empowering. I always ensure that I do not engage in stereotyping and I try to call it out when I witness it happening. I do this, because I have experienced people stereotyping me and it is just a very limited way to experience someone or something.

Everyone is vastly beautiful, dynamic and individual and I think it does a disservice to our individuality by making blanket statements or judgements about a person by the recreational activities they engage in. Examples would include skateboarders are stoners, people who do yoga are vegetarian, lulu lemon wearing tree huggers, surfers are beach bums, chess players are nerds, and so on.

Every time I have indulged and engaged in any one of the activities aforementioned, these stereotypes arise. It is all kinds of curious to me but it is what it is and I just mind my own vibe and things seem to work out. When I suggested yoga to my son, he looked at me like I was trying to get him to join a cult. When I explained to him the physical benefits and the strength gained from working the interior muscles of your body and how much strength and personal physical endurance it takes to hold a side plank on one arm with ease takes a type of discipline that is unparalleled in most physical activities.

People who practice yoga regularly and with intended expansion, are some of the most freakishly strong people in this world. The power and strength that is developed by working much deeper than the superficial layers of your muscles enables you to develop an inner core strength that provides you with power,  physical flexibility and endurance. The only tool that you need is your body. I love that yoga is the implementation of using your body as its own exercise machine.

Yoga is a good thing and you can totally do yoga, no matter your age, your height, your weight or creed – if you have a working human body in full functionality, then yoga is dialled in and you can gain massive benefits from doing it.

The Physical Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is tremendous for the physicality of the human body and although I did a full day of research to suss out exactly the science behind that statement, I know it to be true because I have lived it. I healed two lower lumbar discs with the combo of meditation and a solid & committed yoga practice. Yoga connects you with you and it allows you to understand better your body and your mental relationship with its capabilities.

Yoga is an activity where you are mindfully positioning your body into different positions and lends itself to expanded flexibility in your muscles and joints. It be gentle and yoga can be intense, and whatever your level of capacity in terms of how connected you are to your body and its mobility, yoga improves your range of motion and will strengthen and enhance your musculature that supports your joints thus optimizing their conditioning.

As I mentioned above, back pain relief and as it turns out, complete rehabilitated slipped discs can be achieved through doing specific kinds of yoga. Yoga causes your body to relax and reduces stress in the body – the combination of these benefits yield an opportunity for your physical body to gain back its alignment. I was given specific restorative yoga poses to implement during my recovery and now I have no issues at all with my lower back and I achieved this surgery and narcotic free.

Preliminary research at Harvard also offers that yoga may be of assistance in healing misaligned health in the body such as fibromyalgia, ADHD, multiple scleroses, migraines, osteoporosis and mobility and balance issues. The only time I have ever experience yoga as a dis empowering endeavour was when I had vertigo. Otherwise, I feel like the Tin(wo)Man from the Wizard of Oz if I skip my yoga stretches for more than one day. It is a result of how accustomed and acclimated I am to yoga now and it indicates to me when I need attention and focus on my physical well-being when any part of my body does not feel relaxed and tension free.

Meditation and Yoga are a cocktail your body can naturally get high on and the only crash or come down you feel is if you do not maintain a consistent upkeep of the practice of them. Runner’s high is a thing too and there are so many beautiful and high vibrational feels your body can experience. The reason you can experience these feels is because of the chemicals our brains produce depending on the state of being we are in – regulated/coherent or unregulated/incoherent. Yoga keeps your system regulated which brings us to….

The Mental Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga encourages using the breath as a method of connection with the self and as a tool to further enhance and engage in the poses of yoga to connect to the self in a more profound way.

The deep breathing that one implements during the activity of yoga provides you with a favourable relationship in regards to your autonomic nervous system. This system has the sympathetic and parasympathetic aspects which govern the regulation of our systems. Fight or flight is the work of the sympathetic system that prepares our body for survival to handle fighting, fleeing, fawning or freezing to any imminent threat.

The parasympathetic system does the work of “rest and digest” where your body is functioning in an optimally regulated state. Disease and declining health are a result of a system consistently maintaining a vibe in the direction of fight or flight whereas we are meant to really be jammin’ on the parasympathetic direction in a state of equilibrium and balance.

Yoga offers a calming of the mind, the body and yields a more peaceful and connected manner of going through your life experience as it connects you to your system in a more engaging way. It is a method to get comfortable in your own skin and the benefits to your mental health are beautifully empowering. The spiritual benefits of yoga that I have encountered along with the mental elevation and physical empowerment have made me grow exponentially in terms of my self perception and that of this world in which we live.

Our emotional and psychological energy gets stored in the body. When you work with mind body connectivity that the practice of yoga yields, you are able to release tension and become aware of where you hold bundled energy that may need resolving or releasing. Our mental and emotional states have a direct correlation on our physical health. They are intrinsically intertwined. Yoga develops your sense of self in these aspects of your being and provides the opportunity for you to be mindful and empowered in your own governance with a mindful mind and regulated system rather than being at the mercy of an unregulated system and ruminating and obsessive thought patterns. It is a gateway to a good vibe. The body is a powerful entity and yoga supports and expands this truth.

Yoga is a good vibe. So you tell me, do you like yoga?

Can you dig it?




11 thoughts on “Anyone Can Get Into Yoga – Yoga is Lit

  1. Hi, Rebecca. Yes, I like doing yoga. I used to do yoga once a week two years ago. I admire the body flexibility improvement by doing the yoga poses. Thank you for the info that it is beneficial for ADHD patient. Can yoga help people with the chronic pain problem?

    1. Hi Melani! I am so pleased to hear that you have experienced the benefits of yoga! I can only speak from my own experience and yoga proved to aid in healing 2 herniated lumbar discs. Everyone is uniquely different and cope with ailments and pain in different ways based on their minds, bodies and resilience in thought. I cannot speak to the experience of others, however I am confidant in recommending yoga as an activity that empowers, strengthens, heals and optimizes the human body so it would stand to reason that an application and investment in the practice could definitely help with chronic pain problems. Thank you for your comment and happy holidays!

  2. I totally agree! Yoga is such a personalized practice that seriously anyone can do it. I have even seen chair-yoga classes! I have found in both myself and others that committing to just 10 minutes of yoga per day can have quicker and better results than practicing once a week for one hour. Anyone can do 10 minutes a day!

    1. Hey Courtney!  There are so many different kinds of classes and types of yoga that anyone can get into and like you so clearly exemplified that it can be integrated into your lifestyle in the best way that it suits you!  That 10 minutes of investment can have a massive positive effect on your whole day. Thank you for your comment and keep enjoying the good vibes of yoga sister friend!

  3. What other better way to say it, YOGA IS LIT!! and i love practicing Yoga.

    Been practicing yoga since i was 10 now i’m 20 and its still so relaxing, why i love it is because it helps me concentrate well on my life and know where i need change. Yoga does not have to be gymnastic it is the most simplest thing you could ever do if you want a relaxed mind, body and soul.

    Cheers for this wonderful post

    1. Hey Rahye!  

      I am so stoked to hear that you are a decade into yoga and have experienced the benefits it provides. Your uplifting and vibrant comment is chalk full of good vibes and it doesn’t surprise me at all that is a part of your life dude!  Thank you for your lovely comment!

  4. Hey MelaniLukito!  I am happy to hear that you like doing yoga and absolutely, yoga has been documented in relieving chronic pain among many other physical hinderances.  I no longer suffer from chronic lower back pain and the only time it ever seems to make itself known is when I negate my yoga practice, so the proof is in the pudding!  Yoga is a very dialled in way to optimize the longevity of your health and diminish many misalignments the body may absorb.

  5. I love yoga and so glad somebody touched on the stereotypes people receive when engaging in any activity. I started doing Yoga because I have slight scoliosis and I do experience back pain a lot still to this day because I don’t set aside enough time to really relax thanks to my crazy busy life. I know most of it is in my time management and my head, and everyday I set a goal to do a fitness activity and eat right. 

    I love the mention of psychological factors of yoga. Training your body is one thing but training your mind can be much more difficult. I am experiencing that journey now. Your poses are goals for sure!

    1. Hey Kira!  You are so right on about how invested time is important to maintain a good vibe in your body. I like that you have a solid awareness of this and that you take care of yourself in an empowering manner by setting goals and nourishing your body properly. I wish you a very positive and successful journey in your quest to master your mind my friend!  Thank you for your comment and may the good vibrations of this world forever be in your favour!

  6. I can dig it! Heck yeah. As I get older, yoga becomes an essential practice weekly. I have other exercise routines throughout the week that push my body to its limits. But at least one day a week, I rest through a practice of yoga. It feels so great and prepares my body and mind.

    If I skip because of some lame reason, I notice right away with more soreness or it affects my surfing.

    Keep the great posts flowing!

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