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Social Responsibility at The GoodVibeLife – Promoting for Value

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Social Responsibility at The GoodVibeLife – Promoting for Value


Promoting for value at www.thegoodvibelife.com

I have lived & witnessed enough life governed in inauthentic & disempowering beliefs and mindsets normalized as an acceptable way of being in this world to propel me to shed light upon an alternative manner of living in an empowering and ever expanding good vibe. Growth yields hindsight and as a witness and participator to those situations I have learned that authenticity is key and practicing self responsibilty is indicative of governing oneself with good character and integrity. The intention behind the recommendations of products that I provide here on my site are to provide genuine value of informed and thorough knowledge to all visitors to my site.

Judgements are unnecessary.  My aim is to empower and educate. It provides me with absolutely no value to diminish or degrade anyone or anything in this world. I have been in dark places where this truth is evident. Let’s save the judgie wudgie vibes for where they are rightfully handled by the laws of this universe in which we ALL exist.

Words may teach but not to the degree that a colourful life experience does. It really makes your life much easier when you understand that there is power in understanding the natural laws of the world in which we live and certainly provides you with the insights of how to implement an understanding of how mastering your thoughts, actions and emotional intelligence will prove to benefit you optimally.

When you live from this space, you impact everyone around you in a positive and uplifting manner, and I intentionally do not absorb too much mainstream media, but even with my limited exposure, I am well aware that this vibe is one the world would be wise to encompass.

My rating scale is out of 7 instead of 10 because I have observed that the number 7 is omnipresent in life. The number has proven to yield significance for me throughout my life too and indicative of a more authentic good vibe from where my perception is rooted.

I am an advocate to forge ahead in courage and do you how you do you. This is a rating system that resonates.

How important is trust in a relationship?

I am only comfortable to speak knowledgeably on products and apparel that I have had direct user experience with and have found value in. I could speak of what not to invest in, however that would be a huge time suck and indicative of a disempowering vibe. This is goodvibes, like for real. I am honest and authentic and will not withhold anything that I deem is truthful despite its popularity. It can be a stretch for some to come to terms with this way of being in the world, but it is genuinely how I roll and I hope that my engagement with you and the audience I build will have an experience on this site indicative of this.  To gain and maintain your trust as adding value is important to me and my core values.

I thank you for your interest and engagement and look forward to many more good vibe days ahead!

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