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Affiliate Disclosure

When you buy anything through this website it is good vibes for me & my famjam as the work I put in is then compensated with a commission.

about me and little manThe entirety of this site is all uniquely my own content and my perceptions directly.  My views are not representative of the companies that create and distribute the products I promote. My reviews and esteem of these products are based upon my own personal experience, research and observations dialling in gear for the little person in my life that came from my own body seven years ago (still tripping about that experience)

  I play as hard as I work, so solid quality will be resonant in the selection you find here.  

It is my intention here to influence people with a goodvibe approach to living and demonstrate authenticity with solid & honest recommendations for what has worked for me and my little gingerhaircutiebear man during our many adventures.


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