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Accountability is a Good Vibe – Accountability Builds Trust

You are a unique individual who has complete governance over themselves. Taking ownership of your own accountability is a good vibe.  Accountability builds trust.

This is a TRUTH. Many people give their power away to others because they have never been taught how magnificent and formidable they really are. Many of societal structures and modalities of thinking and educating are founded on a structure of seeking approval or acceptance outside of yourself.

If each individual were taught to harness their own unique gifts and shown unconditional love and acceptance, then accountability would be an axiom.

We don’t really live in a world where this has happened so that means we have to bring up topics such as accountability.

What is accountability?


Accountability means taking responsibility. If you think that anyone else but yourself is responsible for your happiness, success, actions, state of being, then learning about accountability will prove a good vibe for you!

accountability what is it

Accountability and its implementation into your life indicates that you are in governance and control of the varying aspects of your life.

In business, to succeed and generate value in your workplace endeavours means taking charge and stepping into your role in an empowering manner.

If you are a leader and you lack accountability, it yields mistrust and disharmony amongst the team members you lead. When you lead with a mindset of self responsibility and accountability then you lead by an example that will prove exponential in achieving successful and desired outcomes.


When you hold yourself accountable for the tasks and performance you bring to the dynamic then your employees are free and able to do the same.

accountability in your life

That is a very good vibe.

We here at the GVL talk in terms of energy. It is how we understand the world around us. Accountability is an empowering energy to cultivate.

Taking accountability in a leadership role is a very empowering and well modeled modality for the humanity aspect of interacting with people with whom you work.

I have had experiences in which those with whom I work do not take accountability and in every instance in which I witnessed this disempowering energy, the results yielded were never those one would deem advantageous.

Accountability in business is imperative to the success of any team. When you are held accountable and are able to BE accountable, it demonstrates good esteem and respect for yourself. If that is the space you encompass, then your actions are aligned with a very empowering energy and the value you add to your work dynamic is one that yields positive results.

Accountability In Your Life

You can live in empowerment and you can live in victimization. You will find in Life that the Law of Polarity is a real thing. You cannot know hot if you do not first know cold. You cannot know illness without first knowing health.

The polarity to being an accountable person is a person in victimization mode.

This mode, I don’t recommend. We strive here to encompass our inner empowerment.

accountability builds self esteem

When you fail to take accountability it demonstrates that you do not have your own strength of will within to take responsibility for yourself and you are in the role of a victim.


What kind of energy do you radiate when you are being all shady and not owning up to your part in whatever the role is you happen to be playing?

Accountability in life goes hand in hand with integrity. A person can be a person of integrity when they have good esteem of themselves. It stands to reason then, that if you are able to be accountable you trust in and have good esteem of yourself. When you generate this energy within yourself and your self governance, then you instill trust in yourself, which parlays into being a person who is trustworthy. In today’s world of normalized acceptance of seriously disempowering practices, being a person in which your fellow human can trust is a really solid vibe.

Thus, when you have good esteem of yourself you mirror that in the manner in which you treat people with whom you have dealings and exponentially, this has a positive impact on the whole.

Acceptance of oneself is imperative to cultivate accountability. It is an accountable person who can stand up and say “Yes, I did this, I am responsible for this and I will take responsibility for my role in creating this outcome.”

How wonderfully powerful!

Not to blame anyone or anything for your circumstances enables you to be the ambassador of your life in all areas, and that, my friends is a very good vibe!

Take accountability, and keep it golden!

accountability yields growth