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The story behind www.thegoodvibelife 

I am a Mama Bear and I have been gifted with a beautiful ginger haired child with an insatiable and almost unparalleled energy.  I have found me and handsomecreative ways to help him burn and channel that energy. In doing so, I have rediscovered the joys of my own inner child. From skateboarding, scooting and surfing we have learned and grown together.

After an accident that left me unable to walk for several weeks and the imposition of a neural stress disorder brought on by unhealed traumas related to growing up in a violent and abusive environment for the first 16 years of my life –  the subsequent healing and recovery of the optimal regulation of my system awakened me.

I really encompassed the lesson how we should never take our healthy Minds and Bodies and their tremendous capabilities for granted. When we do, it can yield to detrimental disharmony such as mental health issues and an epidemic that is ever-present in North America, obesity.

I wonder too, if the mental and physical health issues that are so prevalent in today’s youth could be circumvented by getting children offline and engaging in a more intrinsically natural manner to grow in this world – using and enhancing the capacities of our physical bodies and connecting with the Natural World that surrounds us.this awesome planet

I am an inquisitive being by nature and have been indulgent in the myriad of sports, leisure, self care and mindful absorption of knowledge on the subject that being human offers me.

Diving into high vibrational activities as you see here on my site, shared with my beautiful 7 year old has added immense value to my life in Mind Body and Spirit and created a space for me to feel powerful and oozing with those natural good feels that are a by product of being an active participant in healthy living.


I really want to educate and support any individual who is seeking a manner in which they can indulge in a positive lifestyle mindset, including outdoor recreation and sports to have a super fun time, no matter where they are in life in terms of age and physical fitness or their past life story.


life is to be lived in a good vibeLife is supposed to be a good vibe and I look around and see that there is a good deal of misalignment happening where this truth is not practiced.  My goal here is to help people see and encompass a way of being that promotes their health and well being in an uplifting and positive way. In today’s society with screens everywhere, taking time to really connect with yourself, your children and this Earth that we live on maintains a level of humanity and well being indicative of our true natures as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings.

Your body is an incredible technology and it is a worthwhile pursuit to have an awareness of its optimal function and the investment within it. It is what carries you through this life and how you treat it and the choices you make determine what kind of life that turns out to be.high on good vibes

There are so many ways you can access a good vibe in your life by participating in recreational activities and indulge in behaviours that inspire and harness that inner child sense of wonder that as adults, sometimes gets put to the side out of duty and responsibility.

As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup. The activities, insights and ideas found here will allow any individual, who is willing, to continue or begin a way of life that lends itself to a vibrant, fun, energetic and positive way of being in this world. Enhancing Mind and Body so as to be able to pass that along to your children and anyone you encounter on this journey called life!creative beautiful boy

If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to answer them to the best of my ability based on my knowledge and experience.

All the best to you and your surrounding tribe and may the good vibes forever be flowing in your direction:-)

Rebecca Arnold aka Mama Bex

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