Month: January 2019

Authenticity Requires Courage – Honesty Puts You in Empowerment

This next post takes us into a super good place to access the gateway to a very very solid and positive vibe. The topic of AUTHENTICITY. Authenticity requires courage and expressing one’s opinions and feelings honestly requires a level of self awareness and acceptance that is practiced by many, but elusive to most. Inauthentic governance

Quality Originality Integrity – The Levi’s Jean Brand

A Jean that Enhances Personal Style This post in the gateway to the goodvibes is a well-deserved and solid shout out to the Levi Strauss jean. Quality, Originality, Integrity – the Levi’s Jean Brand is all kinds of good vibes and has a proven history of being super dialled in with its longevity and application

Discover Tabata – Minutes to the Gateway

Welcome to the Good Jam of Tabata! When you discover tabata you propel yourself into a space that is minutes to the gateway of super good vibes. Tabata is described as a high intensity workout. It’s discovery was unveiled by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata and his research crew in Tokyo from the National Institute

Drawing Somatics – A Gateway to Good Vibes

My Experience with the Good Vibes of Drawing I didn’t really understand the power of drawing somatics until I had to heal some misaligned aspects of my being. Violence, criticism, hate and disconnectedness are super low vibes and indicative of misaligned regulation in mind and heart. I have endured and been the cause of some

Skateboarding is All GoodVibes

Welcome to 2019! We are going to get the good vibes rolling by taking skateboarding beyond cultural stereotype and acknowledge that skateboarding is all goodvibes for anyone who can dig it. Skateboarding as a kid (my fave black and pink board was swiped by the neighbourhood bully) and an adult (adulting means being able to