Month: November 2018

Friends Don’t Let Friends Ski – Or do they?

As an avid snowboarder and childhood memories of super stylin’ pink skies and being jolted off a t-bar or two in my formative years, I now with jest to those who would rather ski over snowboard – that friends don’t let friends ski.   They do though and if they are a real friend, they

Kite Surfing is All Kinds of Fun

This activity in the Gateway to the Good Vibes brings us to the inquiry, can you kite surf? What is Kite Surfing? Simple. Kite Surfing is a Good Vibe. Take snowboarding, surfing, paragliding, skateboarding, sailing, wake boarding and windsurfing and roll it into one organized chaos and here we have it. Kite surfing is all

High Vibes of Surfing

I am excited to get into this post as the high vibes of surfing are the kind of vibes that have delivered to me some of my most memorable and epic experiences in my 39 years thus far. When you try surfing and then consequently yield success in this dynamic and extreme sports activity, there

Monkeys Climb Trees and So Can You and Your Kids

This equipment free activity that will be discussed in this post is all kinds of very positive vibes. If you have ever watched videos about nature you have probably seen how effortlessly monkeys climb trees. The image above is not a monkey, as you can see clearly it is a real and exotic owl named

Running is Where It’s At

For anyone who actively engages in running, you already have an awareness that running is where it’s at. So tell me, if you are not currently taking advantage of your legs, should you be blessed with two working ones, can you imagine a running you? It’s a natural drug. Gives you a high. Runners’ high.

Do You Need Snowboarding? Um…Yes.

Earlier I posted about the good vibes harnessed by engaging in board sports. In this post we will dial in with more specificity the high vibe activity of snowboarding.  Indulged in by your lonesome for some solo Mama Bear or Papa Bear time and/or together with your child(ren) this recreational activity is all kinds of

Nutcase Helmets Review and Links To Purchase

I am a pretty active Mama Bear. I indulge in many outdoor sports and recreational activities which means I have a selection of helmets. I have been in some pretty extreme accidents- some as a result of me exceeding my skill set and some as a result of other people not being present. This hasn’t

Your Big Bad Brain and the Importance of Protecting It

Your Neural Operating System This post will address an entity that is essential in your governing a good vibe. Engaging in outdoor sports and recreation has proven the enhancement and empowerment of this entity. Your big bad brain. Brain smarts means many things to many people. I am not so interested in assessing or comparing

Hiking is Walking …. Intensified

The next activity for family outdoor sports and recreation good vibes leads us to the joy of hiking. When I was younger and people would profess with vigor that they were going to go hike it up. Always sounded quite daunting to me, until I inquired further and came to learn that hiking is walking.