Month: October 2018

Paddle Board Adventures

In an earlier post I mentioned the high vibes garnered from engaging in board sports. Paddle board adventures have provided some of the most memorable moments I have experienced in my journey thus far. Paddle adventures can be accomplished solo or in a group. Your success in this activity will rely on you executing one

Let’s Take A Swim

The next activity that will propel us further into the gateway of the good vibes is swimming. Swimming does you a world of good and to be honest, for me and my little dude, swimming is where it’s at! So let’s take a swim, shall we?   The Health Benefits – Swim In It Immersing

Rollerblading aka Inline Skating – It’s An Art

One activity I can definitely vouch for is rollerblading aka inline skating. I had a pair of roller blades when I was an early teen and my buddy Glen and I would roller blade all around the city in which I grew up. It was awesome and those memories have always stuck with me, because

Sports With A Board – Hop On It!

Another gateway to the good vibes that my life experience has demonstrated to me is in the form of sports with a board. From the vast mountain tops of British Columbia, Canada to the vast deep seas of Southern Mexico my most profound moments of self discovery have occurred while indulging in sports on a