Month: September 2018

Bicycle Adventures Never Fail

An activity that is present in my life and that of family is bicycle riding.  I go touring out on bicycle adventures with my lil dude and whether we have a pre planned route or are engaging in an exploratory freestyle tour, our adventure bike rides have garnered us some of our most memorable moments to

How to Return to Good Health by being Active in Nature

When the summer ends and the fall crisp air starts to settle in, the change in seasons can sometimes bring about changes in our bodies, especially if you have little one’s running around who are getting into all kinds of curiosities and that can lead to germs yielding to colds, flu and viruses. There are

Get Outdoors and Keep those Good Vibes Flowing

A healthy and balanced way of life can sometimes seem like a reach in today’s modern lifestyle of gadgets and technology where a good portion of our time is spent online and indoors. As a result, our focus and our energy can get depleted, our mental and emotional systems become imbalanced and prove to be

About GVL

The story behind www.thegoodvibelife  I am a former visual (storyboards) and verbal (scriptwriting)  creative for film and television. I am now a human being and bio energy healer that understands the value in regulating and being open about my emotional, mental, physical and psychological well-being. Orange hair is a warning label for formidable force in