Year: 2018

New Year – Fresh Vibes

What is a New Year? January first marks the beginning of a new calendar year adopted from the Gregorian calendar which nowadays is almost global. A New Year Lends Itself to Fresh Vibes! Other local and/or regional calendars use continues along with the cultural and/or religious pracitices that go hand in hand with them. Multiple

Take a Scooter Out & Scoot to a Goodvibe

Scooters are so fun! I learned this when the dude I live with and share my vibes with went out and bought our then 5 year old his first razor scooter. Our little guy looked like he was having so much fun and I just had to get in on that action, so I went

Get Sleep Be Happy? Sleep is a Vibe of Good.

Sleep is a Vibe of Good When you are able to sleep, soundly for a solid 8-hour period you do yourself a huge service. Sleep is a good vibe to get and remain in the gateway of the good feels. Today, sleep eludes many and its importance should not be overlooked. Anyone who has been

The Good Vibes of Gratitude

A state of appreciation is a good state to encompass. Here at the goodvibelife we like to live in a state of being that is indicative of empowerment. This means understanding that life is happening for you rather than happening to you and knowing this means understanding the good vibes of gratitude. Empowerment or Victimization?

Kids Snowboard Starter Kit – I Recommend Burton

Since I started snowboarding, I have always been a fan of the Burton brand. My fandom derives mostly from the fact that it is just a solid and quality brand, but it also garners some good feels in terms of style and panache. In 1977 Jake Burton Carpenter, inspired by Sherman Poppen and his patent

Reading is Imagination Gold – Reading is Your Gateway

Reading is a good vibe. Reading is your gateway to a very solid vibe. For your brain, for your focus, for your imagination, for your self reflection and understanding of being in this world, reading is where it is at. In this device popular culture, being a reader is all kinds of rebellion that will

Get Your Dance On – Dancing Raises Your Vibe

It’s time to get on down and get your dance on. I have been busting a groove as a form of release, fun, expression and just all around high vibes for as long as I can remember. In my teens I danced at parties, clubs and school events, in my twenties and early thirties I

Anyone Can Get Into Yoga – Yoga is Lit

After discovering the rad benefits of meditation, our journey through to the gateway of good vibe living brings us to yoga. Yoga is “lit” and the only reason I say that is because that is the term the 7-year olds of this world appear to be using nowadays and I can dig it. Can You

Walk on to a Goodvibe -Why Walking is a Good Idea

After just completing a shout out to the longevity and inspiration of the all star converse shoe, our journey through to the gateway of living life in a good vibe brings us to the very simple act of walking. Some of the best chats and random fun discoveries I have had in my life, were

Them Chuck Taylors – All Stars Converse

This post pays homage to a classic that for some reason garners from me a very appreciative, memorable vibe. It’s them Chuck Taylors of which I speak. All Stars Converse shoes have been in my life since I was a teenager and my son now wears this brand too. I LOVE Chuck’s and all the